Hello memoQ 10.2!

memoQ's Business Analytics feature gains new functionality by visualizing data to make better decisions. Moderated term bases are also now available in Qterm. And, transitions between online and local projects just got easier. These are a few of the features you are going to love on top of the usual user-requested tweaks and improvements. Discover memoQ 10.2 today!

Business Analytics

Visualize your translation projects, and make data-driven localization decisions with memoQ’s highly customizable reports

Taking a data-driven approach to localization is crucial for businesses who want to optimize their processes and drive a higher ROI. We can get you one step closer to that exact goal via Business Analytics, memoQ’s unparalleled analytics solution for memoQ TMS customers. With Business Analytics, you can build and visualize advanced and highly customizable reports for your localization projects. Understanding how much work has been done in a project and how much work has been saved with memoQ TMS has never been so easy.

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Moderated term bases available in Qterm

Moderation (a function previously available in memoQ term bases only) is now also possible in Qterm

When a term base is used by multiple translators in a project, users can add new terms to the term base from the memoQ translation editor. These new terminology items, though, will need to be approved or rejected by a terminologist before they are finalized in the term base. So far, this feature had only been available in memoQ term bases. From memoQ 10.2 on, moderation is also possible in Qterm term bases. To create a moderated term base, simply check the Moderated term base check box. The functionality of moderated Qterm term bases is the same as memoQ term bases, including late disclosure. When the Late disclosure option is enabled, the newly added entries only appear to the other translators after terminologist approval. If the option is disabled, everyone can see the new terms even before moderation takes place. Keep in mind, the terminologist may later decide to reject the term, at which point it disappears from the term base and is no longer visible under the Translation results.

Thanks to the new function, moderated memoQ term bases can also be converted into Qterm term bases.

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Add TMs for reverse look-up directly in templates

Project templates in memoQ allow the addition of reverse language translation memories

As a memoQ server administrator or project manager, you can add reverse language TMs to project templates so that they automatically are present in every project you create with the template. When configuring a template, you can select the Include reverse TMs check box, which means that reverse language TMs with the required metadata will also be included in the project.

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Locking/unlocking possible in online projects

Now you can lock/unlock segments in online projects in addition to local ones

When working with local projects, you can lock segments (meaning once a segment is locked, you cannot edit or change it further), or have memoQ automatically lock segments based on selected criteria, such as Confirmed by Reviewer 2, etc. With memoQ 10.2, locking and unlocking segments is also possible in online projects, in the desktop version, or in WS-API. This update further facilitates the transition between local and online projects.

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Other user-requested features & tweaks

memoQ 10.2 has several smaller features and tweaks suggested by our users, such as the removal of light resources in batch, easier import of “oversized” segments, and more.

Exporting embedded files in automated workflows

Embedded files, such as an Excel file embedded into a PPTX or ZIP files, appear as separate documents in memoQ. In automatic workflows, embedded documents will be handled together with the main document (e.g., they will only be given review status once all embedded documents have been translated).

Remove light resources in batch

Light resources (such as filter configurations), which can be abundant if you work with multiple clients and projects, can now be deleted in bulk.

Do not exclude “oversized” segments

If a segment in another tool’s XLIFF happens to be over the limit that memoQ can handle (4 000 characters), it is no longer omitted during import, but split into smaller chunks and imported with the rest of the segments.

Support TM+ in package workflow

When working with Packages in memoQ TMS, TM+s are no longer converted into classic TMs when exporting, but they keep their TM+ status and can be reimported as such. This way, they can be handled in the same way by all project participants and show up identically in your statistics.

Placeholder {deadline} added to SubVendorGroupDistribution

As a project manager, you can now add the placeholder {deadline} in the Project distributed with subvendor group assignments email template so that you can notify subvendors about the deadline.

Enhancing font substitution: handle change between scripts

memoQ's font substitution settings enable the use of a different font in the translated document—from memoQ 10.2 on, font substitution can also handle changes from one script to another (e.g., from Latin characters to Japanese ones).

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We will end support for version 9.12 (LTS) on October 31, 2023.
The newer version, 10.2, released in July 2023, will become the new LTS version, and it will be supported until October 2024.
It is advised for all customers currently running the LTS version to start preparing the upgrade to memoQ 10.2 at their earliest convenience to ensure a smooth transition and maintain smooth operation.

