The memoQ Story

The Early Stages

It all started in Hungary in 2004, when three passionate language technologists worked on machine translation and spell checking related projects at a publishing company that issued Microsoft Press Books. During this time, they ventured into collaborative translation, and together with other translators, they managed to translate, review and publish these books within just a few months. This experience led these young visionaries to imagine a new translation technology environment that places collaboration in the center of the scope.


Digital Transformation

The three entrepreneurs started developing the technology they envisioned, which was the core of memoQ, the most advanced translation technology environment as we know it today. It was more than a challenging task as only a few major industry players dominated the market back then. However, they had a clear vision to execute the digital transformation of the translation industry. From the very beginning, memoQ became very popular, especially among translators all over the world. The reason behind this is memoQ was created for translators by translators; the three founders never had to put themselves on a translator’s feet, they knew exactly what translation work was all about. As soon as their freshly developed software hit the market, it became very popular globally. The main reason behind memoQ’s success was the founders’ approach as they knew exactly the ins and outs of translation work. Like no other tool at that time, memoQ made translating more enjoyable by allowing translators to take delight in their work


Leading Translation Technology

Since then memoQ has grown to become one of the world’s leading translation environment, and we have added hundreds of loved features that have made translation work easy and simple. Today, with almost 100 employees, we are working hard to continuously improve our software with careful consideration of user needs.

Our Vision

If the past decade has been about changing the way translators work, the next decade will be about transforming your business, helping you streamline the localization processes that will allow you to operate on a global scale. We continue to imagine a digital transformation of the translation world and develop technology that serves the purpose of all the stakeholders in the localization spectrum. The translation companies, which will only introduce technology that translators enjoy using. But every other company out there, which needs technology that enables them to collaborate easily with translation companies and freelance translators alike. We are continuously heading towards our vision that haven’t changed since the very beginning. The digital transformation of translation is a great challenge and we do everything with this goal in mind. The past decade was about changing the way translators work, and for the next decade, we are focusing on dedicated solutions to help you transform your business and streamline the localization processes to operate on a global level. We keep working extremely hard so that our users, whether big or small, continue to take delight in their work. Making good, enjoyable software is still a principle rooted at the very core of our organization. To safeguard it, we rely on our customer insights program which helps us understand the needs and challenges our users face every day.

About memoQ Team

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