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How AcudocX has Created a Win-Win-Win for Certified Translators, LSPs, and Buyers of Certified Translation Services - memoQ talks #59

Dylan Hartmann is the Founder and Managing Director of AcudocX, a self-service platform that facilitates the translation of important documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, and education records, by certified translators in Australia and North America. Certified translators and LSPs have warmly adopted the AcudocX platform as a low-friction and cost-effective way to provide these important but traditionally labor-intensive services.

In this episode, Dylan talks about the origins of AcudocX, the markets it serves, the company's growth plans, and more.

Ad Astra's Elena Petrova on AI in Loc, Deaf Services, and More! - memoQ talks #58

Elena Petrova is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ad Astra. She believes language interpretation, translation, and other related services are vitally important to facilitate communication among all people in all activities of their lives.

In this episode of memoQ talks, Elena shares her thoughts related to the application of AI in the loc industry, the delivery of deaf services, the market for voice interpretation services, and more.

The Life of a Localization Consultant with Pascale Tremblay - memoQ talks #57

Pascale Tremblay is a Seattle-based Global Strategy consultant with experience empowering organizations to enable their language capabilities and gain a competitive advantage. Previously the Head of Language Product and Localization at Gap Inc., Pascale now advises and develops Global Language Capability initiatives for growing companies, including Language Operationalization, Multilingual Language Product Ecosystem design, Process Evolution Strategy, and Technology Evangelist.

The Present & Future of LLMs and AI in Localization with Mike Dillinger and Jay Marciano - memoQ talks #56

Mike Dillinger, Ph.D. and Jay Marciano are two leading experts in machine translation (MT), LLMs, and AI in the localization industry.  Both have served as Presidents of the Association of Machine Translation for the Americas. Mike has held leading technical positions with large enterprises including LinkedIn, eBay, and Intel Labs.  Jay, on the other hand, has helped some of the world's largest LSPs, including SDL International and Lionbridge, to develop their MT strategies.

Business & Technology Trends with Renato Beninatto and Tucker Johnson - memoQ talks #55

Founders of Nimdzi Insights, Renato Beninatto, and Tucker Johnson, share their opinions about the current business and technology trends in the localization industry. Topics include past and current technology hype cycles, the current state of machine translation, how the economic model for translation is changing, and the various applications of AI.

In-Country Review, with Richard Sikes, Senior Consultant at memoQ - memoQ talks #54

In this episode, Richard Sikes, Senior Consultant at memoQ, explains the challenges companies face when doing an in-country review (ICR) for translation projects. He then describes how memoQ developed the ICR tool, and how enterprise customers and LSPs can save time, reduce errors, and create a more efficient workflow by using the memoQ's ICR tool. Richard also discusses the importance of getting customer feedback and next steps in the development process.

The Vancouver Localization User Group (VLUG) with Pascale Tremblay & Paula Hunter - memoQ talks #53

Pascale Tremblay and Paula Hunter have both worked in several high-profile leadership roles in the localization industry. They are now teaming up with other loc industry professionals in the Pacific Northwest to launch The Vancouver Localization User Group (VLUG). In this episode, Pascale and Paula talk about the localization community in Vancouver B.C., their reasons for launching VLUG, and what to expect at the first event which will be held on May 14th, 2024.

Creating Value-Add Opportunities for Customers, with Ulrich Fricke Head of HUB DACH - memoQ talks#52

Ulrich Fricke is memoQ's Head of HUB for DACH, Benelux, Australia, and New Zealand. In this episode, Ulrich talks about the importance of creating value-add learning, sharing, and networking opportunities for customers. He then describes some of the events and venues that memoQ has created to do this, including the memoQ Consultants Roundtable, the memoQ Enterprise Roundtable, memoQ Days, memoQfest, memoQ talks, and more.

The Past, Present & Future of Subtitling and Transcription with André Bastié - memoQ talks #51

André Bastié is the Co-Founder and CEO of Happy Scribe, a leading cloud-based subtitling and transcription platform. André tells the story of how the idea of Happy Scribe came out of a specific need he encountered while working as a graduate student. He then explains the differences between transcription and subtitling, who are the consumers of each, and how AI and integrations with other tools will affect the market and the future direction of Happy Scribe.

