Google Cloud Translation Advanced

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What is Google Cloud Translation Advanced?

Google Machine Translation Advanced (or Google Translate API v3) can do everything the Basic API can, but also allows usage of glossaries and custom MT models that can be quickly trained using the AutoML (Automated Machine Learning) feature.

How does it work with memoQ?

memoQ sends a text to the Google machine translation engine, one segment at a time. The results are then displayed in the translation results and the translator can decide whether to use them.

Translators and project managers can also have their documents translated automatically, and then revise them as needed.

How to use this service in memoQ?

memoQ is integrated with Google MT through a Google service account. To start using the plugin, you need a JSON file containing that service account’s information. Just browse to that JSON file in memoQ when you are enabling the plugin in Resource Console | MT settings. For a step-by-step guide on how to use Google Cloud Translation Advanced MT in memoQ, please click here.

The Google MT plugin is now using neural machine translation if it is available in your language combination. In some cases, neural machine translation can be much more fluent and human-like opposed to statistical machine translation. To learn which language pairs are available for neural machine translation, see this page.

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