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Discover memoQ's extensions such as memoQWeb and Customer Portal, and enjoy seamless integration with a large number of third-party applications.

iTMS is a translation business management system developed by Peter & Clark Technologies for Language Services Providers and Departments managing multilingual content in financial and corporate organizations. It includes features for managing the entirety of business functions:  


Financial controls 

Client and vendor profiling

Client and vendor portals 


Client and vendor invoicing 

Project workflow tools 

 As a central part of iTMS’ workflow management features is a tight integration with memoQ, either as a self-hosted server or memoQ Cloud. This integration allows you full control over projects in memoQ and allows your external translation partners to work in memoQWeb or to check out projects locally. 

One of the main points of focus in the development of iTMS has been security which makes it an ideal solution for companies whose end-customers require the secure handling and storage of data. 

Innovative memoQ/iTMS integration 

  • Forwards and backwards compatibility: you can initiate projects from iTMS to memoQ, but also initiate projects in memoQ and link them to iTMS.  
  • This Forwards/Backwards integration means you can take advantage of all the advanced features in memoQ (for example complex file filtering for a specific job) while capturing all the statistics needed for pricing and controlling assignments and having the convenience of also working in iTMS with memoQ in the background. 
  • The Forward/Backwards architecture also means you can leverage memoQ’s other integration features to connect to other systems seamlessly. 
  • Maximum flexibility: get the most of both tools and avoid the usual integration issues when projects do not conform to simple workflows. 

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