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Content Connectors

Many companies have content that needs to be published in multiple languages, and when this content changes, the translations must also be quickly updated. Agile localization, website localization are just two examples of such content. There are rules determining what needs to be translated into what languages and the file types are predefined as well. Such content is often stored in the file system, or embedded in web content management systems, document management systems or version management systems. Content connectors allow the automation of content pickup and routing, removing the need for project management and allowing seamless processes.

How it works?

Suppose that you are a translation company and your customer uses an FTP site for transferring project documents. You can install a Content Connector next to the FTP site which will monitor the FTP folders, and according to predefined rules, import the changed content into different memoQ online projects.


In the projects, you can select the correct series of steps to perform, and documents can be automatically assigned to the right translators and reviewers, also on a FirstAccept basis, meaning that the first person in a group to claim the translation job gets it.

The customer now updates some documents and adds new documents on the FTP site. Content Connectors see that new files have been added and some have been changed. The updated files are added to the project as new versions and the new documents are added as new files.

All translators, reviewers and project managers receive emails about new job assignments, and customers can also receive an email with the number of words to be translated.

The final files are then delivered back to the FTP folder, to the location of your choice.



Automated ways to get changed or new content imported for translation

Automated preparation and analysis of documents

Automated assignment of users based on your requirements

Automated delivery of files

You can work with very short project deadlines and very low project management overhead

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