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What is Kalcium?

Kalcium is Kaleidoscope’s Global Content Quality platform. One of the products on this platform is Quickterm, an enterprise-level terminology management and workflow system. In Quickterm, clients can set up processes and define their terminology collaboratively to ensure a consistent voice across their translations.

Why integrate with memoQ?

Terminology and workflow management can be crucial in the localization process, and if you’re using an external terminology management system, importing and exporting new or updated term bases each time can be time-consuming as well as prone to errors.

The Kalcium-memoQ integration is based on the API, so once you connect the two systems, the term bases will update automatically as they change. Quickterm also allows you to keep track of the life cycle of your term base entries, so you can make sure that the most up-to-date terms are readily available in memoQ at all times.

This makes the process faster, and it is not required to create a new term base every time.

This way the customer can rely on the latest terminology versions to be available to the supply chain.

Read more about Kalcium and Quickterm here.

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