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Alkemist aspired to meet its clients’ needs and to make their work easier by providing the highest quality services. Their goal was to achieve this by using the best technology on the market to make their processes as smooth and optimized as possible.


Prior to using a TMS, Alkemist stored their translation memories and term bases locally on their computers. While delivering more than 100 projects daily, they had to import each TM with every project, save, export the TM again, and send it to their colleagues. This process was not only time-consuming, but it also incurred unnecessary expenses.
customer stories


Alkemist has been using memoQ for over a decade as one of their CAT tools, and it is preferred by many clients. The user-friendliness, customizability, and easy project tracking were the main reasons they chose memoQ’s team solution as their primary TMS. Since implementation, their efficiency has increased by 70% and they can now manage more than 40 language combinations in a single project.
“Since memoQ is our primary TMS and we strive to run all projects through it, we could say that the gain in efficiency is at least 70%.”
Marija Mirković
Managing Director at Alkemist

Alkemist’s fast-paced localization with memoQ 

Keeping up with extremely tight deadlines was one of Alkemist’s great challenges. With the help of memoQ TMS, Alkemist can set up simultaneous translation and review, while at the same time having term bases and QA settings in place to maintain quality and consistency. They can also easily keep track of their linguists’ progress, and for similar projects, they appreciate the versatility of memoQ project templates. In addition, the variety of customizable file filters enables them to process any file format they receive from their clients. 

We are proud of anything that can optimize time management and automate processes for our project managers, and memoQ does precisely that.” - explains Lea Magdić, Head of Project Management Team at Alkemist

Alkemist also benefits from the wide variety of integrations in memoQ. For instance, five years ago, they took advantage of memoQ’s integration with Plunet. This fundamentally changed the way their project managers work. Projects created in Plunet are simultaneously and automatically created in memoQ which results in significant time saved.  

Another factor that contributes to Alkemist’s success is being able to rely on memoQ’s support team. 

“10/10. Always very helpful, and if they don’t have an answer right away, they do their research and come back with a potential solution. And the communication is very pleasant, so we are never reluctant to contact support, which is very important.” - adds Lea Magdić, Head of Project Management Team

About Alkemist

Alkemist, a distinguished language service provider hailing from the heart of Europe, boasts a strategic presence in Ljubljana, Prague, Zagreb, and Belgrade. With an impressive portfolio spanning 110 languages, they are your gateway to global communication. But Alkemist's commitment extends beyond words. A portion of every project finds its way to the Alkemist Foundation, reinforcing its ethos of making a positive impact on those in need. 

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