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Implement memoQ to translate games into 16 languages, marketing, and customer service material, social media content, intranet and web apps globally


To go global with memoQ in all countries where GAMEVIL COM2US operates
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memoQ server and translator pro licenses to be extended to all GAMEVIL COM2US offices globally for game localization and other content needs
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GAMEVIL and Com2uS are mobile video game publishers founded in 2000 and 1998, respectively, with offices in South Korea, Germany, USA, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. In 2017, they decided to set up their international offices as GAMEVIL COM2US. Their translation technology stack includes two memoQ servers (one in South Korea, the other in Europe), which they use to translate into 16 target languages. They are also equipped with extra memoQ translator pro licenses to cover outsourcing needs. 

In addition to localizing games, the publishers also translate marketing and customer service material and content for social media, intranet, and web-based apps. Most of their content needs are product-related, with the remaining coming from other departments.

For GAMEVIL and Com2uS teams, turnaround-time is critical. They work with strict deadlines (e.g., for notice boards), often needing to inform users within 8-12 hours, so translations must be completed quickly. Their community managers find the terminology management capabilities of memoQ save time and increase consistency even on tight schedules.

How Did They Evolve?

In 2015, GAMEVIL and Com2uS decided to first implement memoQ at their European office, where it would act as a development lab. They defined workflows and recommended best practices for their use cases and content. During the next three years, they leveraged their experience and replicated it in other offices, involving more colleagues in their memoQ-based localization workflow. Now, having invested in process development and education, they are ready for global rollout to all ten offices. To ease the onboarding process for new memoQ users, they created internal learning content. Although memoQ was more complex than some of the web-based tools they considered, they found that translators could more readily get up to speed with memoQ.

Four Key memoQ Benefits for GAMEVIL COM2US

With memoQ’s CAL-licensing, they save 3 to 5 times their investment in user licenses, since users in distant time zones can share the same license when they work at different times of the day.

When there is an occasional increase in the number of required licenses, they can be easily rented on a monthly basis from the memoQ website.

memoQ supports multilingual delimited text filtering, a key benefit for software localization.

Technical support: accessibility, quality and competency, 5/24 availability.

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