Hello, memoQ 9.10!

For memoQ 9.10, we are bringing you Business Analytics – a feature coveted by many of you, now brought to life to help you track projects. Besides that, you can expect some smaller tweaks based on our users’ suggestions.

Business Analytics

Now you can get more information about your translation projects with our new business analytics feature. Easily create reports and download them with a single click. The resulting .csv file contains detailed information about your memoQ projects (such as source, client, translator, filters, deadlines, and more). Once you have the .csv, you can apply your own analytics tool to get the insights you need.

The business analytics feature is only available for memoQ server users, and you can create and download the reports through the memoQWeb interface. To create or access your reports, go to the Reports tab on the left side of your screen. If you have already created reports, they will appear here.
When you create a report, you need to set its name, a description, and the date range you want the data from. Then, once the report is finished, it will appear among your reports, and you can download it as a .csv file. Your report will contain information on your memoQ projects, such as:

  • Project data: project, client, subject, domain
  • Source information about the documents: creation date, who it is from, whether it comes from a content connector etc.
  • Import/export data
  • File names and extensions
  • Document size, word count

Once a report is created, it reflects a certain point in time, so if you want an updated report later, you will have to create a new one. On the Business analytics dashboard, you can also see the creation date associated with every report, so you can organize and search them as needed.
Once you download a report from Business analytics, you can then load it into your chosen analytics tool (like Excel or PowerBI) to further work with it and gain the insights that you need.

Machine Translation tweaks

Great news for those who use machine translation in their projects! We added two new functions (a formality setting and the use of glossaries) to our DeepL plugin, and we also created a plugin for memoQ to use with the European Union’s eTranslation MT engine.

DeepL just got fancier
Our DeepL plugin gained two new functionalities. 

The first one is a formality feature: you can choose to have your translation in a formal or informal tone. This setting is only available for specific languages. 

The second one is the glossary function. When setting up your DeepL plugin, your glossaries will be listed in the panel, and can be imported into your project. You can use only one glossary per language pair, and to update a glossary, you have to delete it and import the updated version. memoQ (or other CAT tools) cannot use glossaries created on the DeepL website, and vice versa. 

Welcome, eTranslation 

When handling cross-border EU projects (e.g. formal documents in the public sector or the legal domain), be it formatted documents or plain text, eTranslation is a machine translation engine that many EU professionals trust. From memoQ 9.10 on, you can find the European Union’s eTranslation among our supported plugins. eTranslation is available in all EU languages, and the number of other supported languages is also increasing. 

Other user-requested features & tweaks

Last but not least, memoQ 9.10 also introduces some small but mighty features selected from our users’ requests. Using 9.10, you can sort terms within a term base entry. And now you can even import a previously exported LiveDocs corpus in one go or select the documents to import from within the exported .zip file.

Term base-related improvements
We are introducing two handy convenience functionalities to term bases. 

Inside a TB entry, you find source terms and target terms. Sometimes one source term has multiple target terms or vice versa. In that case, the terms are saved in the order in which you added them. We are now adding the opportunity to modify the order in which these terms are stored. To do so, just click on the term you want to sort, and use the arrows on the right to put it in the position you want. 

As reported by one of our users, “During a busy day, it happens that after having used Ctrl+E to add a term, I forget to click on the Add button before closing the pane. The change is then not saved, and I have to do it again.” From now on, memoQ gives you a warning about unsaved changes when closing the pane. 


Simplified import of exported LiveDocs corpora 

So far, when you exported LiveDocs corpora from memoQ as a .zip file, you could not reimport the .zip file into memoQ without unpacking it first. From 9.10 on, you can import the whole content of the exported .zip file, or select the specific corpus documents you want to include in your import. 