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Change logs

May 30, 2024
BUG-12644: XLIFF 2 filter: Whitespaces between XML tags don't appear correctly in memoQ
BUG-12722: TM+: In some cases, ID-based context information was stored incorrectly, TM offered no 101% matches
BUG-12991: Machine Translation: DeepL MT: When translating from Korean, DeepL returns sentences that begin with a lowercase letter.
BUG-13044: XLIFF filter: Cannot import specific files where source is empty and target is not (error message: Invalid structural labels)
BUG-13152: XLIFF 2 Filter: Exporting specific XML files leads to a "Nullable object" error message
BUG-13158: Exporting a Transit package containing specific inline tags may fail
BUG-13228: XLIFF2 filter: Specific XLF files do not export correctly
BUG-13264: Multilingual Excel filter: Segments missing after import when color scheme configuration contains more than 4 colors to import
BUG-13326: webtrans does not work with Antidote Corrector's updated plugin
BUG-13349: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: When importing a file, an incorrectly worded warning message might appear
BUG-13380: Java properties filter: Wrong unicode character may appear in the exported document
BUG-13383: webtrans might freeze when quickly saving translations to an attached TM in a specific project with auto-propagation turned on
BUG-13420: XLIFF 2 filter: Exporting specific XLF files leads to an "Index out of range" error
BUG-13425: memoQWeb: WebTrans licence revoked after switching back from other browser tabs
BUG-13445: When a project template has 2 or more ignore lists for the same language, you cannot edit those ignore lists
BUG-13464: memoQ TMS private cloud: Timeout of the DatabaseCleanup function allows the PerfMeasurement database table grow large
BUG-13480: DeepL MT plugin: After MT pre-translation, spaces might be missing before or after tags
BUG-13486: Content connector: Temporary folder's path was too long
BUG-13531: QA: False positive warnings appear for term base entries
BUG-13551: Qterm: Performing a terminology QA check on a specific document using a Qterm TB leads to an "IndexOutOfRangeException" error message
BUG-13586: memoQ may crash when trying to run Regex tagger with a specific rule
BUG-9697: XLIFF 2 filter: Cannot import a specific document import if the "Segment source based on language rules when there is no target" option is enabled
BUG-10969: DOCX filter: Track changes causes additional tags to appear when importing with the Accept all changes option
BUG-12349: In some cases, pre-translating a local project or a checked-out online project with TM-driven segmentation enabled might result in "Refining split/joins regions failed" error
BUG-12889: TM+: Lookup/Pre-translate might encounter errors due to hits' format adjustment
BUG-12976: TM+: The memoQ desktop app might not be able to start if a TM is corrupted
BUG-13078: QA: memoQ doesn't warn about missing or incorrect target term if it is between text or space.
BUG-13089: The Pre-translate automated action does not generate weighted word counts
BUG-13090: TM+: TM configured with double context or simple context doesn't return 102% or 101% matches
BUG-13129: Server outages caused by failed server update
BUG-13187: Business Analytics: In rare cases, the exported CSV file doesn't include recent changes
BUG-13220: Qterm: Clicking the Import button resets term base filtering
BUG-13230: Qterm: Exporting a moderated term base into TBX format might lead to an error
BUG-13248: WSAPI: Import via API deletes history of the file
BUG-13273: TM+: Importing a Transit package may fail if the project's translation memory is a TM+
BUG-13297: Cannot assign users to views imported into online projects
BUG-13308: Resources: Minimum threshold in LiveDocs settings resources does not work
BUG-13326: Antidote Corrector does not work with webtrans
BUG-13337: TM+: When converting a batch of classic TMs to TM+, memoQ does not properly warn about read-only TMs
BUG-13355: memoQ does not import files without translatable characters into projects created in earlier versions
BUG-13375: In some cases memoQ does not find strings inside longer words
BUG-13386: Machine Translation: Google Advanced plugin: memoQ cannot list legacy models if there are no native models on the account
BUG-13390: Machine Translation: ModernMT plugin: bugfix update (1.9.2)
BUG-13413: Creating a templated-based project results in error if the option "Create minor version snapshot after pre-translation" is enabled in the template and the related Note field is empty.
BUG-13472: Classic TM: When a TM is opened for repair, using Concordance might cause memoQ TMS to crash
BUG-11457 QA: The "Verify well-formedness against source" check might falsely report segments
BUG-12631 TM+: In some cases, full file path is stored in the TM+ even if the TM is set to store only document names
BUG-12839 TMX import: When trying to import multiple TMX files to a TM with a different language code, Resource Console closes
BUG-12959 TM+: In some cases, analysis fails when using a TM+
BUG-12981 Templates: If defined in the import filter settings, the "*.*" expression doesn't appear in the Include files field when importing a folder structure
BUG-13054 Project management: Error when using the Assign window as a lightweight PM
BUG-13067 Deployment Tool: Scheduled backup may not work on a remote database with SQL authentication
BUG-13072 ICML import may fail with "Base style not found" message.
BUG-13139 TM+: In some cases, formatting information is shifted three characters to the right
BUG-13154 TM+: Engine crashes when TM contains special characters like ⓪ ① ②
BUG-13157 Term extraction: memoQ may crash when adding extracted terms to a stop word list
BUG-13160 Online projects: Misleading text in the Settings - Ignore lists window
BUG-13198 Translation editor: In very rare cases, typing a hyphen on the translation grid or in the term base entry dialog may result in an error message.
BUG-13232 TM: Increase the maximum number of opened legacy TM from 4096 to 16384
BUG-13279 Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: When source is segmented on line breaks, line break characters may be duplicated on export.
BUG-13280 Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: export may fail in memoQ 10.2 if you used a filter configuration created in memoQ 10.4 or newer
BUG-11254 Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: When such a filter is combined with a regex filter, some translations may not appear in exported documents under rare circumstances
BUG-12232 Phrase (Memsource) XLIFF (MXLIFF) filter: An error with preview creation may prevent importing a document
BUG-12237 Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Excel file containing a drop-down list may not be imported
BUG-12441 Storage space occupied by Customer Portal is not shown in the Storage window of Server Administrator
BUG-12932 For the Antidote loader dialog remaining open, the corrections you make in Antidote may not be applied in the translation grid of memoQ WebTrans in certain scenarios
BUG-12938 Error saving rows and failed translation lookups if certain types of translation results are enabled on memoQWeb
BUG-12986 Machine Translation: Systran MT:  Quotes may by replaced with " HTML entities during pre-translation
BUG-12988 QTerm: Values may not be added to custom QTerm fields when importing data from a CSV file
BUG-13053 Machine Translation: Google Cloud Translation Advanced plugin: Custom model settings may not be retained
BUG-13059 memoQWeb: You may not be able to view the Concordance window if previously it has been closed in a screen location that is outside the coordinates of your current screen estate
BUG-13077 Regex text filter: You may be able to save an invalid regular expression, and doing so may result in your existing (correct) part of the regular expression be cleared
BUG-13081 Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: Some source text may remain in exported documents under rare circumstances
BUG-13088 Converting a translation memory to a TM+ translation memory may remove tags from fuzzy matches
BUG-13107 Cascading filter: Tabulator characters may be imported as tags and may be lost upon export
BUG-13117 memoQWeb: Only up to 5 translation results originating from TMs are displayed
BUG-13124 Improvement: Decreased memory consumption of TM+
BUG-13132 Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: Under rare circumstances some source text may remain in exported documents when you apply in-place translation
