Student Discount Program

The main focus of the memoQ Academic Program is to allow students to use memoQ as part of their education. We also offer the Student Discount Program to facilitate the life of students interested in translation technologies. With this initiative, we give the opportunity to students around the world to purchase memoQ translator pro on a significantly reduced price to support their studies.

Who is eligible for this discount?

You are eligible if you are currently enrolled or have graduated less than 6 months ago from one of the universities listed here. If you cannot find your university on the map send us an email to as you still might be eligible.

How to request the discount?

Students: If you are currently studying at one of our partner universities, please get in touch at, with proof of your student status to request your discount. 

If more students wish to receive this discount from the same university, please ask your lecturer to send us a list of your names and email addresses. 

Graduates: If you already graduated from one of our partner universities (less than nine months ago) request your discount at with a copy of your degree.

How to apply the discount code?

Here you can find a detailed description on how to purchase in our webshop, including how to apply your discount code. If you have any questions or couldn’t find your university in the partners' list, please contact us.

Is my university eligible?

See the list of universities currently associated with memoQ's Academic program.


If your university is not listed as a member of the program please contact your lecturer, tell them about our program and get him/her to contact us at 

If your university is listed as a member but you are not using memoQ in your course please also contact your lecturer. They may not know they can use memoQ for free.

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