Hello, memoQ 10.6!

memoQ 10.6 is now released with new features for both freelancers and translation teams! We are introducing new language options (both for the UI and language pairs), updates and customization options for memoQ AGT, and other smaller improvements.

Four Indigenous languages from Canada now available

Four indigenous languages from Canada have been added to memoQ.

A diverse array of Indigenous languages is spoken in Canada. We’ve added four of them into memoQ: Inuktitut, Cree, Ojibwe, and Mi’kmaq. In addition to the Latin script versions, we included the syllabic versions for the Inuktitut, Cree, and Ojibwe languages.

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Updates to memoQ AGT

Customize translation results generated from memoQ AGT with the new formality configuration and TB prioritization.

Formality configuration 

memoQ AGT now supports changing or clarifying the expected tone of translation. Languages differ in how formality is handled. Some have no differentiation, while others have many levels of formality. As a result, the source language might reflect your intended target language tone. 

The formality setting helps you match precisely your expected formality level, and thanks to using LLM and MT technology, memoQ AGT is especially adept at following your instructions concerning the tone of the target text. 

Prioritize TB results over TM 

When it comes to memoQ AGT, instant domain adaptation provides unmatched quality to your machine-translated texts. memoQ AGT works with the latest domain data generated by a linguistic operation. For example, it utilizes premium quality translations verified in memoQ to provide the machine translation results. 

Occasionally linguistic data (term bases, translation memories, and LiveDocs) are not in sync. One may be more up-to-date than the other, and sometimes, they may even contradict each other. 

Furthermore, LLMs tend to respect the weight of data. If a term appears in both a TB hit and a TM hit, it is the TM hit that eventually affects the outcome. From now on, we are providing a way to control which source of information will take priority when memoQ AGT works with a translation. You can rank TB hits higher than TM or LiveDocs hits through TB prioritization. 

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Added Formality Setting in Amazon MT

Thanks to the formality setting in Amazon MT, you have more control over the tone and voice of the target text.

Amazon now supports changing the expected tone of translation. Some languages have varying levels of formality, so, the source language might not match the exact tone you intended to use in your target language. The formality setting helps you match precisely your expected level of formality for Amazon MT translations. 

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Other Features and Improvements

Included are some smaller features and improvements based on our users’ feedback and requests.

In addition to improving machine translation performance during pre-translation, we have also made Chinese (Taiwan) available as a UI language in the desktop app, memoQweb, Customer Portal, and the ICR tool. 

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Change logs

May 22, 2024
BUG-13326: webtrans does not work with Antidote Corrector's updated plugin
BUG-13380: Java properties filter: Wrong unicode character may appear in the exported document
BUG-13425: memoQWeb: WebTrans licence revoked after switching back from other browser tabs
BUG-13586: memoQ may crash when trying to run Regex tagger with a specific rule
BUG-13687: Pre-translation fails if the scope contains segments that are not to be pre-translated
BUG-12644: XLIFF 2 filter: Whitespaces between XML tags don't appear correctly in memoQ
BUG-12722: TM+: In some cases, ID-based context information was stored incorrectly, TM offered no 101% matches
BUG-13044: XLIFF filter: Cannot import specific files where source is empty and target is not (error message: Invalid structural labels)
BUG-13152: XLIFF 2 Filter: Exporting specific XML files leads to a "Nullable object" error message
BUG-13228: XLIFF2 filter: Specific XLF files do not export correctly
BUG-13264: Multilingual Excel filter: Segments missing after import when color scheme configuration contains more than 4 colors to import
BUG-13383: webtrans might freeze when quickly saving translations to an attached TM in a specific project with auto-propagation turned on
BUG-13420: XLIFF 2 filter: Exporting specific XLF files leads to an "Index out of range" error
BUG-13464: memoQ TMS private cloud: Timeout of the DatabaseCleanup function allows the PerfMeasurement database table grow large
BUG-13486: Content connector: Temporary folder's path was too long
BUG-13501: Multilingual Excel filter: Certain line break tags are not visible in the translator editor
BUG-13531: QA: False positive warnings appear for term base entries
BUG-13551: Qterm: Performing a terminology QA check on a specific document using a Qterm TB leads to an "IndexOutOfRangeException" error message
BUG-9697: XLIFF 2 filter: Cannot import a specific document import if the "Segment source based on language rules when there is no target" option is enabled
BUG-12991: Machine Translation: DeepL MT: When translating from Korean, DeepL returns sentences that begin with a lowercase letter.
BUG-13158: Exporting a Transit package containing specific inline tags may fail
BUG-13349: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: When importing a file, an incorrectly worded warning message might appear
BUG-13445: When a project template has 2 or more ignore lists for the same language, you cannot edit those ignore lists
BUG-12441: Storage space occupied by Customer Portal is not shown in the Storage window of Server Administrator
BUG-12999: Improved error message about failed lookup attempts in a TB that is being edited
BUG-13124: Improvement: Decreased memory consumption of TM+
BUG-13137: Improvement: You can disable spellcheck suggestions in QA to increase performance

