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What is DeMT Estimate API by TAUS?

TAUS DeMT™ Estimate API seamlessly connects to your content workflows and provides real-time quality scores customized with your data so that the results match your organization for accuracy, tone, and authenticity. Estimate API becomes available to anyone who uses memoQ to manage their content workflow. 

The TAUS-memoQ integration offers the opportunity to benefit from quality estimation when using machine translation in memoQ. Previously, project managers had limited access to quality estimates of MT engine performance, making it difficult to understand their contribution to translation projects. Similarly, linguists working on projects for their clients did not have any guidance as to how reliable the automated translation was. The memoQ-TAUS integration aims to optimize machine translation usage for enterprises and language service providers. This will be achieved through continuous developments, which will eventually lead to a significant reduction in risks associated with using machine translation. Additionally, it will lower MT post-editing effort and grant project managers the ability to make more informed decisions. 

How does it work in memoQ?

With this integration, DeMT Estimate API becomes available to anyone who uses memoQ TMS to manage their content workflow. You can configure a memoQ MT settings resource and select the MT engines you prefer to work with and use AIQE. In the background, the DeMT Estimate API uses neural models to generate quality scores, making it easy for you to assess the quality of your translations.  

Three different scores are available to best meet your needs:  


TAUS QE score: On a scale from 0 to 1, the proprietary AI system provides a score that reflects the degree of similarity between the meanings of two sentences. The higher the score, the better.

COMET score: Also predicts the quality of translation, but it is best used when comparing multiple MT outputs.

Custom score: TAUS provides custom models that can be trained with user-provided labeled data to best fit your translation content and domain. (Continuous and discrete labels supported)

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To integrate TAUS DeMT Estimate API with memoQ, you need to enable it in Resources | MT settings | AIQE. You must then enter your TAUS API key. For a step-by-step guide on how to use the DeMT Estimate API in memoQ, please click here. 


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