Career Paths in Life Sciences Localization with Karen Tkaczyk, Ph.D. -memoQ talks #50

Karen Tkaczyk is the Director of Sales, Life Sciences, at Vistatec. In this episode, Karen talks about her early interest in languages and her different career transitions after graduating from Cambridge with a Ph.D. in chemistry. Initially working as a development chemist for GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol-Myers Squibb, Karen decided to build her own life sciences translation practice in 2005. She talks about the reasons for this decision and explains how she was able to grow her business. Karen also explains her decision and her process for moving into a sales leadership role for an LSP in 2021 and also talks about some of the latest trends related to life sciences localization.

Opportunities in Latin America & The Caribbean - memoQ talks #49

Join us as we talk with Charles Campbell, CEO of tbo, Carrie Livermore Fischer, Manager of Localization Services at Subway, and Rick Antezana, CEO of Dynamic Language about opportunities for business expansion and operational support in Latin America and the Caribbean. We also talk about the upcoming Vamos Juntos event in Lima, Peru.

The Hiring Landscape in Localization with Melanie Francis & Steve Moore - memoQ talks #48

Melanie Francis is the President and Founder of Global Search RC. Melanie joins her colleague Steve Moore to discuss trends in recruiting and hiring in the localization industry including the increasing importance of technical skills, how companies can evaluate sales recruits, how companies can make themselves more attractive to prospective hires, and why companies opt to use external recruiters. Melanie and Steve also talk about recent trends in offshoring, salaries in 2023, and a really, really, really, long Welsh word.

memoQ AGT with Agnes Varga, CTO at memoQ - memoQ talks #47

Agnes Varga is the CTO at memoQ.  She was a finalist in the Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) at LocWorld Silicon Valley 2023 where she introduced memoQ AGT,  an AI-based translation automation technology.  Agnes explains how memoQ AGT will help customers improve quality and productivity.

Rebranding Best Practices & Lessons Learned - memoQ talks #46

In this episode of memoQ talks we talk with three localization industry executives about their experiences with rebranding in their respective organizations. Charles Campbell, CEO of tbo., Jonas Ryberg, SVP & Chief Globalization Officer at Centific, and Robin Ayoub, GM & VP of Sales for Lionbridge Canada talk about the importance of brands, why organizations should consider rebranding, and share their experiences, lessons learned, and best practices related to rebranding.

Large Language Models (LLMs) in Localization - memoQ talks #45

In this episode of memoQ talks we speak with two industry leaders about how Large Language Models (LLMs) are being used in the localization industry. Adam Vance is the VP of Localization & LQA at GlobalStep and Kincaid Day is Director of AI-Enabled Localization Solutions for Centific. Adam and Kincaid explain the difference between AI and LLMs, define Generative AI is, and talk about what types of localization solutions their respective organizations deliver by leveraging LLMs.

Mugais Jahangir, Head of HUB for The Americas for memoQ - memoQ talks #44

Mugais Jahangir is Head of the Americas HUB for memoQ. In this episode of memoQ talks, Mugais shares his observations on the recent ALC Summit and Loc World Silicon Valley and explains how memoQ fosters community through hosting and participating in events. Mugais also talks about his role at memoQ and shares his excitement for future opportunities and innovation in the localization industry.

Cultural Challenges to Video Game Localization with Kate Edwards, CEO of Geogrify - memoQ talks #43

In this episode of memoQ talks, Kate talks about how she got started in cartography and content culturalization, and discusses some of the geopolitical and social challenges related to publishing video games and creating a unified metaverse.

Game Localization in Korea with Jay Choi of NCSOFT - memoQ talks #42

Jay Jaehoon Choi is a Localization Engineer at NCSOFT, one of the world's largest game publishers. In this episode, Jay talks about game localization workflows and explains some of the differences in localization in Korea vs. the rest of the world. He also touches on how Korean game publishers view international markets, the challenges in recruiting localization talent in Korea, and how companies in Korea are starting to adopt AI-related tools for localization workflows. Lastly, Jay gives examples of how NCSOFT handles communication and geopolitical hot topics in their game platforms.

Value Based Selling with Richard Brooks, Sales and Growth Consultant - memoQ talks #41

Richard Brooks is a sales and growth consultant in the localization industry, a visiting faculty at the Cranfield School of Management, and a Senior Advisor for Slator. In this episode, Richard explains the importance of value-based selling and shares his thoughts on a variety of topics including sales training, value creation, pricing and discounts, knowing your customer, and more.

Professional Development & Leadership Skills with Karen Fowlie, VP, Product Services & Operations at Qlik - memoQ talks #40

Karen Fowlie is the VP, Product Services & Operations for Qlik.  She has also held leadership positions at IBM and Cognos.