BUG-10969: DOCX filter: Track changes causes additional tags to appear when importing with the Accept all changes option
BUG-12349: In some cases, pre-translating a local project or a checked-out online project with TM-driven segmentation enabled might result in "Refining split/joins regions failed" error
BUG-12631: TM+: In some cases, full file path is stored in the TM+ even if the TM is set to store only document names
BUG-12889: TM+: Lookup/Pre-translate might encounter errors due to hits' format adjustment
BUG-12903: Pressing Insert on the Concordance dialog may delete the segment and replace it with the selected text
BUG-12976: TM+: The memoQ desktop app might not be able to start if a TM is corrupted
BUG-12999: Improved error message about failed lookup attempts in a TB that is being edited
BUG-13078: QA: memoQ doesn't warn about missing or incorrect target term if it is between text or space.
BUG-13089: The Pre-translate automated action does not generate weighted word counts
BUG-13090: TM+: TM configured with double context or simple context doesn't return 102% or 101% matches
BUG-13129: Server outages caused by failed server update
BUG-13139: TM+: In some cases, formatting information is shifted three characters to the right
BUG-13187: Business Analytics: In rare cases, the exported CSV file doesn't include recent changes
BUG-13201: MXLIFF import fails when the segment length limit is not a number
BUG-13220: Qterm: Clicking the Import button resets term base filtering
BUG-13230: Qterm: Exporting a moderated term base into TBX format might lead to an error
BUG-13248: WSAPI: Import via API deletes history of the file
BUG-13251: Translation editor: Keyboard shortcuts don't work in the preview pane
BUG-13273: TM+: Importing a Transit package may fail if the project's translation memory is a TM+
BUG-13287: XLSX filter: Japanese text encoding may become corrupted in the Preview pane
BUG-13295: webtrans: Translation results does not highlight differences in the compare box
BUG-13297: Cannot assign users to views imported into online projects
BUG-13308: Resources: Minimum threshold in LiveDocs settings resources does not work
BUG-13324: Machine Translation: Custom.MT plugin: bugfix update
BUG-13326: Antidote Corrector does not work with webtrans
BUG-13337: TM+: When converting a batch of classic TMs to TM+, memoQ does not properly warn about read-only TMs
BUG-13355: memoQ does not import files without translatable characters into projects created in earlier versions
BUG-13375: In some cases memoQ does not find strings inside longer words
BUG-13386: Machine Translation: Google Advanced plugin: memoQ cannot list legacy models if there are no native models on the account
BUG-13390: Machine Translation: ModernMT plugin: bugfix update (1.9.2)
BUG-13412: ICR: QA hits are shown even when QA is turned off in the ICR configuration
BUG-13413: Creating a templated-based project results in error if the option "Create minor version snapshot after pre-translation" is enabled in the template and the related Note field is empty.
BUG-13442: ICR: Unexpected behavior after pressing Enter when the Filter text box is empty
BUG-4794: MSG filter: Importing with default filter may result in 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error

Initial 10.6 release was 10.6.12