Hello, memoQ 9.7!

We've got exciting news: memoQ 9.7 has just landed! And with it comes a slew of new features and improvements, such as a new import filter for XLIFF 2 files, a toggle case button for easier term base management, SSO for Windows AD users and so much more. Here's the lowdown on what to look out for in this year’s first update.

memoQ Google Cloud

Google Cloud Translation Advanced plugin: access to NMT models and glossaries

Google Cloud Translation API Advanced can now be integrated with memoQ for better-quality machine translations. The new plugin allows users to select one custom NMT model per language pair and a glossary to make sure that domain-specific terms and phrases are used correctly and consistently across translated texts.

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memoQ toggle case

Toggle case: term base management has just become easier

Get ready to spend less time managing your term bases and more time being productive. Our latest product version includes a new Toggle case button that allows users to change the letter case of one or multiple term base entries in a selected language with a single click.

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memoQ SSO

SSO in memoQ: faster, safer login for Windows AD users

Thanks to memoQ 9.7’s improved single sign-on functionality, enterprise users who were logging in to their memoQ workspace with their Windows Active Directory accounts can now use OpenID Connect and multi-factor authentication for added safety, convenience and flexibility.

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memoQ 9.7 enhancements

Moved text label, Multiterm mapping and more: small tweaks with big benefits

Smoother term base file exports and imports, Git Connector with repository sync and enhanced performance, more control over user access to term base filters, fragment assembly for in-browser translations and more: here are six small improvements coming to memoQ 9.7 with big payoffs.

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Did you know? All about LTS!

With the release of 9.0, we introduced a new concept: long-term support (LTS) versions. It means that every year, at a predictable, scheduled time, we will produce a feature release that will be supported for 15 months. The first such version was 9.0. 

Version support follows these rules: 

  • LTS versions are released in Q1 each year, and are supported for 15 months (until Q2 next year). 
  • memoQ v9.3 (released in Q1 2020), supported until June 2021. 
  • The current LTS version is 9.7, supported until June 2022. 
  • The latest minor version is always supported. 

Change logs

June 16, 2021

BUG-4044: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: You may be unable to import an INDD document with a dash in its file name via Language Terminal
BUG-4950: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: You may not be able to import certain documents with nested paragraph styles
BUG-4922: Customer Portal: You may be unable to upload reference files larger than 4 MB
BUG-5102: Localization: Font styles are not localized in the Appearance tab of the Options dialog
BUG-5100: Localization: Some text in Keyboard shortcuts is left unlocalized
BUG-5101: Localization: The Chinese UI may show English text in the Reports window
BUG-5065: Machine Translation: Intento MT: The plugin may fail to work for an XML conversion error
BUG-5076: Machine Translation: Intento MT: You may not be able to open the plugin's configuration dialog using 9.6.x or older memoQ clients if the plugin is configured as part of an online resource hosted on a memoQ server newer than 9.7.7
BUG-5153: Machine Translation: Some legacy plugins may not work for XML or HTML conversion errors
BUG-5144: Machine Translation: Some MT plugins don't support XML format and may report errors
BUG-4873: memoQ disregards subfolders you specify as exclusions in the Import folder structure dialog
BUG-4830: memoQ TM Search Tool: The tool appears to be broken after upgrading to memoQ 9.7.5 client
BUG-5081: memoQ TM Search Tool: The tool may not work in memoQ 9.7 and newer versions
BUG-4809: memoQWeb: If you click "Accept/Reject this change and move to next", you are taken to the next segment instead of next change
BUG-5067: memoQWeb: Progress information may be inaccurate if you filter the list of documents
BUG-4986: memoQWeb: The project info box may not show the Customer Portal Quote ID
BUG-4909: memoQWeb: You may be falsely advised an export operation succeeded when it actually failed completely or partially
BUG-4943: QTerm: Filters may be missing
BUG-4821: Smart quotes display wrong quote characters for Turkish
BUG-5046: Some post-export scripts run as part of custom code execution may report errors in Task tracker when exporting ZIP files, even though the operation succeeds
BUG-5083: Source segment editing doesn't support the toggle case feature
BUG-5138: The Add and Remove buttons may be missing on the Assigned groups tab of the Group Properties dialog accessible from Server Administrator
BUG-5023: You may be unable to export a document if all types of comments and tracked changes are enabled
BUG-5119: You may be unable to import a TBX file to memoQ that you created by exporting a QTerm termbase
BUG-4941: You may get an error on the "Create term base entry" window when you try to select multiple termbases with the same name
BUG-4706: You may not be able to convert Language Terminal users to standard memoQ server users


Improvement: memoQ Server Resources API: You can retrieve metadata about images attached to QTerm entries
Improvement: Oversized preview files out of use are removed to save space
Improvement: XML filter: You can now protect the xml:lang attribute from changes