Karen talks about how she has transitioned into different roles in her career and explains how some of the pressures placed on localization teams have helped her professional development.  Topics included transitioning into non-loc roles, the importance of demonstrating the value of loc across the enterprise, how to build a culture of continuous improvement, how to empower your team, developing professional relationships, and tips for maintaining a work-life balance. Karen also gives her book and movie recommendations and shares tips on how to survive a tornado.   

The Art&Science of Selling with Robin Ayoub, GM&VP of Sales Canada for Lionbridge - memoQ talks #39

Robin Ayoub of Lionbridge and Mark Shriner of memoQ discuss best practices related to sales and talk about some of the lessons learned from their experience selling and leading sales teams.

Challenges&Solutions for SFDR Templates & Trends in European Financial Translation - memoQ talks #38

Martial Mernier is the owner of Talk Finance, a Luxembourg-based translation agency that specializes in providing high-quality translations for the finance industry. Martial talks about the different types of financial translation and some of the challenges related to using EU-mandated templates for the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). He also shares his ideas on how to find and evaluate qualified financial translators and his process for evaluating and using machine translation.

Financial Translation in Europe with Kevin Gerardin - memoQ talks #37

Kevin Gerardin is the Production Manager at Peter & Clark a global communication partner that specializes in financial translation. Kevin talks about the different types of financial translation and discusses some of the regulator requirements related to the translation of financial documents including KIDs and SFDR.

AI-Driven Machine Translation Quality Prediction with Adam Bittlingmayer - memoQ talks #36

Adam Bittlingmayer is the CEO & Co-Founder of ModelFront, a company that has built a platform for AI-driven machine translation quality prediction. Adam explains how companies can save time and money by being able to accurately predict the quality of machine-translated content. He also touches on various topics related to AI and localization.

Medical Translation & Writing with Ana Sofia Correia - memoQ talks #35

Ana Sofia Correia is a professional medical translator and medical writer. In this episode Ana Sofia explains how she got her start in medical translation and writing, and talks about the reality of working as a freelancer. She also discusses the most common workflows and content in medical translation, translation for clinical trials, the importance of readability, best practices for using LinkedIn, the pros and cons of working as an in-house translator, the importance of mentoring, and future trends for technology and regulations in life sciences translation.

Using Machine Translation for Financial Documents - memoQ talks #34

Olivier Debeugny is the Founder and CEO of Lingua Custodia a leading provider of machine translation (MT) services to a wide variety of banks and other financial services firms. Olivier talks about why and how he started Lingua Custodia and the different types of content that are frequently translated in the financial services space. He also discusses quality, regulatory, and security concerns, and gives advice to LSPs and translators on how best to adopt MT in their workflows.

Talking about ChatGPT & other LLMs with Konstantin Dranch, Co-Founder of Custom.MT - memoQtalks #33

Konstantin Dranch is a well-known language industry researcher and the Co-Founder of Custom.MT. In this episode, Konstantin shares his views regarding how ChatGPT and large language models (LLMs) will be used by companies in the localization industry. He also talks about how LSPs and enterprises can accelerate their deployment of machine translation and AI by using external consultants.

Thriving as a Boutique LSP,Expanding the Operations, &Cultural Differences between Spain&the Nordics - memoQ talks #32

Tina just returned from her trip to Denmark where she set up Comunica's branch for the Nordics. We discuss the various aspects involved in running and growing her boutique agency business, what makes an agency 'boutique', how the team is structured, what the cooperation with freelancers is like and what matters the most, as well as some cultural differences between the two very different places like the cold European north and the vibrant, sunny south of Spain.

Video Translation & Localization with David Hansfield, EVP at Dotsub - memoQ talks #31

David Hansfield is the EVP of Global Sales at Dotsub, a provider of technology and services to add captions and voiceovers into online videos. David explains the workflow and processes used for video translation and localization and discusses several related topics including pricing models, the use of AI and synthetic voice overs.

Loc Industry Events with Charles Campbell, President of Translation Back Office - memoQ talks #30

Charles Campbell is the Founder and President of Translation Back Office. Charles talks about his experience at localization industry events and shares his thoughts on how to make them more enjoyable, memorable, and effective. He also introduces one of the industry's newest events, Vamos Juntos, which will be held for the first time on March 24-25th 2023 in Rio de Janeiro.

