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Integration with Antidote

Antidote is a multi-resource software for writing English and French. It includes an advanced grammar checker, a set of sophisticated dictionaries and several guides covering all aspects of writing. Seamlessly integrated with most writing software, Antidote is readily available within memoQ (both the desktop and the web versions) during the translation or review process.
Antidote’s corrector performs an advanced analysis of each sentence in your text, from which it delivers multiple diagnostics. It will flag errors of agreement and possessives, spelling mistakes, commonly confused words, contextual errors involving homophones or near-homophones, etc. It corrects the use of hyphens, commas and capitalization, as well as the written form of numbers, times and addresses. False friends, regionalisms and the use of inappropriate language registers are also detected. Thanks to its 200 smart filters, Antidote’s corrector also flags redundancies, inconsistencies, nested phrases, awkward constructions and evaluates the general readability of the text.

Antidote comprises multiple dictionaries efficiently displayed within a unified interface. Whether it be for definitions or synonyms, combinations or semantic fields, Antidote’s dictionaries offer a lexical reference work of unparalleled richness, variety and consistency. Alongside a word’s definitions appear its plural forms, pronunciation, etymology, rhyming words and the expressions and proverbs of which it is part. Powerful search engines provide many ways of finding just the right word. When both the English and French versions are installed, translations for every sense, every expression and every combination appear in the dictionaries.

Antidote comes with many language guides covering all aspects of writing. Written in an accessible style, the guides give detailed descriptions of the rules and conventions governing the language and illustrate them with well-chosen examples. All notions of grammar, syntax, style and typography are presented along with carefully curated mnemonic tips.

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