Hello, memoQ 9.13!

Please welcome memoQ 9.13! In addition to smaller, user-requested features to increase productivity and customization in the memoQ desktop client and WebTrans, we are introducing memoQ backup wizard. This new functionality allows you to back up your local projects and resources.

memoQ backup wizard

In memoQ 9.13, we’re introducing memoQ backup wizard which can be used to back up your memoQ projects and any associated resources. You can either perform backups manually or schedule regular backups. You can rest assured that you will always have all the data you need. You can even transfer your entire memoQ desktop application to a different device and resume your work there.

There are many potential unexpected challenges one faces while translating. Your computer crashes, you lose data, or you purchase a new computer and want to continue working from where you left off. From this point on, you do not have to worry about these challenges anymore. memoQ will handle it for you.
With memoQ backup wizard, you can back up your local projects and all the local resources registered within them. You can also back up your personalized custom settings, e.g., appearance, hotkeys, etc., and even your entire memoQ desktop application, restore it to a different computer, and resume your work on that device.
In addition to manually backing up content as many times as you want, you can schedule backups so that all the resources you need are automatically and regularly backed up. You can make decisions about the backup schedule, what resources you need, and even whether you want to retain your old backups (and if so, how many of them).

Other User-requested Features

You ask and we deliver. As always, we’ve added some features suggested by memoQ users to our product team. These features that will help users most during their day-to-day work include the opportunity to change default smart quotes, the ability to view TTML subtitles using the SDK preview, and the ability to update storage options on all screens of the Bilingual export wizard dialog. New functionality is also available in WebTrans—matches from your chosen machine translation engine are now available among translation results.

Change default smart quotes

As a part of AutoCorrect, memoQ offers smart quotes where the target language quotation format is automatically detected and used. If your text requires different typography, you can now change the default quotation mark format of any language using the new Customize smart quotes dialog.

TTML subtitle format is now supported by the preview tool

Subtitles come in many different file formats—now, TTML is supported by memoQ and can be viewed in the Video Preview Tool. When importing TTML (and similar) files, the start/end timecodes are detected by the software enabling you to watch the related video in real-time through the Video Preview Tool.

Changes to the Bilingual export wizard

When you are exporting a two-column RTF file or a memoQ XLIFF file using the Bilingual export wizard, you must manually change the export settings if you're not happy with the default. From this point on, memoQ will remember your last settings, and automatically use it the next time the wizard is used. Fewer clicks, faster export!

Machine Translation results available in WebTrans

As in the memoQ desktop client, MT results are displayed among the translation results in WebTrans . Like in the desktop client, you can also prioritize in which order you would like the different types of matches (TM, TB, automatic concordance, etc.) displayed.

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Change logs

October 27, 2022
Improvement: Improved memory management in certain scenarios
Improvement: memoQ servers switch to use a server-optimized memory maintenance algorithm to improve server performance
Improvement: Performance improvements made to determining unambiguity of TM hits during pretranslation
Improvement: The term "master entry" has been replaced with "main entry" for translation memories and termbases

