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Deutsche Bahn (DB) decided to implement a TMS to be used by their inhouse language services department. Their goal was to streamline their localization processes and free up time to focus on quality and customer satisfaction.


Prior to using memoQ, Deutsche Bahn’s project managers created and managed projects manually, which was time consuming and prone to errors. When looking for a TMS, they sought a solution that would automate their processes and comply with their data protection policy.
customer stories


Introducing memoQ led Deutsche Bahn to optimize more processes. They are now able to focus fully on the needs of their customers—and with the help of a TMS, they can still fulfill specific requirements and maintain quality, while keeping all their important data in-house.
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“We want to keep control over our data throughout the entire translation process; in other words, we want to know who is working with our data and how.”
Annette Kraus
Head of DB Language Management

Deutsche Bahn: Always connected

Deutsche Bahn is the second largest transportation provider in the world, and the most prominent railway company in Germany. They are active in more than 130 countries and have more than 320,000 employees worldwide. To provide the best logistics and transportation services, their localization processes must be smooth and fast. 

DB started looking into TMS solutions to make their linguistic team’s work easier. They had some specific requirements but were quite flexible on other aspects. 

One of their main concerns was data protection. 

“We want to keep control over our data throughout the entire translation process; in other words, we want to know who is working with our data and how.” 

Annette Kraus,
Head of DB Language Management 

DB had well-established operations and workflows that they did not want to change, so they needed a solution that could be fully integrated into their tools and existing processes. Only a few TMS solutions made it to their shortlist. After extensive evaluations, they decided to go with memoQ. 

“memoQ is one of only a handful of TMSs that fully integrates into our workflow management system. It also offers an extensive, almost unparalleled range of functions and is highly customizable. The competitive price was another reason why we ultimately opted for memoQ.” 

Results After Implementing memoQ

Once they integrated memoQ into their localization processes, the DB team was able to work with online projects while their translation data remain safe on their servers. This, combined with the ability to customize the use of machine translation plugins, helps them comply with their corporate data protection requirements. 

“We received extensive support during the planning and setting up phase as well as training for our project managers, translators and the administrator. The online documentation and video tutorials also helped us to introduce our new translation environment to our vendors. More recently, we participated in training courses on XML filter creation and the use of regular expressions, both of which were very instructive and useful.” 

Deutsche Bahn has also been taking advantage of the project templates, which eliminate the manual task of creating new projects. They can simply select a template and translation projects are ready to go after just a few clicks. This allows project managers to use their time to focus on specific customers and their needs, which leads to an increase in both quality and customer satisfaction. 

“Although it is hard to put a specific number on any optimization we have achieved with memoQ, there is no doubt that we have become more efficient and hence more productive with our new TMS. In the past, for example, multilingual projects involved the tedious task of manually creating translation packages for the individual languages, today we simply select a template and let memoQ do the rest—within seconds. 

As a result, our projects managers spend far less time on monotonous and error-prone tasks and instead can focus on understanding and addressing the needs of our customers, which are becoming increasingly more specific and complex. With memoQ we can respond to these challenges more effectively and improve both translation quality and customer satisfaction.” 

Do you need help with your localization processes? Start working smarter, not harder—book a call with one of our salespeople to learn more about all that memoQ has to offer! 

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Improved translation quality and customer satisfaction

Less time spent on monotonous and error-prone tasks

A new ontology-based knowledge management system

About Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is a German railway company based in Berlin, Germany. They provide mobility and logistics services in over 130 countries. DB is the second largest transportation provider in the world, serving about two billion passengers per year. DB Language Management (Deutsche Bahn's inhouse language services department) provides high-quality translation and interpreting services. 

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