BUG-13137 Improvement: You can disable spellcheck suggestions in QA to increase performance
BUG-13161 Machine Translation: Google Cloud Translation Advanced plugin: You may receive an error about unsupported language for the Serbian (Latin) and English (United States) language pair
BUG-4794: MGS file import with default filter may fail with 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object'.
BUG-12883: Quick confirm and update actions from WebTrans sometimes insert the content of the previous action into the next segment.
BUG-12900: WPML filter: preview may not show all segment contents when segment has structural tags.
BUG-12903: Concordance Insert function deletes the segment and replace it with the selected text.
BUG-12921: All WordArt segments might be filled with the contents of the first segment in the exported file.
BUG-12942: Preview IDs might be lost when reimporting multilingual Excel or CSV file.
BUG-12971: Changing the QA settings in the project from memoQ desktop to the one imported might prevent the document from loading in the In-country review tool.
BUG-12975: Exceptions can leak out from ServerJobManager.StartJob started threadpool thread causing memoQ Server crashes
BUG-12892: An issue with entity substitution exhibited under rare circumstances may cause pre-translation to fail and memoQ TMS to crash
BUG-12759: An issue with entity substitution exhibited under rare circumstances may cause SQL deadlock issues in the database of memoQ TMS
BUG-12824: Insufficient amount of RAM may cause the main process of MemoQ TMS to be suspended by Windows
BUG-12282: memoQWeb: Having an unpublished online project template may cause the project creation page to get stuck in loading phase
BUG-12902: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may be unable to import documents with certain empty or hidden hyperlinks in it
BUG-12855: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: If some text is formatted as bold in a cell, the whole cell may be formatted as bold in the exported document
BUG-12851: Preview SDK: A named pipe is closed when the main window is closed, even though memoQ is still running
BUG-12888: QTerm: The stemming | character is not displayed in a term when you search for it in QTerm's Home page
BUG-12355: Really huge numbers of alerts may cause memoQ TMS to crash and to report database-related errors
BUG-12878: Trying to display multiple LSC hits in termbases may cause memoQ to freeze under special circumstances
BUG-12179: WPML: translation is missing from exported file if the target language code of the project is not exactly same as the target language code of the project
BUG-12952: XLIFF filter: An issue in cleaning up superfluous whitespaces may prevent exporting documents
BUG-12867: You may not be able to edit specific TM+ translation memory resources for an error claiming for an unknown metadata field
BUG-12679: A wrong help topic opens when you click the Help icon in the Image transcriptions page
BUG-12419: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: memoQ tries to invoke Language Terminal for conversion when importing an IDML file if the file name also contains the INDD extension somewhere before IDML
BUG-12684: CMS API: For an inconsistency in handling dates and times, local times are converted to the time zone of memoQ TMS, while dates specified as UTC are left intact
BUG-12701: Creation of projects and QA reports may fail under heavy load for an error in how strict file exclusion policy the light resource manager employs
BUG-12686: For an issue with managing language settings in project templates, you may not be able to configure translation memories belonging to sublanguages as additional translation memories
BUG-12369: HTML filter: When importing PHP strings is turned on, the opening angle bracket is converted to the < HTML entity during export
BUG-12784: If track changes is turned off for the translator during project creation, but turned on for Reviewer 1, it will not be available for Reviewer 1 either.
BUG-12392: If you convert a legacy translation memory to TM+ with Korean source, you won't get expected hits when performing a lookup
BUG-11393: If you insert a concordance search result while tracking changes is turned on, the insertion won't get tracked
BUG-12694: Machine Translation: Google Cloud Translation Advanced plugin: Custom models are not available in the plugin
BUG-12719: Machine Translation: ModernMT: An update to the MT provider's language codes caused a mismatch between memoQ and ModernMT when negotiating Farsi language
BUG-10758: memoQ may inadvertently keep running in the background even when no windows are left visible
BUG-12655: memoQ may report a communication issue with memoQ TMS when you try to add new entries to a TM+ translation memory in the Translation Memory Editor
BUG-4773: memoQ reverts to not look for updates automatically after installing and update
BUG-12714: memoQ TMS: An error reading properties of TM+ translation memories may cause memoQ TMS to crash during pre-translation
BUG-12767: memoQ TMS: If you have a multilingual project, auto-translation for the same segment for a specific language is invoked as many times as many target languages in your project have an auto-translation rule configured
BUG-12596: memoQWeb: Clicking Deliver a package may not have any effects
BUG-12761: memoQWeb: Confirming a segment into a double-context TM saves the pre-context and post-context to the document
BUG-12728: memoQWeb: Data stored in meta fields of LiveDocs corpora are not shown for LiveDocs hits in the Concordance window as those of TM hits are
BUG-11187: memoQWeb: If you select and overwrite a word to which a comment has been added, the comment gets deleted rather than staying attached to the first letter of the new word as in memoQ desktop clients
BUG-12776: memoQWeb: When you add a comment to a segment, the time and date on the dialog is recorded according to your local time, however it is saved using the server's local time and this value is displayed later
BUG-11382: memoQWeb: When you run QA and it finishes without finding any issues, a misleading dialog may appear with a blank issue list
BUG-12634: memoQWeb: You may see an error in the Concordance window if a TM+ translation memory is attached to the project
BUG-12594: QTerm: Closed discussions may be displayed in the Translation results pane for the related term when the current source segment contains that term
BUG-12707: Regex Tagger filter: An error in saving the values of the Tags and entities filter configuration page may corrupt the filter configuration file
BUG-12725: Regex tagger filter: Tagging may behave differently in different memoQ versions
BUG-12845: Regex Tagger filter: You may receive an error when you try to edit a filter configuration and have an example text containing one or more tab characters
BUG-12538: Regex Tagger filter: You may receive an error when you try to edit a previously created filter configuration for a faulty change in handling new line constructs
BUG-12750: The Customize smart quotes dialog uses a font type different from what is set in Options > Appearance > Editor fonts > Font family and size, and this difference may mislead you to think memoQ applies wrong smart quotes in the translation grid
BUG-11017: When the operation of editing a LiveDocs corpus times out after an idle time of 5 minutes, you may lose your selection in your alignment pair
BUG-11094: When you resize the Concordance window, the Meta information column is not resized, while the others are
BUG-12848: XLIFF 2 filter: An issue with whitespace management may prevent you from exporting documents to JA, ZH and TW
BUG-12190: XLIFF 2 filter: You may not be able to import a document if multiple note attributes have the same ID
BUG-12038: XLIFF filter: You may be unable to import a document if it contains a trans-unit element with empty source element
BUG-12780: You may be unable to get search results from a termbase if the results would include an entry with an empty target term
BUG-12771: You may not be able to activate simplified spectre processing for TM+ translation memories
BUG-12743: You may not receive search results from a termbase for an issue with ordering hits
BUG-12715: You may receive a "Range's end must not be beyond plain text's end" error when you navigate to a segment and wait for fragments to appear in lookup results
Improvement: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: Added support for extracting translatable contents from lnk-c tags
Improvement: memoQWeb: Enhanced the usability of the Add an LQA Error dialog in WebTrans