BUG-10850: A closing bracket is missing in the Task overview window
BUG-10111: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: You may not be able to import IDML documents under specific conditions when two styles could be collapsed to save tags, but an interim element in the middle causes the operation to fail
BUG-10736: Automatic lookup and insertion may not fill all subsequent repetition segments if automatic jump is enabled in "Go to next settings"
BUG-9941: Background tasks occasionally may get stuck and complete only after 30 minutes instead of normally completing in just a few minutes.
BUG-9796: Bilingual Table RTF filter: If you export a document with superscripts to a bilingual Table RTF, the table may become corrupt
BUG-10625: Bilingual Table RTF filter: If you export a document with track changes to a bilingual Table RTF, the table may become corrupt
BUG-10906: Business Analytics may fail to work if you wish to configure it with a memoQ server database running on a different machine
BUG-10616: Business Analytics: Message is not clear when you set up BA on a machine different then the one running memoQ server's database, and the required permissions cannot be granted automatically to the local user of another computer
BUG-10998: CMS API: When delivery to the CMS fails, and the CMS Dashboard shows "Delivery failed" status, API calls may still return "TranslationReady" status
BUG-10718: Content Connector: You may be unable to connect to a repository using an URI with a space in it
BUG-10931: Default weights for match classes are shown in analysis reports after restoring a project instead of the values currently in effect
BUG-10637: Discovering more than 10,000 QA warnings or errors may cause severe performance issues
BUG-4800: If network connection is intermittently lost while you are working in an online project, you cannot reopen its documents until you restart memoQ even if network is back
BUG-10889: If the name of your termbase ends in a dot, and you try to rename it by just deleting this last dot, you receive an error that a termbase with this name already exists
BUG-10780: If you assign users assigned to a document in an online project to a subvendor group, they may become unable to open the project
BUG-4553: If you change the deadline of a FirstAccept assignment after expiry for a document already checked out by someone, you may face an invalid FirstAccept assignment status
BUG-10894: If you import a document from and MQXLIFF or MQXLZ file, and your memoQ is switched to a different UI language than that of those who created the document, previously ignored QA warnings becomes non-ignored the first time you run QA
BUG-9397: If you try to import a TMX file to a translation memory on a memoQ server, you get no detailed report on the issues experienced
BUG-10804: Incorrectly spelled words may not be underlined right after you open a document, and if you choose Skip All for a word, remaining instances may keep the red underline for a while
BUG-10657: Localization: The Pre-translate and Concordance dialog of the Japanese UI contains English text
BUG-10760: Machine Translation: DeepL MT: You may receive tag errors when the engine splits a phrase surrounded by a pair of specific tags into multiple parts, all surrounded with copies of the original tag pair
BUG-10708: Machine Translation: Google Cloud Translation Advanced plugin: After implementing regional endpoints, some custom models may not be visible
BUG-10295: Machine Translation: If you add languages to a project after selecting a specific MT plugin for the project or for pre-translation, the plugin won't automatically be turned on for these additional languages even if you choose to turn it on for all languages
BUG-10762: Machine Translation: Systran MT: The plugin does not support the EN to ZH (TW) language pair
BUG-10606: memoQWeb: Calculation of 0% and 100% progress of work done on documents and projects is not always consistent with progress figures shown in memoQ desktop
BUG-10787: memoQWeb: If the unit of the project progress indicator in the status bar is set to Words, and both TR and R1 progress approach 100%, the TR progress is indicated as 200%
BUG-10977: memoQWeb: If there's no free PM licenses available on a memoQ server, users may be unable to load the Project Overview page and a message indicates failure when loading notifications
BUG-10982: memoQWeb: If you want to insert the required tags in a segment after you deleted wrong tags, memoQ re-inserts the wrong one, and you may be unable to export the document unless you clear all tags and re-insert them all
BUG-10818: memoQWeb: Inline tags may become corrupted, preventing you to export documents until you fix the tags in a local copy of a project using memoQ desktop clients
BUG-9664: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: The translation of the first comment from the original document may be missing from the translated document
BUG-4246: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Under some circumstances you may not be able to import a document if you select to import comments as well
BUG-10764: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may be unable to export a document if it contains tracked changes and you choose to import markups as memoQ tags during import
BUG-9957: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may not be able to import a document if it contains hidden text unless you choose to import hidden text, too
BUG-10665: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may not be able to import a document if the author inserted a hyperlink and they afterwards formatted the paragraph containing the hyperlink with a style in which text is set to hidden
BUG-4366: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Import may experience performance issues for Excel worksheets with extremely large number of rows or columns, even if most of the cells are empty
BUG-10878: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Some numbers (like timestamps) are converted to scientific format in exported documents, even if those numbers have not been imported to memoQ
BUG-10022: No file path is displayed in exported HTML and CSV statistics reports even if you select "Reflecting displayed results" and "Per-file, Trados-compatible" options for documents without extension
BUG-2472: QTerm: If memoQWeb's language is set to German and you try to save a QTerm filter specifying dates, dates are not saved
BUG-10156: SDL Trados Document (SDLXLIFF) filter: You cannot import a document with Punjabi target language for a difference between the language codes of Trados SDL Studio and memoQ
BUG-10729: Server Administrator shows the storage space on the C: drive even if memoQ is installed on another
BUG-10650: Track changes in sliced documents may be reported as not enabled even though it actually is enabled
BUG-10938: Trying to replace text in a view may cause application error
BUG-10885: Users may lose their CAL licenses during QA checks and when working in views
BUG-10161: When someone is editing a translation memory, and you are about to edit it too, you get no warning that the TM is currently locked
BUG-10959: Wrong text may be highlighted for terms with fuzzy matching set
BUG-9691: XLIFF 2 filter: You may be unable to import a document if it contains trailing spaces
BUG-10756: XLIFF 2 filter: You may be unable to import a document if it contains trailing spaces
BUG-3741: XLIFF filter: The exported document may miss the state and state-qualifier attributes of trans-unit tags
BUG-10576: You cannot edit confirmed segments under rare circumstances in a view created from a sliced document
BUG-3693: You may not receive results for wildcard concordance searches against LiveDocs corpora
BUG-9911: You may receive "Range's end must not be beyond plain text's end" and "Value must be non-negative and < the length of the segment's plain text" errors when you try to type in a segment if you received a hit from certain sources, such as the EuroTermBank plugin
BUG-9733: You may receive a "Value cannot be null" error when you try to launch an online project equipped with multiple translation memories having different meta fields
BUG-4153: You may receive a System.ObjectDisposedException during pre-translation when memoQ needs to check a high number of TM hits to judge unambiguity

Initial 9.13 release was 9.13.7