Integration with BeLazy

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What’s BeLazy?

BeLazy is a technology platform that automates the receipt, management and delivery of translation projects. The integration allows you to fetch projects from your customer’s memoQ server or cloud but also from your own.  

Why integrate with memoQ?

  • Manage translation packages containing as many as 5-10 languages and massive files with ease 
  • Use a variety of package formats, including packages imported from SDL Trados Studio and STAR Transit 
  • Reassign tasks to translators and reviewers and see them automatically set up with vendor mapping 

How does it work? 

Publish translation packages on the memoQ server, slice the files into parts and accept the result in BeLazy. In just a few seconds, you will find all the languages and slices in your business management system.

To retrieve work from your customer’s translation management system, enter the URL, username and password you would use to access your customer’s TMS. That way, BeLazy can list the tasks available to you.

It will then create a project in your business management system (Plunet, XTRF, Protemos) and download the MQOUT package, if available. If not, you’ll receive the URL for the translator or reviewer to work in WebTrans or the link that checks out the project from the memoQ server in your local copy of memoQ.

Once the translator and the reviewer(s) are done with their tasks, they will proceed to upload the project package to your BMS. BeLazy will then automatically transfer the package to the customer’s memoQ server and close the project in memoQ.

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