BUG-12025: A custom auto translation rule defined using a regular expression may capture a wrong number group
BUG-12638: Creating an analysis report or running pre-translation may fail for template-based projects with sublanguages if the Details by source or the Create project TM option is turned on
BUG-12527: Customer Portal: Even though your action is confirmed, you may not be able to actually change role of users in the customer role
BUG-12651: Documentation: A hyperlink in the Microsoft MT plugin settings documentation redirects to a website that no longer exists.
BUG-12272: Localization: Hungarian: The label of a checkbox on the Edit QA settings dialog is truncated
BUG-12590: memoQ TMS Resources API: Concordance search against a TM+ translation memory may return an InvalidArgument error (400 Bad Request) as guessing translation is not yet supported in TM+
BUG-12269: memoQ XLIFF (MQXLIFF, MQXLZ) filter: You may receive a "The given key was not present in the dictionary" error when trying to import a document
BUG-12595: memoQWeb: The "Show changes" drop-down menu and the "Toggle track changes" button may stay inactive
BUG-12216: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: If a document contains merged cells in a table, you may find unidentified text in some source segments actually coming from the merged cells other than the first merged cell
BUG-12374: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: If an Excel document or a CSV file contains a cell or value with an inline line break consisting only of a single \r (CR) character, memoQ may fail to place quotes around the cell's contents in the exported document
BUG-12635: QTerm: If you convert an online memoQ termbase to a QTerm termbase, local copies of affected projects checked out before the conversion may no longer be able to access the termbase
BUG-12528: Security: memoQWeb: Users can see all unassigned projects when starting a discussion topic in WebTrans
BUG-12536: When you apply a filter to your translation grid, memoQ does not ignore deleted comments and displays a segment even if only its deleted comments match your filter criteria
BUG-12534: When you perform manual term lookup, memoQ fails to observe the “Treat sublanguages as separate languages in TB lookup” setting and shows sublanguages in alphabetical order
BUG-12617: WPML WordPress XLIFF (XLIFF) filter: Document import may fail for specially crafted documents with multiple part labels
BUG-10912: XLIFF filter: You may find redundant spaces added after line break tags in XLIFF documents with a CCJK source and a non-CCJK target language for an error in how whitespaces are normalized upon export
BUG-12549: You may find TM+ translation memory hits being inconsistent in using lowercase and uppercase letters for the Chinese (PRC) to English language pair
BUG-12448: You may not be able to convert TMX files created from corrupt legacy TMs containing zero length attributes to TM+ translation memories
BUG-12333: You may not be able to register locally a TM+ translation memory created from a corrupt legacy TM containing zero length attributes, and you may not be able to launch memoQ after experiencing this issue
BUG-12271: You may receive an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error while creating an analysis report or running pre-translation for a template-based project with sublanguages if the Create project TM option is turned on
Improvement: Machine Translation: Modern MT: The plugin has been updated

