Hello, memoQ 9.9!

memoQ 9.9 is here with the latest tweaks and new functionalities! We included an array of interesting user-requested features, such as a(n even) smarter Regex Assistant, productivity enhancing features, and much more. Here’s what to expect.

Regex Assistant 9.9

Coding is not only for developers anymore: Regexes are an elegant way for translators to save time and resources. memoQ 9.9 offers a wide array of new functionalities in its Regex Assistant: You can now import or export selected regexes, attach labels and descriptions to them, and use smart search with built-in or your own regexes. Keeping track of regexes has never been easier!

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Enhanced SSO & Multi-factor authentication

Great news for server administrators: OpenID Connect-based SSO just got more secure! When you have a new user signing on to memoQ with SSO, you automatically get a notification, and you can change their status immediately. The user management dashboard also got a makeover, making it easier to keep track of your server users. We also introduced OIDC-based login for the Resources API and added a new provider, OneLogin, to memoQ’s supported IDPs.

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9.9 Machine Translation tweaks

For those who rely on both machine translation and translation memories in their localization projects, memoQ 9.9 opens up new opportunities. We updated our built-in TexTra plugin, and XL8 is now available as a private plugin to help you with localization of media and entertainment content. Plus, machine-translated segments are now included in your progress reports.

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… And many more tweaks and enhancements

Small features with big impact: you can now import the alt text of images for translation to aid the visually impaired, track changes in WebTrans using Antidote, and configure your preferred filtering method—just to name a few. Click for more details.

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Change logs

November 9, 2021
BUG-9725: A superfluous scrollbar may appear in the Sort dropdown above the translation grid, even though all items are visible
BUG-9820: Hunspell dictionaries for Norwegian do not appear in Server Administrator
BUG-9684: If a user is not member of the Project Managers group, but is set as project manager in a specific project, the user is not able to assign documents within that project to project members
BUG-9378: If you are trying to find something in a document by invoking the Find and replace window, memoQ may run out of memory under rare circumstances
BUG-9774: If you export a termbase from memoQ with Spanish (Latin America) in MultiTerm format, SDL MultiTerm may not see terms in this language
BUG-9806: If you try to enter a non-breaking space into the filter bar on top of the translation grid, it gets inserted in the target segment
BUG-9720: Improvement: Some database queries on project and document data for alert generation have been optimized to avoid timeouts
BUG-9776: Localization: There's a typo in the Japanese translation of the "Merge Selection" button's tooltip
BUG-9811: Machine Translation: Kantan MT: The plugin may not work in the English to Chinese (Singapore) language pair
BUG-4433: memoQ Server does not recognize Hunspell dictionaries for Norwegian
BUG-9754: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: Some characters may change to Wingdings in preview and in the exported documents
BUG-9470: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) filter: Some characters may change to Wingdings in preview and in the exported documents for PPTM files
BUG-9767: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: If you import an Excel document using a cascading filter composed of a Multilingual Delimited Text filter and a Regex tagger filter, the exported document may lose some of the inline (in-cell) formattings
BUG-2470: PDF Preview tool: An error in an external component may cause specific PDF files to fail to be opened
BUG-9734: QTerm: Clicking on the Related entries link takes you to the login page
BUG-9809: QTerm: You may receive an error when you try to add a term to a termbase with custom date fields
BUG-9716: Restoring a project archive may fail for an error importing a bilingual document from the archived project
BUG-9775: Some fields of the Activation wizard may not be visible on specific screens or with specific display settings
BUG-9731: Some keyboard shortcuts, like CTRL+C and CTRL+E do not work in the Concordance window
BUG-9737: The Add term command's shortcut, CTRL+E does not work in the Concordance window
BUG-9804: The copy command's shortcut, CTRL+C does not work in the Concordance window
BUG-9467: XLIFF2 filter: Document export may fail if some tu elements have different number of source and target rows
BUG-9755: You may not be able to restore a project archive for an error in handling dates
BUG-9410: You may not be able to restore a project archive for an error in handling special date values
BUG-9846: You may receive an out of memory export when you try to export a document and font substitution was applied previously
REST API Security improvement:
The admin user has no longer access to the Resources API in order to strenghten security. For integrations to keep working, please switch to a user that is member of the Resource lookup via API/plugins group on the target memoQ Server.

