Pangea MT

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What is Pangea MT?

PangeaMT is an AI technology company offering machine translation development, deep learning, machine learning services, and consultancy. PangeaMT uses SMT technologies. They train Statistical Machine Translation engines and customize them to your company’s terminology and expressions. 


PangeMT brings together a team of professionals with great expertise in translation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, computational linguistics, content and knowledge management, pattern recognition and systems integration with the flexibility to adapt to customer needs.

How does it work with memoQ?

memoQ sends a text to this machine translation engine, one segment at a time. The results are then displayed in the translation results and the translator can decide whether to use them.

How to use this service in memoQ?

In order to use Pangea MT in memoQ, you need to enable it in Options | MT settings and enter the URL, username and password for your customized engine that you received from Pangea MT. For a step-by-step guide on how to use Pangea MT in memoQ, please click here.

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