BUG-4222: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: Language Terminal may be unable to convert Adobe InDesign 16.0+ documents
BUG-3456: An ignore list is always added to online projects
BUG-3274: CMS: If you submit an order from a CMS connector to the CMS Gateway, memoQ may create projects for all workflows defined for the given CMS connection, regardless of specific language pairs
BUG-4540: Contents may be lost if you import edits as track changes from a bilingual RTF file
BUG-4399: Emoji and other special characters may cause the export of a translation memory to a TMX file to fail or succeed only partially
BUG-4769: Help: It is incorrectly stated that lightweight PMs don't need to have permissions for the resources to be used by the project they are going to create
BUG-4846: If you click the Toggle Case button when adding a new target term to an entry which already has some target terms, memoQ may replace an existing target term with the new instead of adding the new term
BUG-4871: If you sort translations by Translator on the Translations pane in the checked-out local copy of an online project, all translation documents may disappear
BUG-3888: If you split or join segments in a slice of a document, slice boundaries may change, and people working on the same document may suddenly lose some segments or see new segments in their slices
BUG-4916: Localization: The Chinese translation contained an error on the Filter configuration dialog
BUG-4910: Localization: The Spanish version contains a typo in the status bar of the project list
BUG-4874: LQA results (pass/fail) on the Statistics tab contradicts with results shown on the Error lists tab
BUG-4836: Machine Translation: Google Cloud Translation Advanced MT: memoQ may not accept the configuration JSON file you created
BUG-4889: Machine Translation: Kantan MT: An issue with how Chinese language codes are mapped between systems may cause the plugin to not work with Chinese
BUG-4848: Machine Translation: ModernMT: No translations received for Norwegian (Bokmål) to Swedish
BUG-3969: Machine Translation: Systran MT: If your source segment contains a tag, you only receive translation for the part of the segment before the tag
BUG-4501: memoQ may include reference TMs in pre-translation in addition to the master and working TMs even if you request it to not do so
BUG-3749: memoQ Server WS-API: Importing a document may result in SQL deadlock errors
BUG-4845: memoQWeb: You may receive an error if you reject a segment with an LQA error while track changes is enabled
BUG-4626: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: If you enable both the "Import sections" and the "Import markup as MemoQ {tags}" options, the first won't be observed
BUG-4712: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: Hidden text may be imported from documents even if the Import hidden text option is disabled
BUG-3597: Pre-translation with TM-driven segmentation may fail in specific rare cases
BUG-4828: QTerm: After upgrading memoQ Server with existing QTerm termbases to memoQ 9.7, you may be unable to edit filter permissions
BUG-4875: QTerm: If you clear the "Available filters" option for a user or group, they must be removed from the termbase and re-added to it in order to grant permission to filters
BUG-4724: The U+FFFF Unicode character may cause memoQ to incorrectly report a pair tagging issue upon document export
BUG-4915: XLIFF 2 filter: You may be unable to export XLIFF 2 documents under rare circumstances
BUG-4891: XLIFF filter: You may be unable to export some documents for a compatibility issue with the XLIFF 2 filter
BUG-4921: You can type a filter configuration name over 50 characters when creating a filter for embedded documents
BUG-4742: You may be unable to restore an archived file

1. memoQ Server WS-API: Information on weighted word and character count is now exposed via the ServerProjectTranslationDocSliceInfo class
2. memoQ will try to apply the export path rule for folders you add in the first step of the project creation wizard if possible, and will let you know if it's not
BUG-4836: Machine Translation: Google Cloud Translation Advanced MT: memoQ may not accept the configuration JSON file you created
BUG-4828: QTerm: After upgrading memoQ Server with existing QTerm termbases to memoQ 9.7, you may be unable to edit filter permissions

BUG-3370: Content Connector: You may receive a connection termination error when you try to clone a GIT repository
BUG-4746: Customer Portal: The email notification a PM receives about a quote may contain a wrong link
BUG-4595: If you create a project from a project template, the name of a TM created in response to that template's settings may have a name longer than the allowed 50 characters
BUG-1532: If you import a document after a monolingual review session, segments with no alignment pairs are missing instead of being marked as inserted or deleted segments
BUG-4755: Localization: A label is truncated on the German version of memoQ
BUG-4668: Localization: There's a translation error in the Chinese version of memoQ
BUG-4564: memoQ Server Resources API: Calls to search terms in moderated termbases don't return results
BUG-4631: memoQ Server WS-API: You may receive an error when trying to use the Confirm and Update feature through the API
BUG-4638: memoQ XLIFF (MQXLIFF, MQXLZ) filter: If you export multiple files in this format, you may find incorrect file extensions in the file names
BUG-4687: memoQWeb: Email notifications sent for a discussion may contain wrong discussion topic links
BUG-4653: memoQWeb: If preview data of a document exceeds the 10 MB size limit, and the preview therefore becomes disabled, memoQWeb may become unresponsive or may crash when you enter a segment
BUG-4598: memoQWeb: If the target segment contains more tags than the source, tags may look messed up in the web editor even if they look good in memoQ desktop and the exported documents
BUG-4664: memoQWeb: You cannot paste "{" and "<" characters from the Clipboard to the segment editor
BUG-4362: memoQWeb: You don't have preview for Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) documents
BUG-4090: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Emoji characters may prevent exporting documents
BUG-4504: QTerm: You may be unable to export termbases if you have previously created and also deleted custom meta fields
BUG-4691: Scripts running as part of custom code execution after export may fail if documents are exported using the "Export (choose path)" command
BUG-4340: SDL Trados Document (SDLXLIFF) filter: You may receive an error if you try to export a document with track changes and special whitespace characters
BUG-4431: The terminology checker QA feature may return an error if there are no termbases specified
BUG-4528: XLIFF filter: You may be unable to import documents with processing instructions included
BUG-4758: You may be unable to change the default settings for a server-based online termbase
BUG-4792: You may be unable to update an online project with an update package for a synchronization error
BUG-3276: You may not receive a warning about a conflict if you confirm a segment that has just been confirmed by someone else

BUG-2944: Improvement: Added clearer message that you cannot launch a project while one of the project's termbases is open for editing
BUG-4761: Improvement: If you click a column header to sort a table by date, you'll see the most recent items on top

Initial 9.7 release was 9.7.5

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