memoQ & SYSTRAN Partner Webinar: Learn the Ins and Outs of Neural Fuzzy Adaptation

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Featuring more than 55 languages (and 150 language combinations), SYSTRAN is one of the most renowned neural machine translation providers. In this webinar, we walked you through how to use the SYSTRAN-memoQ integration, focusing on the new Neural Fuzzy Adaptation functionality, introduced in memoQ 10.0. 

Some aspects we covered: 

An overview of the SYSTRAN machine translation engine, and how you can use it to your benefit in your translation workflow

An introduction to Neural Fuzzy Adaptation within SYSTRAN: what the functionality is all about, and how it benefits users

NFA and memoQ: how SYSTRAN can provide more accurate translation output by enabling memoQ to provide fuzzy matches, the best hit with each translation request, from the TMs into its engine

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Elise Bertin-Lemée - AI/ML Product Manager @ SYSTRAN

As an AI/ML Product Manager at SYSTRAN, Elise Bertin-Lemée's primary focus is on creating cutting-edge NLP experiments that leverage the resources of SYSTRAN labs. She brings a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise to her role, enabling her to drive innovation and produce high-quality results.

Levente Bundik - Solution Engineer @ memoQ

Upon joining memoQ, Levente was an integral part of the memoQ support team. After learning the ins and outs of memoQ, especially maintaining memoQ TMS, he transitioned into a support engineer role. His area of expertise includes memoQ TMS related tasks, mainly migrating whole systems and overseeing the deployment of new memoQ TMS environments. He is also part of the memoQ release team which oversees the QA process and the release of newer versions.

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