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Life at memoQ

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What is it like to be a Software Engineer at memoQ?

Autonomy, freedom in your work, inspiring colleagues, learning budget—just a few of the perks you get to enjoy as a developer at memoQ

Why you'll Love it Here

We're proud that memoQ has become a thought leader in the translation industry. Our mission is to keep improving the products that help hundreds of thousands of translators and top companies. We constantly learn and grow as individuals, as a team, and as a company. 


memoQ puts people in the center. We aspire to help people not simply cope with, but thrive in their work. 

memoQ builds community and fosters co-operation. Co-operation is at the heart of everything we do. Through respect and open communication, we are constantly seeking out new ways to loosen up silos and corporate hierarchy. We also strive to be the most approachable technology provider on the planet. 

memoQ is transparent. We are who we say we are-and the products and services we offer are what we say they are. There is no design for hidden costs to our customers or for hidden gains to ourselves. In our organization, we promote clarity of intentions and we do not tolerate hidden agendas. 


memoQ is reliable and persistent. We constantly challenge ourselves to follow up on every problem, every issue. In the process, we are not afraid to undertake-and learn to do-tasks we haven't done before. 

memoQ is a learning organization. memoQ as an organization-and our team members individually, too-recognize that no growth is possible without constantly improving ourselves. We support individual team members' career paths so that they lead up and ahead-and not out of the company. 

memoQ is open and safe. You can be who you are, and we accept everything you are. 

memoQ accepts its responsibility to society. We equally answer to our co-workers, customers, partners, and to the entire human community. We want to stand up for human rights in meaningful ways while keeping a distance from political power, thus we support language access and women's equality in technology and in localization. 


Work-life balance

When we say flexibility, we truly mean it. Our people come from diverse backgrounds: Some have children, some have dogs, and some need flexible times for their studies. Some prefer to work in an office, some feel more comfortable working from home. And we do our best to accommodate all their needs with flexible times, transparency, and collaboration. 

Perks & Benefits

home office
Remote-friendly company

memoQ's employees work from tons of different countries and locations, so we are not new to remote work. Of course, some things are best when the team is all together. In that case, you will work (and, of course, socialize!) in one of our cozy offices.
Freedom and ownership

We want to make sure your voice is heard. As a memoQ employee, you can shape the company's future with your thoughts. Can a process be improved? Tell us, and we'll do it together. You want to experiment with new technology? We've got your back.
Flexible working hours

We take our work seriously, but we don't expect you to build your life entirely around it. As long as you get things done, we don't insist on 9-to-5.
Attractive compensation package including private health insurance

We offer a salary that's in line with your knowledge and experience, and private health insurance. Besides physical health, we also put emphasis on our employees' mental wellbeing, so we also offer free-of-charge coaching or counselling.
Culture of learning and development

You can only build the best product if you constantly keep an eye on the new developments and technologies of your field-and we're ready to do that. You'll have access to and a budget for courses in your field. We have free language classes if you'd like to improve your knowledge. Found a course or a conference you're interested in? We have a budget for that.
We have fun together

We literally have a company channel called "Fun together." Outside of work, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We have yearly company retreats, all-hands company calls with lots of jokes and memes, and even go out together sometimes.
International environment

When you work in the translation industry, the world is your oyster. You can work with clients and colleagues from all over the world. You can practice languages (have we mentioned we have free language classes too?) and learn about new cultures every day.