Compatibility with other tools

memoQ is compatible with most other translation tools. You can import, translate and export the proprietary files of other translation tools as well as use standards aimed to improve compatibility.

SDL Trados Workbench / SDL Trados Studio

SDL Packages

memoQ can import and export SDL Studio packages
(*.sdlppx). SDLPPX files are ZIP files and contain a
descriptive XML, the documents for translation in SDLXLIFF format, the translation memories and term base.



XLIFF is a bilingual file format for the interchange of
translatable content. SDLXLIFF is the flavor of XLIFF used
by Trados.

TTX files

TTX are bilingual files used in Trados TagEditor. memoQ can import and export these files. Please be aware that this may require pre-segmentation by your customer (Tools | Translate | Segment unknown sentences in Trados).
Trados bilingual RTF
Bilingual DOC/RTF was the primary bilingual document
format of older version of Trados. memoQ can import
and export such files.




memoQ can import and export MultiTerm XML files. It can also import terminology which is stored in the Excel, CSV or TBX
file formats.


Translation memory

memoQ has special tools to import Trados-generated
TMX files and improve the leverage.



Wordfast Classic bilingual DOC files

memoQ can import and export bilingual DOC files from
Wordfast Classic. When exporting a bilingual DOC for use
with Wordfast you should treat them as Trados
bilingual DOC file.


TXML is an XML-based bilingual document format used by Wordfast Pro. memoQ can import and export TXML files.
Translation memory

memoQ has special tools to import Wordfast-generated
TMX files and improve the leverage.


STAR Transit

STAR Transit packages (*.pxf, *.ppf)


A STAR Transit package can contain one or more documents
for translation, as well as reference materials consisting of previously translated documents and terminology.
These files can be imported to and exported from memoQ.

Transit does not use a centralized translation memory. Instead, it reads previously translated documents directly for this purpose. Transit reference material can be imported into a memoQ translation memory when the package is imported.


SDL Worldserver

Worldserver bilingual documents (*.xlz)


memoQ can import and export bilingual documents coming
from SDL Worldserver, together with segment status mapping and other workflow-specific improvements. Support for
WSXZ is available since 2014.



Other tools


The majority of translation tools allow for import and export of XLIFF files which contains the source and target content.
memoQ can import and export these XLIFF files.


Translation memory

memoQ can import translation memories using the TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) format. It is also possible to import a translated blingual file and save the contents to a translation memory.
memoQ can import terminology in a number of formats
including TBX (Term Base eXchange), Multiterm XML,
Excel and CSV.