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Discover memoQ's extensions such as memoQWeb and Customer Portal, and enjoy seamless integration with a large number of third-party applications.

Gridly logo

Connect memoQ With Gridly

Ideal for managing multi-language content for games and digital products, Gridly connects teams, tools and assets within a familiar spreadsheet UI. Integrate it with memoQ for a more streamlined way to track content updates and changes and to improve collaboration across languages, contributors and resources.
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AEM integration

Manage digital asset translations right from your Adobe Experience Manager interface. Here’s how to connect memoQ with AEM to speed up workflows and keep the same user experience.
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WordPress connector

​The memoQ connector for WordPress provides an easy way to manage multilingual web content and translation projects within WordPress.
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iLangL logo - integration with memoQ

Integration with iLangl

A cloud-based middleware platform that connects translation management systems with website content management systems via enterprise connectors.
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Easyling is a proxy-based website translation solution. It crawls your website, finds all the pages and texts and analyses the translation costs.
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Integration with FirstSpirit

Integrate memoQ with FirstSpirit and benefit from the advantages of automated translation management.
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Integration with Git

Integration with Git-based repositories

memoQ 9.2 introduces an integration with Git and Git-based source repositories, such as GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket via a Git Connector, which complements the existing SVN connector in memoQ.
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Content connector

Content Connector

Many companies have content that needs to be published in multiple languages, and when this content changes, the translations must also quickly be updated.
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