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About ModelFront and its integration with memoQ TMS

ModelFront’s mission is to make human-quality translation radically more efficient by providing machine translation quality prediction. ModelFront is an independent provider of quality prediction that works with any machine translation provider, translation management system, and human language service.  

ModelFront AI decides if a machine-translated segment requires human post-editing, or if a post-edited segment requires further human review. It is built for translation buyers who are post-editing or reviewing large volumes - 10 million to billions of new words a year.  

Your ModelFront model is customized and learns from your post-editing data to accurately reflect your workflows’ domain, terminology, and style, to provide segment-level precision.  

ModelFront first became available in memoQ TMS with memoQ’s AIQE (Artificial Intelligence Quality Estimates) feature, released in memoQ 10.1. With the combined solution, translation buyers can now achieve faster turnaround times, achieving the same final quality and controlling the balance of quality and efficiency.  

How does it work in memoQ?

The ModelFront API is available to anyone who uses memoQ TMS and has a ModelFront API key and custom model. You can adjust the balance of quality and efficiency within memoQ, by configuring the minimum quality threshold by workflow, language or job. You can configure the memoQ MT settings resource and select the MT engines you prefer to work with and use AIQE for.  

How to use this service in memoQ?

To integrate the ModelFront API with memoQ, you need to enable it in Resources | MT settings | AIQE. You must then enter your ModelFront API key and custom model ID. For a step-by-step guide on how to use the ModelFront API in memoQ, please click here.

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