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Change logs

June 27, 2022
Improve "Verify well-formedness against source" QA option for inline tags to catch ... situations (closing before opening)
Project listing for memoQ desktop client is suboptimal
Project listing for memoQWebNext is suboptimal

BUG-10337: A memory leak occurs when creating statistics with homogeneity in online projects
BUG-10585: Creating a view in a local copy of a project for both unlocked segments and non-repetitions includes the repetitions
BUG-10490: If saving a document during import takes longer time than expected multiple times, a deadlock may prevent completing document import tasks
BUG-10607: If you ignore a word marked by the spell checker in the translation grid via the context menu, the red underline will not be removed
BUG-10547: Machine Translation: Microsoft MT: Tigrigna and Tatar may be reported as unsupported languages
BUG-10674: Machine Translation: ModernMT: Various tag issues fixed by the plugin's provider
BUG-10623: memoQWeb: Marked text with comment disappears from the source segment when you edit the target segment in WebTrans
BUG-10618: memoQWeb: Row history may display wrong author and timestamp for segments the current user did not edit, as well as ordering of changes may be reversed
BUG-9723: memoQWeb: You may be unable to change deadline for parts of sliced ​​documents
BUG-9966: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: You may be unable to import a document along with master slides
BUG-10049: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may not receive a warning during document import if memoQ cannot create a preview for your document as its size would exceed the 10 MB limit
BUG-10559: Normalized edit distance is accidentally called average edit distance in Edit distance reports made via Statistics
BUG-10692: QTerm: If you import terms to a termbase which has a previous version of entries, the wildcards (asterisk and stem pipe) are kept even if they are not present in the file to import, and match type is also kept
BUG-10392: QTerm: If you try to search and replace metadata, memoQ may ignore some meta-fields, such as the entry-level Note and the term-level Example field
BUG-10504: QTerm: You cannot properly import SDL Multiterm termbases with multiple images added to a single term
BUG-10570: The Web search window may not respond when you invoke it from the translation grid
BUG-10469: When you import a project package with embedded termbases containing entries with empty Creator field, memoQ may end up creating empty termbases
BUG-10630: XLIFF 2 filter: You may not be able to import files with zh present as a language code
BUG-10600: You may not be able to create an online project using a template unless all target sublanguages matches the languages in the manually added termbases
BUG-10465: You may not be able to create an online project using a template unless all target sublanguages matches the sublanguages in the manually added termbases
BUG-9839: You may not be able to perform pre-translation unless you select a TM/corpora (for example, you cannot pre-translate documents with leveraging only fragment assemblies)
BUG-10655: You may not be able to register local TMs
Improvement: Machine Translation: Google Cloud Translation Advanced plugin: You can now configure which regional service endpoint to use
Improvement: More history timespan options made available for Business Analytics reports
Improvement: SRT filter: You can specify a custom shortcut to insert a line break in a segment when you need a multiline translation
Improvement: Performance and reliability improved for auto-translation features
Improvement: memoQ remembers the options you select on the Bilingual export wizard dialog to streamline subsequent exports with the same settings
Improvement: If you click a link shown for an entry in a QTerm termbase, memoQ opens the default browser instead of forcing Microsoft Internet Explorer to launch
Improvement: The preview of the Web search feature uses the same web browser technology that the document preview uses instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer

BUG-10266: Machine Translation: DeepL MT: An issue in the MT provider service may cause pre-translation or lookup to fail for certain segments
BUG-10198: XLIFF filter: You may not be able to import XLIFF documents with sublanguage codes not supported and not recognized by memoQ
BUG-9877: Help: The Help button in Content Connector client takes you to a wrong page
BUG-10326: Machine Translation: DeepL MT: You may receive incomplete translations for long segments
BUG-10166: You may receive an error if you add an abbreviation and then re-segment the document while a filter is in effect
BUG-10247: Content Connector: Git connector: You may receive an error claiming that the remote branch called 'translation' specified in the localBranchName parameter cannot be found
BUG-10453: Machine Translation: DeepL MT: If you remove a glossary and import a new one for the same language pair, you may not be able to use the new one
BUG-10348: WorldServer Project Package (WSXZ) filter: Files in the package will have the name of the package instead of the original file names
BUG-9973: Customer Portal: memoQ may ignore the "Include spaces" setting specified for an analysis reports as automated actions in project templates to be used by Customer Portal, and the default "Yes" value is assumed
BUG-10258: You may not be able to import Outlook Mail (msg) files for alignment to a LiveDocs resource
BUG-10350: Machine Translation: eTranslation MT: You may receive a false warning about an unsupported language
BUG-10218: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: If a field value starts with a space and a newline (" \n"), the new-line tags are moved to the end of the fields or are removed
BUG-4541: If a top-level domain (TLD) consists of 4 or more characters, the "Populate number-only segments" feature will only insert part of the TLD to the target segment
BUG-10144: TM-driven segmentation in pre-translation may cause an error if statistics is disabled
BUG-10214: memoQ Server WS-API: Project history does not show document history in the History panel if the project has been created via WS-API using a template, and the document name contains special characters
BUG-3490: A project manager holding membership in the "Project managers" group may be unable to clone a package-based online project for access denial, even if the project has been created by that user
BUG-10288: You may run into an error when trying to perform a QA check, and an item in the active non-translatables list contains an "ß" character, and the same word is written with "ss" characters in the document
BUG-10172: QTerm: You cannot add a termbase to a project unless it contains all of the project's languages
BUG-10153: Regex text filter: You may be unable to export exceptionally large (100+ MB) files
BUG-10216: Some sublanguages are not recognized or are wrongly mapped when you try to import an SDL Multiterm XML file into a memoQ or QTerm termbase
BUG-10273: Web search uses a deprecated version of the web browser control, which may be refused by some IT Security departments
BUG-10117: memoQWeb: You cannot open a document for translation from the memoQ PM desktop client if the connected memoQ server has only PM licenses available, and does not have available Translator Pro or Web licenses
Improvement: If you have a non-translatable term and a source segment contains a word beginning with that term and some numbers, the "Populate number-only segments" command considers it as a number-only segment and inserts the non-translatable in the target segment
Improvement: ModernMT plugin upgraded from version 1.7.4 to 1.7.6
Improvement: The auto-pick list observes term sorting settings

BUG-10217: Help: There's an incorrect link in the German help pages
BUG-10114: If a user is not member of the Project Managers group, but is set as project manager in a specific project, the user is not able to assign documents within that project to project members in the desktop client
BUG-10075: Inconsistent warning shown in the Advanced find and replace dialog concerning case sensitivity and regular expression status
BUG-10029: Language Terminal: You may be unable to synchronize LT users to memoQ server
BUG-10175: Machine Translation: DeepL MT: You may not be able to import glossary files containing ampersand characters
BUG-9856: memoQ may become unresponsive when you display the View pane and switch to preview
BUG-9726: memoQWeb: A short timeout in WebTrans may cause the user to lose some translations
BUG-10140: memoQWeb: An obsolete compatibility error message suggests using legacy browsers
BUG-10174: memoQWeb: Copying source tags to the target may result in wrong or seemingly wrong tag order
BUG-10046: memoQWeb: For an incorrect time zone handling, you may not be able to open and deliver a document shortly before the deadline
BUG-10070: memoQWeb: Update may fail if .NET Core Hosting Bundle v3.1 is installed and v2.2 is not installed
BUG-9600: memoQWeb: You cannot define different Hunspell dictionaries for different sublanguages and have memoQ remember your choices
BUG-9919: Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) filter: New line tags may become x000D characters in exported Excel documents
BUG-10031: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Some special characters may cause the export to fail when tracked changes is enabled
BUG-10109: Regular expressions containing the \itag or \mtag tokens are considered invalid by the Regex Assistant
BUG-10167: RTL/LTR markers cannot be inserted with shortcut or from custom ribbon group
BUG-10170: SDL Trados Studio Package (SDLPPX) filter: You may be unable to export an SDL package to an SDLRPX file
BUG-10176: Security: Members of the Project Managers group may change the password of the admin user
BUG-9956: The "Longest source term hides shorter matches" option hides the longer matches in favor of shorter ones
BUG-10123: Translated segments may not be auto-propagated properly to segments with different formatting
BUG-10128: Words you've just added to an ignore list may keep the red underline suggesting they contain an error for a while
BUG-9963: Wrong target text is highlighted for warnings on non-translatables missing in the HTML version of the QA report
BUG-10142: XLIFF 2 filter: You may fail to import documents with segments containing only non-breaking spaces
BUG-10165: You can inadvertently update a project's translation memory if you confirm changes made to the local copy of an already archived or deleted online project
BUG-9386: Your license file may render invalid even if you don't change or don't significantly change your computer's hardware
Improvement: Optimized how package task lists are read from the database