Improvement: memoQWeb: Track changes are also displayed on tags, and support is added for nested changes within tags
Improvement: The Toggle case button of the Add/Change/Delete term dialog is moved to the far right
Improvement: The tooltip to warn you to make sure your tracked changes reflect those in the source side will only be shown once per document when you turn track changes on

BUG-9445: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: You may be unable to import certain documents for an error related to compressing empty folders within the IDML package
BUG-9520: Adobe Photoshop (PSD) filter: You may be unable to import documents containing certain special characters for an unescaping and decoding issue
BUG-5084: Changing shortcut for the Add new term command doesn't have any effect in the Concordance window
BUG-9557: Deployment Tool: There's a typo in a message box
BUG-9673: Duplicate hotkey in the Advanced find and replace dialog
BUG-3579: If you add a note containing a URL to a term's definition, and if you select the term on the Translation results pane, and if the URL contains a URI element starting with a capital letter (e.g. /Foo), then the link ends at the slash
BUG-9601: Machine Translation: Google Cloud Translation Advanced plugin: You may receive a warning about an unsupported language when adding a valid language
BUG-9624: Machine Translation: MT SDK: Fixed HTML entity conversions
BUG-9610: Machine Translation: Tilde MT: You may receive a false warning about a network error or an improper source string if the MT produces a translation with extra space within a tag
BUG-9594: memoQWeb: Ctrl+NUMBER keyboard shortcuts for inserting translation results have no effect in specific workflow statuses
BUG-5074: memoQWeb: If you copy or select text from a segment with tracked changes to perform some operation like paste or concordance search, deleted text is also copied or selected
BUG-9513: memoQWeb: If you import a document with WPML WordPress XLIFF (XLIFF) filter, you may receive an img/alt tag error whereas memoQ desktop shows no error
BUG-9628: memoQWeb: If you open a document from the new UI, you may be unable to change the unit to measure your progress
BUG-9621: memoQWeb: If you perform a find and replace operation with track changes on, replacements are not marked as changes
BUG-9418: memoQWeb: You cannot select the "External files" radio button when delivering documents to Customer Portal
BUG-2897: Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) + Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filters: Unicode characters stored as text in an Excel file (cell) are not escaped and unescaped correctly
BUG-9531: Microsoft Visio (VSD, VSDX) filter: You may fail to import documents under rare circumstances involving formatted lists
BUG-9550: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Adjacent
tags are merged into one
BUG-4826: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Adjacent line breaks appear as one in the Preview pane
BUG-9480: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: You may have issues exporting documents containing formulas
BUG-9486: QTerm: You may be unable to save conditions for multi-value pick list fields
BUG-9638: SDL Trados Document (SDLXLIFF) filter: You may not be able to import a document into SDL Trados Studio if it contains cascaded locked translation units
BUG-9504: The progress indicator of a project displays incorrect (lower) values if all of the segments in a document within that project are locked
BUG-5056: The status bar may become empty if you open a memoQ document by clicking a hyperlink that is intended to check out a project and open a specific document
BUG-9455: TM hits for segments consisting of a # character and a number show up as 100% matches instead of 101% matches as they used to
BUG-4458: Translators may be able to change QTerm filters in their local copies of online projects
BUG-9499: XLIFF 2 (XLIFF) filter: Some segments may not be exported under rare conditions
BUG-9457: XLIFF filter: memoQ does not save your settings specified in the Tags section of the General tab of the Document import settings dialog
BUG-9553: XLIFF filter: You cannot import documents containing sub elements
BUG-9611: You cannot change whether to use TM-driven segmentation and machine translation or not when pre-translating a view, and you are stick to the settings you used the last time you performed pre-translation on a document
BUG-9454: You may be unable to change filter and configuration settings at document import with certain regional settings applied in Windows
BUG-9379: You may be unable to export documents with unaccepted or unrejected tracked changes present in tag values
BUG-5135: You may not be able to delete a subvendor user on a memoQ server for an error in removing them from projects
BUG-9479: You may receive a timeout error if you try to launch a project with a large number of documents and role assignments
BUG-9651: You may receive an error if you try to launch a project with a large number of documents and role assignments
BUG-9627: You may receive an error if you try to perform the Clear translations command in a document with a regex text filter applied

Initial 9.9 release was 9.9.10

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