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What is ContentQuo?

ContentQuo is a translation quality management SaaS that helps localization teams and LSPs manage and improve linguistic quality with any TMS, at any scale. Evaluate your human translations, raw MT, and PEMT with Error Annotation or Rating Scale; centrally collect, analyze & share quality KPIs with your team and your customers; and deliver post-revision feedback to vendors seamlessly. 

Why integrate with memoQ? 

ContentQuo’s enterprise Translation Quality Management platform integrates with memoQ server/memoQ Cloud via its SOAP API and enables memoQ customers to automate and scale their Linguistic Quality workflows for both human and machine translation.  

The ContentQuo-memoQ integration significantly reduces the manual management overhead on all language quality management activities, minimizes the risk of human error and unlocks deep insights through ContentQuo’s analytics. 

The integration enables memoQ customers to automate any and all processes that involve a Translation Quality Component, with 90% less manual work, 500% faster insights, and 0 emailed spreadsheets, such as:  

  • vendor testing, onboarding, and regular feedback  
  • random quality audits per language, supplier, or account  
  • customer quality complaints investigation  
  • quarterly Business Reviews with customers  
  • management of LQI projects & programs   
  • analysis of Linguistic Testing (LT/LQA) results 
  • MT engine selection & suitability testing
  • MT engine training assessment  
  • MT Post-Editing analysis 

Here is what the integration can do: 

  • Continuously synchronize the list of projects and bilingual documents from memoQ, making them available for browsing in ContentQuo  
  • Automate the import of bilingual documents from memoQ into ContentQuo, eliminating the need to manually export each XLIFF file  
  • Set up new user accounts in ContentQuo automatically whenever new users are added to memoQ, and disabling them when they get disabled in memoQ  
  • Export any changed translations from ContentQuo back into memoQ for TM updates  
  • Make automatic adjustments to memoQ workflow, assignments, and/or user status based on quality metrics in ContentQuo 

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