Sales & Marketing for LSPs with Rick Antezana, CEO of Dynamic Language - memoQ talks #29

Rick Antezana is the CEO of Dynamic Language. In this episode Rick talks about how he got his start in the language services industry and some of the lessons he's learned related to sales, marketing, and leadership.

What are the things the translators do not say Erik Hansson - memoQ talks #28

Cedomir Pusica talks with Erik Hansson, who is a professional translator for German - Swedish & specialised in technical fields such as: general engineering, automation and renewable energy. Also, Erik is the founder of the well known Facebook group: Things Translators Never Say, or TTNS in short.

How memoQ Supports Linguistic Validation Workflows - memoQ talks #27

Richard Sikes, Senior Consultant - Business Services at memoQ, provides an overview of the linguistic validation (LV) process and explains how memoQ's Business Services team developed the functionality to support LV workflows for our customers.

The Mission, Accomplishments, and Challenges of CLEAR Global & Translators without Borders - memoQ talks #26

Stella Hodkin Paris, Chief Language Services Officer at CLEAR Global & Translators without Borders,  talks about the mission of these organizations, what they have accomplished, and some of their challenges going forward.

Remote Interpretation Technologies - memoQ talks #25

Dieter Runge is the Co-Founder and SVP of Growth and Strategy at Boostlingo, a leading remote interpretation technology platform. Dieter explains the history of how interpretation services have been provided, and how the technology to support these services has evolved to meet the needs of both the providers and consumers of these services.

Life of an Argentinian Gaming Solution Engineer & Translator with Santiago de Miguel - memoQ talks #24

Santiago de Miguel is a Gaming Solution Engineer with memoQ and also a freelance game translator. In this episode of memoQ talks Santiago talks about life in Argentina, the nuances of game localization, and gives some excellent advice on how to get started in game translation, how to find customers, negotiate rates, and more.

AI, ML, Data Collection & Use, & the Underlying Ethics with Balázs Kis Co-CEO at memoQ–memoQ talks #23

We talk about both the upsides and downsides of AI, particularly when it comes to its tangible impact on the environment and argue that if a job can be done using less compute-intensive (and environmentally unfriendly) resources, we should use them, providing several examples of how memoQ approaches this issue. We talk about the history of translation memories, machine translation, some hidden (and not so hidden) gems in memoQ, favourite movies and impactful books.

Success Tips for Freelance Translators with Adrian Probst - memoQ talks #22

Adrian Probst is a freelance translator and content creator.  Adrian talks about his journey from working in an import export company to becoming a successful freelance translator. He also shares some of his lessons learned related to specialization, maintaining work life balance, managing and tracking finances, creating content for a social media presence, and more!

Best Practices for Life Sciences Translation with Lara Tosoni, CRO at - memoQ talks #21

Lara Tosoni, Chief Revenue Officer at provides an overview of best practices for the translation of life sciences content and includes suggestions on how to achieve targets for quality, delivery time, pricing, and security.

Digital Well Being, with Dominika Olszewska, Head of Hub, CEE & Nordics at memoQ - memoQ talks #20

Dominika Olszewska, Head of Hub, CEE & Nordics at memoQ talks talks about digital well being, why it's important, and how it can help us to be more focused, present, and productive in our personal and professional lives.

Career options for localization students with Max Troyer - memoQ talks #19

Max Troyer, Associate Professor and Program Chair at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey talks about career options for localization students, trends with technology in localization and education, and gives advice for students and others who want to start or accelerate their career in the localization industry.

Talking best practices related to in-house technology development with Tom Alwood - memoQ talks #18

Tom Alwood, CTO of Peter & Clark, has previously held technology leadership roles at Bowne, RR Donnelley, and Merrill Corporation. Tom discuses best practices related to in-house technology development, the evaluation process of external tools, calculating ROI on custom tools, rationalizing feature requests and more.

Tom also touches on the integration of Peter & Clark's custom business management system (BMS) with the memoQ TMS.

Translation for the Regulated Industries with Christophe Djaouani - memoQ talks #17

Christophe Djaouani, President Toppan Digital Language, talks about current trends for the translation in the regulated industries such as life sciences and financial services.
Prior to launching Toppan Digital Language, Christophe has held senior leadership positions at SDL, Donnelley Financial Solutions, and RR Donnelley. He has over 20 years of experience leading the deployment of large scale translation services for customers in the regulated industries.

