memoQ TMS productivity


memoQ TMS Productivity

memoQ TMS can be used immediately with no experience or help from consultants or IT specialists. This eBook will help you get the most out of memoQ TMS' translation technology and productivity enhancements.

Productivity gains with memoQ TMS

Do you frequently manage large translation projects? Are you looking for best practices to get rid of repetitive tasks and focus on what you are the best at?

memoQ TMS is an advanced productivity tool for managing translations. It is a comprehensive translation environment so you can:

Centralize storage of your translation assets

Centralize management of your translation projects

Act as the hub for collaborative translation projects

Boost your productivity and save time!

Reuse previous translations

Align existing documents

Create and manage term bases

Automate your processes

This eBook explains some of the features in memoQ TMS that result in productivity gains, including:

Customized templates to create projects and automate workflows

Project management dashboard to boost efficiency

Translation memories to reuse previous translations

Ensure Project Managers are in control of their projects

Eliminate time-consuming steps for project managers and translators

Built-in, proven quality management models to deliver better translations

Collaborative translation to complete translation projects faster

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