BUG-12135: An issue related to naming log files may cause memoQ TMS to crash while converting legacy TMs to TM+ translation memories
BUG-12215: An issue with accessing log files due to an error in how log files are named may cause memoQ TMS to crash
BUG-12477: An issue with handling license files may cause activation issues when trying to use licenses obtained from a memoQ TMS
BUG-12281: Faulty documents containing tags with empty names may prevent you from opening a memoQ project file in pre-10.1 versions of memoQ
BUG-12308: If you haven’t used memoQWeb before and try to set up an ICR workflow from the memoQ desktop client, you are prompted with a setup window that you can’t skip
BUG-12213: Listing a huge number of legacy translation memories may exhibit poor performance
BUG-12554: Machine Translation: DeepL MT: When you try to import a glossary for Chinese, an empty list element is shown instead of the Chinese language in the list of source languages
BUG-12445: Machine Translation: Systran MT: A change in the language codes sent by the plugin may cause an error when you try to configure or use the plugin with a Chinese or Hausa source or target language
BUG-12314: Machine Translation: Tilde MT: memoQ may crash when the Tilde MT plugin receives a Client ID from the Tilde service
BUG-12500: memoQ may ignore default settings you set up for new terms in a QTerm termbase using the "CTRL + Q" (Quick add term) keyboard shortcut
BUG-11530: memoQ TMS WS-API: Creating projects from templates may take longer than expected
BUG-12490: memoQWeb: The view pane may fail to follow the translation grid's segment selection
BUG-12326: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may be unable to export specific documents containing box plot elements
BUG-12376: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may be unable to export specific documents if "Export all types of comments" is enabled in the filter configuration
BUG-12325: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: If the translation results of multiple columns do not follow the order of the source segments, preview results may become incorrect
BUG-12535: XLIFF filter: Preview information embedded in XLIFF files may be ignored by memoQ causing no default preview to be displayed
BUG-12439: XLIFF2 filter: An error in whitespace corrections and normalizations performed upon export may prevent you from exporting certain XLIFF files to CCJK target languages
BUG-11370: XML filter: memoQ may be unable to create preview if there is an XSLT and a DTD file specified for visualizing data
BUG-12084: You may receive an error while document synchronization is taking place about exceeding a quota while reading XML data

