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Dictation support for iOS users of the memoQ translation environment

hey memoQ — Dictation Support for memoQ Users

Wouldn't it be amazing to translate in memoQ the same way you ask Siri for advice on a nearby restaurant? With hey memoQ, it is now possible! hey memoQ relies on Apple's voice recognition technology so you can turn your iPhone or iPad into memoQ's ear, and translate by dictating in more than 30 languages. hey memoQ is only available from memoQ version 8.7.

Language Support

hey memoQ supports dictation for more than 30 languages, providing wider access to dictation for professional translators than other applications.

Speak in staccato – A practical note on using hey memoQ!

languages supported
voice command

Voice Commands

Access voice commands for hands-free access to repetitive tasks like confirming a sentence or searching and filtering.

How to use hey memoQ to translate more efficiently?
hey memoQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Health and Comfort

With hey memoQ and a proper headset, you can stand up and stretch while translating a segment! The application also paves the way for a more accessible translation environment helping those who can't afford to type all day long.

health comfort

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