Plunet-memoQ Partner Webinar: BMS & TMS—Which Letters Do You Need for Your Business?

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What are the differences between a BMS and a TMS? And why does it make sense to use two powerful and flexible systems instead of only one for your translation and business management?

This partner webinar will use memoQ and Plunet as examples of these two system types and demonstrate the seamless integration between the two by showing a basic translation and business management workflow.

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Sophie Halbeisen
Sophie Halbeisen - Director of Business Development at Plunet

Sophie Halbeisen is the Director of Business Development at Plunet Inc. in New York and has been working with the company since January 2014. Sophie has an undergrad degree in business management, a master’s degree in Finance and has 12 years of work experience in B2B sales, marketing and consulting in the US and Germany. Her main focus and expertise is workflow consulting for new client installations as well as optimization potentials for existing Plunet customers. She has been involved in more than 60 successful new implementations and manages more than 100 existing client accounts in North and South America.

Alessio Demartis - memoQ
Alessio Demartis - Business Development Manager at memoQ

Alessio Demartis is Business Development Manager for memoQ in North America, with a focus on the LSP and French-speaking markets. Moving his first steps as a freelance translator and as a localizer for EA Games, he has worked in the translation and localization industry now for more than 10 years. After earning an MA in Translation & Interpreting and studying Corporate Administration, he directed an LSP in Spain for over 5 years before moving to Canada and joining memoQ.

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