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WordPress Connector

If you have your website on WordPress, you have made a good choice: it is a stable, popular, and extensible system. WordPress also makes running multilingual websites easy. With the memoQ WordPress Connector, translating your website into multiple languages is quick, seamless, and efficient.


The memoQ connector for WordPress offers a fully automated translation workflow between WPML (WordPress Plugin) and memoQ server. It provides an easy way to manage multilingual web content and translation projects within WordPress.

Go global quickly: Until now, going global seemed to be available for big companies only. But that has certainly changed and entering new markets has become accessible – for everyone! Enable a faster and more effective localization process by translating WordPress files using the memoQ WordPress connector.

Translate changes only: Save time and money and improve efficiency by translating changes to the source file only.

Seamless integration: A fully automated localization cycle between memoQ and WordPress.

Get started with the memoQ WordPress connector!

If you have a multilingual WordPress website, you can use this connector to automate your translation workflow. In order to get started, you will need to own a memoQ server license or find a translation agency working with memoQ server.

Information for Language Service Providers

To benefit from this newly automated workflow, you will need to get a WordPress integration license to connect your memoQ server to your customer’s WordPress sites.


The connection establishes an automated workflow, and your customer can easily submit translation orders or RFQs. You can automate as many steps as you wish.

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