Dominique Trouche, CEO of WhP International - basics of DITA & how it can be used - memoQ talks #16

Topics include: What is DITA? Applications of DITA Content Architecture Linguistic Review using DITA Cost Reduction Opportunities with DITA DITA for Video Subtitling

Filipe Tiago Stankovic, CEO at LinguaeMundi, on the Toyota Way, Leadership, Burnout, Learning... and more - memoQ talks #15

Filipe Tiago Stankovic is a young and very motivated CEO who has been working in this position for the past 3 years. He originally started by getting his hands dirty and being involved in every possible step imaginable of the company. Now he is a bit more focused on (just) management. He loves learning and has been truly blessed by the opportunity – and the burden, of being in charge and being able to actually try his new ideas from all the books he reads. This is an opportunity that not many young people get.

Ildikó Horváth - On the Work of the Translation Center for the Bodies of the EU - memoQ talks #14

Ildikó Horvath is a new Director of the Translation Center for the Bodies of the EU (as of February 1st, 2022). She speaks about the way the Center works, its organization, initiatives, tenders, languages, and provides some tips to freelance translators who want to work for the Center.

Growing a Translation Business with Olivera Rosulnik - memoQ talks #13

Olivera walks us through the baby steps and the decisions that enabled GORR to grow from a small single language service provider to a multilanguage vendor, how they transformed and keep on transforming in terms of services they offer, and closing on a very positive note - you must love what you do.

Content Planning Strategies with Val Swisher - memoQ talk #12

Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules, shares some best practices related to content creation and translation workflows in life sciences.

Workflows & technologies in Life Sciences with Barbara Peralta - memoQ talks #11

Barbara Peralta, Director of Life Sciences Solutions at Acolad talks about some of the latest trends related to translation workflows and technology in the life sciences industry.

Maria Scheibengraf author of The SEO Translation Bible - memoQ talks #10

María Scheibengraf, an award-winning Spanish translator, marketing, transcreation, UX/UI & SEO Expert, copywriter, and author of The SEO Translation Bible, talks about SEO, why it's important, and introduces some related best practices.

Best practices of using MT with Jost Zetzsche - memoQ talks #9

Jost Zetzsche, independent translator, localization consultant, and writer, talks about best practices for translators when using machine translation (MT). Jost explains how the output from NMT and SMT can differ, what translators should look at when using MT or when post editing, and what verticals and types of text lend themselves to the use of MT for translation.

On Growth, Challenges, People and Culture with Mladen Stojak – memoQ talks #8

Mladen Stojak, CEO at Ciklopea, speaks of the company’s beginnings and how it grew, through a number of transformations, into a respectable technical, not just translation/localization company, while learning, adapting and keeping the same old vision of ’building something bigger’.

Acquisitions in the Localization Industry with Kimon Foutoukidis - memoQ talks #7

Kimon Fountoukidis, Founder & Chairman at Argos Multilingual talks about lessons learned and best practices related to mergers and acquisitions in the localization industry.

Organizational Culture with Allison Ferch, Executive Director of GALA - memoQ talks #6

Allison Ferch, Executive Director of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), talks about the importance of organizational culture and shares her thoughts on how  companies can shape their culture.

The importance of Strategy with Peter Reynolds, Co-CEO of memoQ - memoQ talks #5

Peter Reynolds, Co-CEO of memoQ, explains why having a strategy is important and how organizations can develop and effectively execute their strategy.

The Marketing Cookbook for Translators from Tess Whitty, Freelance translator - memoQ talks #4

Tess Whitty is a successful English-Swedish translator, content writer, and transcreator for SaaS, digital marketing, websites, and more. She is also a consultant, speaker, creator and host of the Marketing Tips for Translators Podcast, and the author of The Marketing Cookbook for Translators: Foolproof recipes for a successful freelance career, and Marketing Tips for Translators: The Ultimate Collections of Business Tips from the Podcast.

Software Localization Best Practices with Adam Asnes, CEO of Lingoport - memoQ talks #3

Adam Asnes, CEO of Lingoport, explains how software localization is different from regular localization and introduces several best practices related to software localization.

Localization industry & marketing Slator's Florian Faes - memoQ talks #2

Florian Faes, Managing Director at Slator provides some excellent tips on how LSPs and other companies in the localization industry can improve their marketing efforts.

Organizational Learning with memoQ's Cedomir Pusica - memoQ talks #1

Co-hosts Mark Shriner and Cedomir Pusica introduce the memoQ talks podcast and then talk about the importance of organisational learning and best practices related to learning as a company, a team, and as individuals.