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What is DeepL?

DeepL Translator is a translation service launched in August 2017 by DeepL GmbH, a start-up company backed up by Linguee. The service currently offers 72 possible combinations between English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Polish, and Russian, with more languages to be introduced in the future. Many translators claim that DeepL translations sounded a bit more natural to humans compared to other major translation services. 

How does it work with memoQ?

memoQ’s DeepL plugin works like other plugins for MT service providers. memoQ sends a text to your translation engine, one segment at a time. memoQ displays the results in the translation results and you decide whether to use it. 


DeepL – from the developers of Linguee – has managed to generate not just buzz but genuine demand. The new DeepL plugin connects memoQ to this neural machine translation engine. “It is one of the most requested integrations ever” – says Gergely Vándor, Solution Architect at memoQ. The DeepL plugin is available in memoQ since July 2018, when memoQ 8.5 was released.

How to use this service in memoQ?

In order to integrate DeepL with memoQ, you need to enable it in Options | MT settings. You must then enter your DeepL customer key. For a step-by-step guide on how to use DeepL in memoQ, please click here.


“Perhaps the biggest advantage is that the team behind DeepL shows a clear understanding of how translation tools like memoQ work. One example of this great command is the fact that they support XML tags. While other MT services can only translate text as either plain text or HTML, DeepL supports both plain text and XML. Tangible benefits to memoQ users are clear: the segments translated by DeepL will contain tags and formatting at the expected places, reliably and without compromises or side effects in translation quality.” -says said Gergely Vándor, Solution Architect at memoQ.


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