A Seamless Localization Experience is the Heart of your Workflow: Connect memoQ to your Existing Systems

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When it comes to localization teams, the translation process hardly ever starts with a TMS. You store your content to be translated in one system; you might use another for project management, and the list goes on.

So how can you connect all these systems together? How can you provide the most seamless and error-free workflow? Can everything be automated when it comes to your unique systems and processes? Can you spare the administration work for your team, so that translators, project managers, and requestors  only have to use one system?

In this dedicated webinar, memoQ’s solution engineer, Jure Dernovsek will explain how your team (be it an LSP or the localization department of an enterprise) can create  bridges between memoQ translation management system and your CMS to seamlessly integrate translation processes into your existing workflows.

We’ll present some of the latest integration projects and initiatives, discuss the topic of integration in the linguistic industry as well as its importance for different stakeholders. We’ll also address some common challenges and how you can overcome them.

Join us on this journey through the landscape of various systems.

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Jure Dernovsek

Solution Engineer at memoQ

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