Hello, memoQ 11.0!

The new version introduces significant changes to the In-country review tool, as well as a new filter for those who frequently work with Markdown files. In addition, numerous new features have been added based on our user ideas and suggestions. Updates have been made to spellcheck, LQA reports, MT updates, and more—learn more and download the new version below!

Updates to the In-country Review tool

memoQ 11.0 welcomes many fundamental changes to the In-country Review tool.

Until now, the In-country Review tool had certain limitations that prevented project managers from adding ICR users in certain workflows and assignment types. To address this, we implemented several fundamental changes to ICR in memoQ 11.0. 


  • ICR users can now be assigned both to reviewer 1 and reviewer 2 roles in an assignment, not just one or the other 
  • ICR users can now be assigned using Advanced Assignment types such as FirstAccept, GroupSourcing, distribute documents, and even auto-assign 
  • ICR configurations are no longer assignment-specific but are managed via the ICR configurations page in memoQweb/Resources 
  • Instead specifying all settings when assigning an ICR user, project managers can now select an ICR configuration from those available on the server to speed up work 
  • While ICR configurations can only be managed in memoQweb, they can now be used in the desktop client to provide an end-to-end project management workflow for desktop-only customers 
  • Project managers can now assign multiple documents to the same ICR user in one go and select the desired ICR configuration for the role the user is assigned to 
  • Project managers can change the ICR configurations (reviewer 1, reviewer 2, or both) of multiple document assignments in one go 
  • Due to their reusability, the new ICR configurations no longer include project-specific resources (e.g. a specific TB), but metadata (e.g. Rank 1 TB only) instead 
  • Old ICR configurations will continue to work in their respective assignments even in memoQ 11.0, as they are automatically migrated during the memoQ TMS update; they will be listed with unique names under ICR configurations 
  • ICR configurations appear in project templates to support automation 
  • ICR configurations appear in WS API calls to support integration with BMS systems 
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MT improvements

Accessing TAUS Custom Models

Thanks to the option to access custom models trained by TAUS in memoQ, the accuracy of AIQE can be increased.

TAUS provides both generic and custom models for AIQE (Artificial Intelligence-based Quality Estimate). From now on, users can access their custom models trained by TAUS in memoQ. Using custom models can increase the accuracy of AIQE. 

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Markdown filter

memoQ's new Markdown filter supports the core functionality of the Markdown file format.

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. It’s designed to be easy to write and read and it can be converted into HTML for web pages. Markdown is widely used for documentation pages as well as blogging and collaborative software. 

The new Markdown filter, available as of memoQ 11.0, supports the core functionality of the Markdown file format, with more features to be added in later memoQ releases.  

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Hunspell updates

Updates have been made to the Hunspell spellchecking feature in memoQ TMS.

The Hunspell spellchecker and its built-in dictionaries required updating. Therefore, Hunspell has been updated from 1.3.2 to 1.7.2, and we automated future Hunspell updates in memoQ TMS. 

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Display progress info in translation document by role

Role-based progress info is now displayed in the desktop client for both projects and documents.

Previously, in the desktop client, the status bar in the translation editor only showed project/document % values for any confirmation. For example, for a user with R1 status, a 100% TR confirmed document was displayed as 100%. 

We are now addressing this issue to display role-based progress info, and not only the % value but also the actual numbers (e.g. 20/200 (10%)) by segment/word/character count, as selected by the user. In addition, memoQ now shows the total number of rows in the document as well as the number of locked rows to provide a complete list, thereby clearly communicating the user’s actual progress in the specific role while working on the document. Both document and project progress are displayed. 

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Other Features and Improvements

This release includes several smaller features and improvements based on user feedback and requests.

Chinese and Chinese (Taiwan) UI have been added to the memoQ desktop installer 

Users now have the option to choose Chinese or Chinese (Taiwan) language when installing the memoQ desktop app. 


LQA reports available through API 

LQA reports (statistics & error lists) are now available through the API. 


Consistent display of project/document progress 

We introduced a UX improvement to clearly communicate project/document progress in both the desktop client and memoQweb. Users can immediately see progress in the specific roles without having to hover over the respective progress bars. 


Make "fragment assembly" unchecked by default for pretranslation 

The fragment assembly option will be unchecked by default from now on in both memoQweb and the desktop client during pretranslation. 


TexTra MT plugin update 

A new update of the TexTra MT plugin is available in memoQ. 

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Change logs

July 11, 2024
BUG-13547 - Cannot import glossary file trough DeepL with quoted entries which have starting or trailing whitespaces
BUG-13925 - XLIFF2 filter does not handle the case when the source contained whitespaces surrounded by XLIFF tags
BUG-13532 - Amazon MT: disabling "Send formatting and tags" setting does not result in tag-free result
BUG-13821 - Phrase Xliff: Specific *mxliff file cannot be imported into memoQ.
BUG-13846 - memoQ 11.0 client crashes at startup or in the middle of translation because of the WebView2 used in the memoQ preview
BUG-13518 - Failing to retrieve Chinese Systran MT profiles after updating to 10.X
BUG-13885 - memoQ Terminal Server Configuration Tool fails to install in some cases.
BUG-13670 - WebTrans licence revoked after switching back from other browser tabs
BUG-13856 - MT plugin | Systran plugin | Language pairs with Chinese
BUG-13144 - TM+: Inline tag attribute differences are not adjusted correctly from TM+ matches
BUG-13688 - PM Workflow: Cannot restore an archived project if it contains empty documents with version history
BUG-13708 - XLIFF1 filter: memoQ may be unable to export an XLIFF1 file if it has more than two <sub> elements inside a <ph> element
BUG-13710 - Term bases: When filtering for duplicate entries, the setting "more metadata" is ignored
BUG-13797 - Content Connector: Cannot import XLF files into content-connected online projects
BUG-13812 - WS API: In certain cases, Plunet might not be able to export a translated document from memoQ TMS
BUG-13818 - TM+: Cannot rename a TM+ if its name contains Japanese or Chinese characters
BUG-13840 - Issues with installing memoQ 11.0 on Mac using Parallels
BUG-13522: The UI language selector in memoQ and memoQweb now shows each language in that language

BUG-12616: WebTrans: "This is a duplicate (repeated) error” checkbox is missing from the LQA error dialog
BUG-13151: WS API: Document import might fail with SQL transaction error message
BUG-13231: OIDC SSO: Could not sign in to memoQ TMS with the OKTA Org ID Provider
BUG-13451: In-country review: Renamed Settings to Options in the ICR tool
BUG-13480: DeepL MT plugin: After MT pre-translation, spaces might be missing before or after tags
BUG-13507: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Cannot export DOCX files that have memoQ comments on segments from SmartArt texts
BUG-13508: TM+ / TM Editor: The 'Only whole words' setting on the Advanced find and replace dialog might not work correctly
BUG-13548: Statistics might not finish on a document slice in an online project
BUG-13663: TM+ / TM Editor: Advanced find and replace might incorrectly highlight the expression that would be replaced
BUG-13712: XML filter: memoQ may be unable to create preview if there is an XSLT and a DTD file specified for visualizing data
BUG-13732: Statistics might show incorrect counts on a document slice in an online project

Initial 11.0 release was 11.0.13