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Santiago de Miguel Webinar memoQ
En este webinario, aprenderemos conceptos esenciales sobre expresiones regulares que nos pueden ayudar a la hora de localizar un videojuego, software o aplicación. さらに読む
Cómo aprovechar las expresiones regulares en localización
Santiago de Miguel
Hello, memoQ 9.4 webinar
Get to know the new features and improvements of memoQ 9.4 right from the Production team! さらに読む
Hello, memoQ 9.4!
Veronika Pándi and Zsolt Varga - Product Owners
Plunet - memoQ Webinar
This partner webinar will use memoQ and Plunet as examples of these two system types and demonstrate the seamless integration between the two by showing a basic translation and business management workflow. さらに読む
Plunet-memoQ Partner Webinar: BMS & TMS—Which Letters Do You Need for Your Business?
Alessio Demartis and Sophie Halbeisen - Business Development Manager at memoQ and Director of Business Development at Plunet
Veronika Pandi - Zsolt Varga | memoQ 9.3
memoQ 9.3 is coming!Integration with Amazon MT, new memoQWeb features for project management, a revamped task management interface in memoQWebTrans, new options to add and remove multiple TBs and TMs to/from a project at once, and more.Register now, and learn more about all the new features! さらに読む
Hello, memoQ 9.3!
Veronika Pandi & Zsolt Varga - Product owners
memoQ-FirstSpirit webinar
In this webinar, you will learn how you can benefit from the integration with the advantages of automated translation management as well as enhancements to your current localization workflow. さらに読む
Integrating memoQ in FirstSpirit
Jure Dernovsek & Phillip Austerfield - Solution Engineer at memoQ & Product Manager at I-D Media
memoQ 9.2 webinar
Get to know the new features and improvements of memoQ 9.2 right from the Production team! さらに読む
Hello, memoQ 9.2!
Veronika Pandi & Zsolt Varga - Product owners
Connecting the Outisde World to memoQ
Did you know that you can connect memoQ to various external tools?Nowadays, using one tool is often not enough.This webinar will introduce these tools that can be easily connected to memoQ to boost productivity. さらに読む
Connecting the Outside World to memoQ
Angelika Zerfass
Learn more about what 9.0 offers in this webinar! さらに読む
Hello, memoQ 9.0!
Ágnes Varga
This webinar is an introductory course to memoQ translator pro.At the end of this course, you will be able to set up your own project, work with terminology management, and understand the basics of quality assurance. さらに読む
Getting Started with memoQ for Translators
Angelika Zerfass
Hidden Treasures
There are some features in memoQ that you will only find by accident and others might hide behind shortcut keys that do not have an icon on the menu ribbon. さらに読む
Hidden Treasures in memoQ
Angelika Zerfass

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