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What is Intento?

Intento is an Information Technology company which enables access to various vendors via a single API. Besides machine translation, Intento offers optical character recognition sentiment analysis, speech transcription, among others.

How does it work in memoQ?

The new Intento plugin in memoQ works the same way as a single machine translation plugin. Intento enables memoQ users to access machine translation providers such as Google Cloud AutoML, Amazon Translate, and Baidu Translate, among many others. 


This integration also offers the “Smart Routing” option, a highly effective and customizable feature that automatically chooses the best MT engine according to the project’s language pair by using Intento’s latest quarterly evaluation report. Moreover, you can also see detailed reports on your MT API’s usage on Intento’s dashboard.

How to use this service in memoQ?

In order to integrate Intento with memoQ, you need to enable it in Options | MT settings. You must then enter your Intento API key. For a step-by-step guide on how to use Intento in memoQ, please click here.


Private Plugin

Intento is also available as a private plugin. A private plugin is not publicly available in memoQ, but it can be used within the software.  

When installing a private MT plugin, make sure to copy the plugin into your “Add-ins” folder on your computer so that memoQ can recognize it and will not display a warning after launching the software.  

You are good to go! 


This plugin has been created and is owned by an outside party; therefore, memoQ has no responsibility for it. Our support team is unable and has no responsibility to assist you with it. memoQ also takes no responsibility for any damage that may be caused by the installation of the plugin package.  

Download the private plugin here.

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