automate your translation project


Automating Your Translation Project

Reduce clicks when setting up translation projects in memoQ! Download our eBook and learn how to automate your processes to meet tight deadlines.

What's Inside this eBook?

Do you want an 80% reduction in the number of clicks needed to set up translation projects? We created project templates and workflow automation in memoQ to do just that! Automating processes is the most efficient way to save time and reduce cost while meeting tight deadlines for your translation projects. Download this eBook and familiarize yourself with the basics of customizing and using project templates. Then, go beyond the basics to discover several other possibilities for automation in memoQ.  This eBook is especially useful for translation project managers working with memoQ server. Whether you are new to workflow automatization or an experienced user, this eBook is your guide to getting the most out of memoQ and its advanced capabilities. 

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