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  1. The website is owned and operated by

​          memoQ Translation Technologies Ltd. Registered seat and mailing address: Béke sgt. 14., Gyula, 5700 Hungary Registry court: Gyulai Törvényszék Cégbírósága (Company Registry Court of Gyula Regional Court) Registry number: Cg. 04-10-001624 Tax number: 25429356-2-04 EU VAT ID: HU25429356 Contact point: Website address: (“memoQ Ltd.”)


  1. Availability of these Terms of Use: The Terms of Use as in force are always published on the website (, in a form that can at all times be retrieved, printed, and copied.


  1. These Terms of Use apply to all internet users accessing the websites (“Website”) from any device and from any software (“Visitor”).


  1. These Terms of Use do not apply to memoQ cloud server subscriptions, memoQ Zen, or Language Terminal. For legal terms concerning those services, please refer to the General Terms of Service ( or the memoQ Zen Terms of Service (


  1. Visitor may read, quote, and link to contents of the Website as official information from memoQ Ltd. about the memoQ products and services. Visitor may not refer to any other online sources as official information from memoQ Ltd., unless expressly stated so by a representative of memoQ Ltd. Information categorized as ‘official’ shall not mean that memoQ Ltd. guarantees the accuracy thereof, to the extent permitted by applicable law.


  1. memoQ Ltd. reserves the right to change, modify, or remove any or all contents of the Website, without prior notice. Visitor is responsible for quoting, linking, or referring to up-to-date information. Outdated or inaccurate information referred to as official by Visitor – especially but not exclusively offers, prices, service terms, and promotions – shall not be legally binding for memoQ Ltd.


  1. By visiting the Website, Visitor agrees to accept data such as ‘tracking cookies’ that other websites use for profiling and placing advertisements. Tracking cookies are data that are saved in the web browser used by Visitor. The tracking cookies are not suitable for identifying Visitor or revealing Visitor’s personal data to memoQ Ltd. or to any third parties. This requirement notwithstanding, memoQ Ltd. will not apply technical means to block the access of those Visitors who use technology (including “incognito” or “private” browsing) to prevent the storage of tracking cookies or automatically remove them.


  1. Visitor may not use the Website for any other purpose than obtaining information about memoQ Ltd. and the products and services, or contacting memoQ Ltd., or accessing the products and related services of memoQ Ltd.


  1. memoQ Ltd. may restrict the availability of certain pages, documents, media, or services on the Website to identified Visitors. In this case, memoQ Ltd. may require that Visitor specify their personal data before accessing these pages, documents, media, or services. Personal data required are: full name, e-mail address, organization, city, country, and a visitor group (a choice from a predefined list of user groups that Visitor or the organization represented by Visitor may belong to).


  1. When accessing restricted content, and specifying personal data, Visitor agrees to allow memoQ Ltd. to use their personal data for the purposes listed in the Privacy Policy (, which Visitor has read and agrees to. Visitor may withdraw their consent at any time, without specifying a reason, by sending a consent withdrawal notice to, or by unsubscribing from e-mails sent to the e-mail address specified to access restricted content.


  1. Visitor may not attempt to reverse-engineer, replicate, or republish parts or the entirety of the Website. In addition, Visitor may not attempt to make unauthorized changes to the functionality or to the front-end of the Website. Moreover, Visitor may not attempt to access underlying system components or gain access to data of other Visitors or of memoQ Ltd. Any such attempt will result in civil and criminal procedures, to the maximum extent permitted by law.


  1. The text, visual design, and the program code behind the Website are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Any code, text, or visual element, in their entirety or in part, may only be copied, extracted, reused, reproduced, republished, or integrated into other systems with the express prior written consent of memoQ Ltd. and/or its licensors.


  1. No warranty: memoQ Ltd. expressly excludes any warranties regarding the accuracy of content, functionality, performance, and reliability of the Website, to the maximum extent permitted by law. memoQ Ltd. also expressly exludes any obligations to provide customer support. Nevertheless, memoQ Ltd. will make all reasonable effort to correct errors, or to restore operation and data, when inaccurate content is found, or when data loss or malfunction prevents the normal operation of the Website.


  1. These Terms of Service are governed by Hungarian law. Issues not covered herein shall be governed by the Hungarian Civil Code. The governing language of the terms herein is English.


  1. In the event of litigation, Parties shall make every effort to settle the differences amicably. If the litigation process requires a legal procedure, the competent Hungarian civil courts shall have jurisdiction.