memoQ project manager

Translation Project Management Made Simple

memoQ project manager is a computer-assisted translation environment to manage translation projects and increase productivity. This edition has all memoQ translator pro functionalities plus unique project management features and is available in our memoQ cloud subscription or the memoQ server.

Create, Distribute, and Manage Your Projects

With memoQ project manager, users can create, distribute, and manage online and offline projects for translation teams. While memoQ project manager can be used on its own to create and manage offline projects, it works best when you use it together with a memoQ cloud server or your own memoQ server to run online projects and to maintain terminology, translation memories, and other resources.

Extensive Reporting

memoQ project manager can create five types of reports that are crucial for the efficient oversight over translation projects.

Analysis report Shows the size of the project and the savings from translation memories, LiveDocs corpora, and homogeneity. This is where you get the word counts that you use to create a quote for your client and estimate the costs of running the project.

Progress report Shows the progress of the entire project, as well as separately for every translator and reviewer.

Post-translation analysis report After the project is completed, you can see how much you actually saved using translation memories and other resources. Also shows the word counts actually translated by each translator. You could say the analysis report is a prediction – an estimation –, while the post-translation analysis is the fact, the history. This report is crucial for compensating translators fairly in a collaborative online project.

Edit distance report Shows how many segments were edited and, how much of the segments were changed. memoQ can show this in characters, or in percent.
Editing time statistics memoQ can measure how long it takes to translate or edit a segment. Use this report if you want to find out how efficient your translation process is.

package management

Package Management

In memoQ project manager, you can create translation or reviewing packages from your bilingual or multilingual projects. Project packages are useful if you don’t have a memoQ cloud server or a memoQ server: you can distribute a project to translators and reviewers, while everyone still works offline.

You may also want to send packages to vendors who cannot or will not use your memoQ server – for example, because they have their own. They will be able to import your package on their memoQ cloud server or memoQ server and work online there.

memoQ project manager handles the deliveries from package projects and you can use these deliveries to track the progress of the project or get back finished translations.

Online Projects and Automation

If you work with a memoQ cloud server or a memoQ server, memoQ project manager has even more features for project management:

  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Slicing large documents
  • Sharing term bases, translation memories, and other resources online among translators and reviewers – automatically through projects
  • Automatic notifications about deadlines and project changes
  • Assigning a single document to groups of translators

Automation with project templates memoQ automates translation workflows through project templates. If you have typical projects – for example, the same kind of project for a certain client –, you can create new projects with just a few clicks, after you prepare a project template.

In project templates, you can include all sorts of automated procedures – even your own program code – that eliminate repetitive actions or to perform cumbersome document processing automatically.

get productive

Real-time Collaboration

memoQ project manager – when used as a standalone application – is the access point for memoQ server and memoQ cloud server. With it, you can create and manage online projects to allow real-time collaboration in teams of translators and reviewers.

make global

Multilingual projects

In memoQ project manager, you can set up projects with several target languages. You can add languages while the project is running; add documents for every target language at once; and distribute the work among translators for every language – all from a single workspace.
preserve quality

Quality management

With memoQ project manager, you can set up Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA), and deploy this with online projects. memoQ can also create reports from LQA.
This functionality is available in online projects only.


With the dashboard, project managers get a better overview of their projects and can check a project’s status in great detail. On the dashboard, project managers can receive alerts about online projects – for example, when a project is progressing too slowly.

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Automating your Translation Project - memoQ

Automating Your Translation Projects

Do you want an 80% reduction in the number of clicks needed to set up projects? We created project templates and workflow automation in memoQ to do just that! Automating processes is the most efficient way to save time and reduce cost while meeting tight deadlines for your translation projects.