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Presence wanted to help their clients with multilingual communications, and guarantee quality results in a wide array of languages. To do this, they needed a TMS that integrated well into their processes as well as with the tools they were already using.


Besides needing a TMS that could be integrated with the business management system they were already using, Presence also needed a TMS that supported previews of different file formats (e.g., PPT). In addition, they wanted software that allowed multiple translators to work simultaneously on a project.
customer stories


After implementing memoQ, the Presence team was able to ensure that they met their clients’ needs with high-quality translations by enhancing their QA process and resource management.
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“The flexibility of XLS filter configurations helps us in preprocessing and postprocessing multilingual XLS files faster and minimize mistakes, and project templates ensure we keep all client resources (such as TMs, glossaries, and non-translatables) in one place.”
Glenda Terenzi
Translations Manager

Localization Challenges at Presence

Fast, accurate, high-quality translations are one of the cornerstones of Presence. They provide a wide array of language services, such as translation to and from multiple languages, event management, training, and interpreting services. 

When they started looking for a translation management system, they were already using a Business Management System (BMS) to manage translation projects and documents. Therefore, it was crucial to the team to find a solution that not only offered a robust array of features but also integrated well with their existing software (LBS Suite). 

Translators at Presence work with a variety of file types, so they needed a TMS that could preview their translations in the desired format. The most important was PPT, since this file type allows translators to see the source and target text in the original context. Being able to preview PPT files within the translation grid was expected to help translators better understand the big picture and work faster and more accurately. 

Like many other memoQ users, Presence also wanted to have their translators work in the same tool (either in a browser or on their own computer), as well as to have powerful QA (quality assurance) capabilities. 

Results After Implementing memoQ

memoQ and LBS Suite (the BMS originally used by the Presence team) proved to be a good fit—their integration went smoothly, and the impact of the introduction of an integrated TMS was felt immediately. 

The PPT preview proved to be one of the most helpful features: translators can now have a global view of the context for segments to be translated. This ensures more accurate translations in less time, so the team can now manage their resources better. 

 “The flexibility of XLS filter configurations helps us in preprocessing and postprocessing multilingual XLS files faster and minimize mistakes, and project templates ensure we keep all client resources (such as TMs, glossaries, and non-translatables) in one place.” 

Glenda Terenzi, Translations Manager  

memoQ also met the expectations of the Presence team for quality assurance. memoQ's powerful QA tool features a two-level quality review. The tool checks the text for possible mistakes during translation, and the Linguistic Quality Assurance categorizes mistakes and provides statistics so that translators are provided with feedback on translation quality. 

The QA function helps the Presence team guarantee consistency across documents and texts and makes it easier to correctly localize the format of numbers, measurements, and the like. 

To sum up the results achieved after implementing memoQ, Glenda said that “our quality has gone up as well as our productivity as a direct result of using the features mentioned above.” 

The memoQ team is pleased that we were able to help Presence excel in their linguistic services and make their work easier. If you have a similar use case, just ping our Sales team so we can work together to find the optimal solution for your needs! 

About Presence

Presence has been organising translations, interpreters, multilingual business events, conferences and European Works Councils Europe-wide for the past 20 years. 

With over 3000 translators and interpreters in more than 50 countries, the dedicated team of Presence will find the right match for your organisation. All their translators and interpreters are native speakers who are qualified to provide perfectly accurate professional translation services. 

If you are looking for experience, expertise and efficiency, contact Presence today! They have the professional translators, interpreters and high-end audio-visual equipment you need to make your live, online or hybrid multilingual event a success! Their strengths lie in making your voice heard clearly and in ensuring that your international communication and corporate events are of the highest quality. 

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