Developer at memoQ

What you do will help the world understand each other.

The work we do and the products that we develop change the lives of hundreds of thousands of freelance translators as well as top international businesses. The software you'll be working on is one of the most well-known productivity tool in the translation industry. It is just as important as Photoshop is for graphic designers, or as a good IDE for a software developer. 

Technology we use


We continuously improve our tech stack: our software is built on a combination of new, cutting-edge technologies, and ones that were cutting-edge 10 years ago. While there, we are strongly committed to fighting technical debt and legacy code. 

We empower our developers with all and any equipment they need to do their best, and we provide opportunities for them to experiment and try new technologies. You are free to bring your ideas to the table, and an opportunity to influence our technical solutions. 


Your impact

At memoQ, you have the chance to shape the future of a market-leading product by... 

Bringing your ideas to the table: All ideas are listened to and appreciated, and they can even be reflected in company and product decisions. 

Introducing new technologies 

(Re)shaping processes, workflows: If you know of a better way of doing something (or feel like it would be worth experimenting with), let us know. We've got your back. 

At memoQ, we work in small, autonomous, and cross-functional teams. If you join us, you won't just be another sweatshop worker-you and your ideas will always be heard. 

Your well being is our focus

When we say flexibility, we truly mean it. Our people come from diverse backgrounds: Some have children, some have dogs, and some need flexible times for their studies. Some prefer to work in an office, some feel more comfortable working from home. And we do our best to accommodate all their needs with flexible times, transparency, and collaboration. 

memoQ's employees work from tons of different countries and locations, so we are not new to remote work. Of course, some things are best when the team is all together. In that case, you will work (and, of course, socialize!) in one of our cozy offices. 

The developer team



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What memoQ does

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