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On our podcast memoQ talks we talk with industry leaders about best practices and important lessons learned related to all areas of localization. Our hosts Mark Shriner and Cedomir Pusica talk with different industry experts every week so you can get a deeper understanding of important topics including leadership, technology, security, vendor management, human resources, project management, and more!

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Talking best practices related to in-house technology development with Tom Alwood - memoQ talks #18

Tom Alwood, CTO of Peter & Clark, has previously held technology leadership roles at Bowne, RR Donnelley, and Merrill Corporation. Tom discuses best practices related to in-house technology development, the evaluation process of external tools, calculating ROI on custom tools, rationalizing feature requests and more.

Tom also touches on the integration of Peter & Clark's custom business management system (BMS) with the memoQ TMS.

Translation for the Regulated Industries with Christophe Djaouani - memoQ talks #17

Christophe Djaouani, President Toppan Digital Language, talks about current trends for the translation in the regulated industries such as life sciences and financial services.
Prior to launching Toppan Digital Language, Christophe has held senior leadership positions at SDL, Donnelley Financial Solutions, and RR Donnelley. He has over 20 years of experience leading the deployment of large scale translation services for customers in the regulated industries.

Dominique Trouche, CEO of WhP International - basics of DITA & how it can be used - memoQ talks #16

Topics include: What is DITA? Applications of DITA Content Architecture Linguistic Review using DITA Cost Reduction Opportunities with DITA DITA for Video Subtitling

Filipe Tiago Stankovic, CEO at LinguaeMundi, on the Toyota Way, Leadership, Burnout, Learning... and more - memoQ talks #15

Filipe Tiago Stankovic is a young and very motivated CEO who has been working in this position for the past 3 years. He originally started by getting his hands dirty and being involved in every possible step imaginable of the company. Now he is a bit more focused on (just) management. He loves learning and has been truly blessed by the opportunity – and the burden, of being in charge and being able to actually try his new ideas from all the books he reads. This is an opportunity that not many young people get.

Ildikó Horváth - On the Work of the Translation Center for the Bodies of the EU - memoQ talks #14

Ildikó Horvath is a new Director of the Translation Center for the Bodies of the EU (as of February 1st, 2022). She speaks about the way the Center works, its organization, initiatives, tenders, languages, and provides some tips to freelance translators who want to work for the Center.

Growing a Translation Business with Olivera Rosulnik - memoQ talks #13

Olivera walks us through the baby steps and the decisions that enabled GORR to grow from a small single language service provider to a multilanguage vendor, how they transformed and keep on transforming in terms of services they offer, and closing on a very positive note - you must love what you do.

Content Planning Strategies with Val Swisher - memoQ talk #12

Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules, shares some best practices related to content creation and translation workflows in life sciences.

Workflows & technologies in Life Sciences with Barbara Peralta - memoQ talks #11

Barbara Peralta, Director of Life Sciences Solutions at Acolad talks about some of the latest trends related to translation workflows and technology in the life sciences industry.

Maria Scheibengraf author of The SEO Translation Bible - memoQ talks #10

María Scheibengraf, an award-winning Spanish translator, marketing, transcreation, UX/UI & SEO Expert, copywriter, and author of The SEO Translation Bible, talks about SEO, why it's important, and introduces some related best practices.

Best practices of using MT with Jost Zetzsche - memoQ talks #9

Jost Zetzsche, independent translator, localization consultant, and writer, talks about best practices for translators when using machine translation (MT). Jost explains how the output from NMT and SMT can differ, what translators should look at when using MT or when post editing, and what verticals and types of text lend themselves to the use of MT for translation.

On Growth, Challenges, People and Culture with Mladen Stojak – memoQ talks #8

Mladen Stojak, CEO at Ciklopea, speaks of the company’s beginnings and how it grew, through a number of transformations, into a respectable technical, not just translation/localization company, while learning, adapting and keeping the same old vision of ’building something bigger’.

Acquisitions in the Localization Industry with Kimon Foutoukidis - memoQ talks #7

Kimon Fountoukidis, Founder & Chairman at Argos Multilingual talks about lessons learned and best practices related to mergers and acquisitions in the localization industry.

Organizational Culture with Allison Ferch, Executive Director of GALA - memoQ talks #6

Allison Ferch, Executive Director of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), talks about the importance of organizational culture and shares her thoughts on how  companies can shape their culture.

The importance of Strategy with Peter Reynolds, Co-CEO of memoQ - memoQ talks #5

Peter Reynolds, Co-CEO of memoQ, explains why having a strategy is important and how organizations can develop and effectively execute their strategy.

The Marketing Cookbook for Translators from Tess Whitty, Freelance translator - memoQ talks #4

Tess Whitty is a successful English-Swedish translator, content writer, and transcreator for SaaS, digital marketing, websites, and more. She is also a consultant, speaker, creator and host of the Marketing Tips for Translators Podcast, and the author of The Marketing Cookbook for Translators: Foolproof recipes for a successful freelance career, and Marketing Tips for Translators: The Ultimate Collections of Business Tips from the Podcast.

Software Localization Best Practices with Adam Asnes, CEO of Lingoport - memoQ talks #3

Adam Asnes, CEO of Lingoport, explains how software localization is different from regular localization and introduces several best practices related to software localization.

Localization industry & marketing Slator's Florian Faes - memoQ talks #2

Florian Faes, Managing Director at Slator provides some excellent tips on how LSPs and other companies in the localization industry can improve their marketing efforts.

Organizational Learning with memoQ's Cedomir Pusica - memoQ talks #1

Co-hosts Mark Shriner and Cedomir Pusica introduce the memoQ talks podcast and then talk about the importance of organisational learning and best practices related to learning as a company, a team, and as individuals.