Integration with Rigi

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Integration with Rigi

The Rigi cloud platform simplifies the localization of UI texts. Key feature is the provisioning of interactive HTML previews. Its integration with memoQ enables translators and reviewers to localize UI texts using those interactive HTML previews.


Translators and development organizations love Rigi! Interactive previews help translators to deliver the right translation at once. Development organizations benefit from a significant drop of QA issues and related costs. We challenge you to quantify what this would mean for your organization in terms of costs, time-to-market and quality.


We are developing Rigi since 2009 and have great references. Rigi is easy to setup, has a great user experience and has a seamless integration within existing processes.


Get the Rigi plugin for memoQ using this link.


Key benefits

Anyone who deals with localization will benefit from Rigi.

Interactive HTML preview
The Rigi viewer opens when you open a Rigi project in memoQ. When you select a segment in memoQ, then you will see a preview with your current translations and the relevant UI texts highlighted. The other way around works as well: select a text in the
preview and the corresponding segment gets selected in memoQ.

Advanced Language Acceptance Testing (aka in-country review)
After the translation is done, the language acceptance testers review the localized application via the Rigi cloud platform. The testers enter comments and suggestions in an interactive environment. Translators have immediate access to the reported issues and will also get and interactive preview. This helps to better understand the issue and correct it adequately. No more Excel!

If developers make a test server available for translators, then it is possible to navigate the live site and make corrections on the fly in memoQ.

Multilingual Screenshots (PNG/JPG)
Rigi has an advanced feature to generate images of full pages or regions in all target languages with a click on a button. Contact us for more information.

Want to Know More?

Software localization can be complicated due its dependencies on tools, technologies and people. With the Rigi platform and our services we try to make life a bit easier. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Feel free to contact us directly by sending a mail to or check out for more information.

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