BUG-9875: Cannot resize all grid columns in the "TM settings" dialog
BUG-9981: Content Connector: CC may be unable to deliver translations to GitHub after the repository changed
BUG-9468: Content Connector: Files may not arrive back to the GitHub content source after delivering them in memoQ
BUG-10098: Content Connector: You may receive a "Failed to store translation. Cannot push non-fastforwardable reference" error when memoQ tries to delete a file via the Git Connector
BUG-9883: Documents exported to Table RTF format may become corrupted under special circumstances
BUG-9881: Figures in statistics reports/tables fail to exhibit proper local decimal separator, and always use the dot
BUG-9855: If a project is created via Customer Portal, memoQ does not observe the configured document import filter settings
BUG-10025: If you import documents via Customer Portal with default settings, embedded images are also imported
BUG-9823: memoQ fails to export an MQXLIFF document from an online project to a location in the course of an automated action defined in a project template if the same document has already been exported there previously
BUG-4219: memoQ server may report timeout while looking up translation memory entries
BUG-9700: memoQ Server: An issue with XLIFF export may prevent you from archiving a project
BUG-10005: memoQWeb: If you click a link in a discussion, you are taken to a wrong segment in the translation grid
BUG-9978: memoQWeb: The URL to a segment in a translation document associated with a link in a discussion is wrong
BUG-4937: Microsoft Visio (VSD, VSDX) filter: An error in a 3rd party library may prevent you from importing or exporting certain Visio documents
BUG-9913: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may find Microsoft Office Word struggling to open a document exported from memoQ if it contained imported charts and alternate chart text
BUG-9778: Project progress indicator may not be correct for empty projects
BUG-9940: QTerm: If you export a multilingual termbase to Multiterm format, the exported file may miss some languages and the corresponding terms
BUG-9786: QTerm: Trying to delete multiple terms in an entry, all displayed on the same page, may result in an error
BUG-9747: SDL Trados Document (SDLXLIFF) filter: memoQ may fail to import groups of translation units if more than one of them at the same level are non-empty
BUG-9970: Some of the settings for find and replace operations were not saved and were therefore reset to their defaults when you closed memoQ
BUG-4791: Terminal Server Config Tool: You may receive an error when you try to change the spell-checker from Hunspell to Word, or when you visit the Auto-update tab in the Terminal Server Configuration Tool
BUG-9891: The filter named "Projects that need your attention" for online projects failed to show active projects
BUG-9849: XLIFF2 filter: You may receive an error during export, even though the exported document is created
BUG-9724: You may be unable to import an update package for a language added to the project later for missing segmentation rules
BUG-9916: You may be unable to open a project created using Customer Portal in memoQ TPro or PM
BUG-4083: You may receive unexpected results when importing terms to a termbase from an Excel file containing forbidden terms if the term separator is formatted red just like the forbidden terms themselves

Initial 9.10 release was 9.10.10