Integration with LBS Suite

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Bringing together the best of two worlds, LBS Suite is a hybrid CRM and ERP solution fine-tuned to the needs of translation agencies. It’s an intuitive, comprehensive, high-performance software with strong CRM features for sales, efficient vendor management tools, advanced workflow automation options and powerful reporting capabilities.

LBS Suite memoQ Integration

Run translation projects with maximum efficiency, from managing email correspondence through measuring customer satisfaction to payment collection.

  • Mix and match LBS Suite modules that best suit your business needs
  • Personalize service descriptions and add languages or translation topics
  • Customize client and supplier prices and send automatically generated emails 
  • Use on-brand visuals for invoices and price quotes
  • Configure folder structure and let LBS Suite auto-generate client and project folders

LBS Suite memoQ integration allows you to focus on delivering your best work during each and every translation project – and takes care of everything else.

  • Portal: Let your clients easily access projects, quotes and invoices, submit new orders and contact project managers through a single, use-friendly interface. 
  • Planning and cost management: Manage internal project costs, optimize project schedules, track deadlines and send reminders to team members.
  • KPIs: Stay on top of your business with the help of detailed, real-time performance reports and 360-degree KPI overviews.
  • Automatic payment collection: Track your invoices and payments and send reminders for unpaid invoices in just a few clicks for a healthy cash flow. 
  • Quality: Conduct client satisfaction surveys, analyze client feedback and assess project management quality to improve workflows and performance.  
  • Outlook and Gmail: Use LBS Suite functionalities straight from your mailbox and find all project-related correspondence in one place on your server. 

Key functions and features 

  • Simplified project creation: Create memoQ project directly from LBS and add as many language resources (TM and TB) as you wish. 
  • Hassle-free transfer: Thanks to LBS’s predefined templates, the configuration of your project will be automatically transferred to memoQ without you having to open it.
  • Single-system workflow: Connecting memoQ to LBS, all your project workflows can be managed through a single interface.
  • Advanced project management: Use LBS to assign one or multiple vendors and suppliers to your memoQ project.
  • Easy quote creation: Let memoQ analyse your project files and share the CAT analysis with LBS for faster, more accurate and customizable price quotes.
  • Better cost management: Customize client and supplier CAT grids separately.

Sync memoQ with LBS to:

  • Create and manage projects directly from LBS
  • Automatically upload memoQ templates
  • Track all your projects in one place
  • Create memoQ accounts directly from LBS
  • Assign projects to memoQ users from LBS

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