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A Full-fledged Translation Management System

memoQ server is the translation management system of choice of enterprises and translation companies all over the world to manage and automate localization processes that enable their global presence. memoQ server empowers enterprises by allowing them to run multilingual localization processes in a fully centralized and automated environment.

Advanced Localization Workspace

Strengthen Your Brand

Terminology Management

As you expand to new markets, you need to adapt your communication to local cultures which is a great challenge. When you try to speak to a new audience, your brand’s image and message may weaken. 

This is where you need a translation management system and terminology management. It allows you to keep your brand and message consistent through all languages that your organization uses. To keep a local feel to your brand, your organization's terminology must be carefully localized into the target language and culture. It must also be properly stored, managed and shared.

memoQ server offers two levels of terminology management: The first level uses simple term bases, tailored to translation. The second level offers sophisticated corporate terminology management with a single point of access to terminology in an organization. It turns terminology into a corporate asset that facilitates internal and external communication.


Quality Assurance

When exploring new markets, you want to make sure your company meets the quality expectations of your new target audience: localization projects need to go through quality assurance workflows.

memoQ server can run these workflows – and it also offers several types of reports to spot quality issues in time.

Automatic Quality Assurance

memoQ can run a host of automatic quality checks – consistency of segments and terms, number formats, punctuation, spelling and grammar, inline tags, segment length and many more. Moreover, these checks are greatly customizable.

Linguistic Quality Assurance

LQA is memoQ server’s way to get facts and figures from the work of human reviewers. You can ask the reviewers to categorize and evaluate translation issues, even score translations. Through the scores, you can see how your vendors improve over time. Translators can receive structured feedback that is easier to follow up on. In turn, managers and customers can trust that you have control over the quality of translations you release.

Discussing Quality Issues

memoQ’s effective discussion management allows translators or reviewers to mark source or target quality issues, and start discussions directly from the translation interface. Translators can ask for clarification, report a typo or a malformed or ambiguous source sentence. They can also discuss terminology.

Licensing Options

License Management

With memoQ server, your organization has flexibility in managing your pool of user licenses. Translator licenses can be assigned and returned anytime. For example, you can assign licenses to contractors for the duration of a translation project and have the licenses automatically returned at the end. If contractors already have memoQ, you don’t have to pay for their access to your server.

Perpetual License

A perpetual license is the ‘traditional’ model used to purchase software. You pay for your software license up front and have the right to use the purchased version indefinitely. (Perpetual license owners can use their most current version they obtained under SMA forever. They would need a new SMA if they want to upgrade to newer versions and/or need access to memoQ support.)

Along with the purchase of a perpetual license, you get technical support and software upgrades for one year. After one year, you may purchase annual Support and Maintenance Agreements (SMA) for continuous access to support and downloads of new versions of memoQ.

Subscription (Software as a Service)

Subscription licenses can be paid monthly or annually, resulting in what is essentially a per-license fee. Customers typically pay for the subscription term up front and are entitled to use the software until the subscription term expires.

The subscription payment includes software licenses, access to support services and new versions of memoQ that are released during the subscription term.


Deployment Options

memoQ in the cloud

Choose memoQ server in the cloud which is particularly suitable for smaller teams. You can choose from among five different regional centers to access infrastructure close to you. Two of these centers are in Europe, the other three are the MS Azure Japan East, the Canada Central Azure region, and West US centers.

Chosen for reliability, the regional infrastructure centers make memoQ cloud among the most reliable SaaS products. It provides a quick and powerful solution not only to companies but also to ad hoc teams of translators. We provide you with regular backup.

Hosting services from memoQ

memoQ servers hosted by us follow security standards to protect customers' data and information.

memoQ is installed and runs on dedicated Azure servers that are hosted and fully managed by our IT Services team. All maintenance responsibilities are shifted to us, eliminating your need to cover the extra work hours and downtime typically necessary to upgrade software. This option combines many key benefits of the cloud with the robustness and security of an on-premise deployment. We provide you with regular backup.


memoQ is installed and runs on computers on the premises of the organization using memoQ software. This is suitable for businesses that have the necessary IT know-how and staff to manage an on-site server, or for organizations with IT security policies in place that don’t allow off-site deployment.

Your Translation Management System

memoQ server allows enterprises and translation companies to manage localization easily.


Integrations and extensions

memoQ server enables numerous integrations with business management tools, machine translation engines, external translation memory databases, among others.
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File formats

memoQ supports important technical standards and support document formats.
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Choose your interface

memoQ server on desktop and web! The web interface also works in browsers under other operating systems such as Linux or Mac OS.
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