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Time is a crucial factor when it comes to ASUS’ localization challenges. Their overall goal is to localize all product descriptions, press releases, and website content prior to product launches.


Before implementing memoQ, translations were costly and took the ASUS team a long time to complete due to the lack of a centralized solution. A more innovative approach was needed to give the team more control over their projects.
customer stories


Once ASUS switched to memoQ’s TMS solution, the team managed to centralize all localization processes and communication to within memoQ. This led to a more than 90% increase in productivity as well as allowing for much needed transparency within the team.
“We quickly realized that it offers exactly the workflows we need to achieve our goals. We deal with a lot of products, so it’s important for us that the service is not limited to a certain number of translations.”
Janina Ruebsam
Team Lead Trade & Product Marketing

ASUS localization goals: high-quality translations, fast 

The ASUS localization team first started evaluating different TMS solutions during the second half of 2021 after realizing that their localization workflows were challenging for their translation team. ASUS has a myriad of content that needs to be translated on a daily basis: product descriptions, website content, press releases, and other materials. 

Time is one of the most important factors for the translation team: they typically work with tight deadlines in order to have all content translated and ready to publish by the time a product rolls out. Before implementing a TMS, the team used multiple tools to communicate and manage their translation projects. This, however, increased turnaround times, and did not provide the desired level of transparency among team members. 


“We quickly realized that it offers exactly the workflows we need to achieve our goals. We deal with a lot of products, so it’s important for us that the service is not limited to a certain number of translations.”  

Janina Ruebsam (Team Lead Trade & Product Marketing)

Localization with memoQ: over 90% increase in productivity

Since the introduction of memoQ into their localization workflow, the ASUS team managed to decrease translation turnaround time from several days or even weeks to a few minutes. They assert that they became over 90% more productive after using a TMS for localization. 

They especially find advantageous the machine translation integrations available within memoQ. They found that the use of their own term bases and translation memories along with machine translation proved to be an ideal combination for achieving high-quality translations in less time. 

To ensure they maximize their new TMS solution, the team also took part in training sessions provided by the memoQ team. “We received high-quality training that enabled us to work with the systems extremely fast. It doesn’t really matter if you’ve worked with other translation management systems or not, the training starts from scratch, and the support team helps with every question you may have.” 

Since all processes and communication can be centralized in memoQ, the team also managed to replace internal email communication with memoQ. 

“It’s the only solution we use for translations now – and as every relevant team member has access to it, it has basically replaced all unnecessary communication and provides the much-needed transparency when you work on so many different projects at once.” 


  • Effectiveness improved by over 90% 
  • Turnaround times were cut down from several days/weeks to a few minutes 
  • More than 120 product descriptions, news articles, press releases were translated in the first three months 
  • Transparency within the team increased 
  • Unnecessary communication & errors (resulting from the use of different tools) eliminated 

About ASUS

ASUS, established in 1989, is a multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company. Dedicated to creating products for today’s and tomorrow’s smart life, ASUS is among the top-three consumer notebook vendors. The company is also developing virtual and augmented reality products as well as IoT (Internet of Things) devices and robotics technologies. 

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