BUG-12393: A clash with names of log files created by memoQ may cause exceptions related to TM+ translation memories
BUG-12296: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Some of the comments may not get exported
BUG-12144: Strict filters are not applied correctly on TM matches and you may receive hits expected to be discarded due to an error in how match rate calculations are ordered
BUG-12410: When you import a TBX file to a memoQ termbase, the values from the Definition field are not imported
BUG-12485: You may not be able to upgrade MemoQ Server to 10.2.9 if the language of Microsoft SQL Server is set to German
BUG-11717: If you create a TM+ translation memory by importing a TMX file, and another by converting a legacy TM created by importing the same TMX file, you may find the former contains less segments
BUG-12365: If you filter for some text in the translation grid and activate both highlighting matches as well as searching in comments, matches in segments won't be highlighted if there is also a match in the comments attached to that segment
BUG-11757: memoQWeb: A failure to meet ARIA 1.2 specification in supporting accessibility may cause certain sections of the UI to not render properly or at all when configuring a project
BUG-12350: memoQWeb: For a keyboard shortcut conflict, pressing Options+A in a browser running on a Mac computer turns on the Accessibility mode and you cannot type the Polish diacritic ą
BUG-12259: memoQWeb: If you filter the translation grid and move to a filtered segment, the Translation results pane may still reflect the hits for the segment you've been right before activating the filter instead of the one you are in now
BUG-11766: memoQWeb: When you move up and down between segments in Accessibility mode, screen readers keep reading "source segment" or "target segment" even if you just want to get over a segment, overwhelming you with irrelevant information
BUG-12352: memoQWeb: When you try to open a document for the second time, you are taken to the "Active projects" page instead of the document opened for editing
BUG-10907: The Clear Comments button of the Preparation menu tab does not clear comments created in memoQ by contributors
BUG-9779: Trying to delete an LQA error set for a segment may cause an error
BUG-10084: WorldServer document (XLF, XLZ) filter: You may find duplicated segments in exported documents if the original file is not segmented and contains a trans unit with a source, but without translatable contents, yet featuring one or more tags
BUG-9766: XLIFF 2 filter: Import fails if a document has no source and no target language specified
BUG-12062: You may face degraded performance when converting a legacy TM created during a TMX import operation to TM+ format if the translation memory contains lots of tag-only segments or segments differing only in tags
BUG-11238: You may not be able to add custom fields to existing local translation memories
BUG-11250: You may not be able to type in the Forbidden characters text box within the QA settings dialog
BUG-11739: You may receive a TM lookup error if you try to use a TM+ translation memory created by converting a legacy TM
BUG-12315: You may receive an error if you run pre-translation using a LiveDocs corpus containing documents by the same name but for different languages
BUG-12368: You may receive an error under rare circumstances when trying to run QA against a corpora

Initial 10.2 release was 10.2.9