Hello, memoQ 10.0!

A milestone in memoQ’s life: let’s celebrate memoQ 10.0! A new version packed with features suggested on our idea portal, Qterm improvements, the introduction of TM+, machine translation enhancements, and more!


We are introducing TM+, a significantly more stable and faster translation memory

TM+ is memoQ's new-generation translation memory engine that works better in a server environment. It offers all major TM features, and memoQ supported languages. It can handle translation memories with more than 10 million segments, and scales well with more CPU cores. Its TMX import performance is much faster than the classic TM engine's, and it is less sensitive to anti-virus program activity. TM+ is also more stable than the classic TM, as its architecture prevents corruption by design.


  • Performance improvements including pretranslation, statistics, and lookup results
  • Thanks to its stability, TM+ can handle larger TMs seamlessly
  • TM+ is first available in memoQ 10.0, new features to be added continuously


Machine translation enhancements

SYSTRAN & DeepL improvements

  • SYSTRAN Neural Fuzzy Adaptation: SYSTRAN can provide more accurate translation output on the fly by enabling memoQ to provide fuzzy matches, the best hit with each translation request, from the TMs into its engine
  • Feed DeepL in HTML format: You now have the option to choose between the existing XML and the new HTML formats

Detailed Edit Distance for inserted matches report can be created with an automated action

Create edit distance reports for each file in a project

Edit distance is a widely used measurement of the translator’s work, especially with machine translation post-editing becoming a more and more widely used method of translation. An edit distance report can be created on completed documents, and after its thorough evaluation, it can provide information on the expected effort for upcoming projects.

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New import filter for Phrase’s (formerly Memsource) XLIFF format

You can now import Phrase's XLIFF files easily

Enterprises and LSPs sometimes use Phrase as their primary TMS, so freelancers are prone to encounter with its file format more frequently. By using the new Phrase XLIFF import filter, you can easily work in memoQ on projects where Phrase is your client’s TMS of choice.

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Improvements related to Qterm’s user experience

Several Qterm improvements, requested by our users

  • Option to see all fields when creating a new entry
  • Change the order of meta fields in the term base
  • Change the order of terms in an entry
  • Option to make some built-in fields required
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Content Connector Consolidation & Carve-out

Content Connector is now a separate product

Content Connector (including all its product components) became a standalone application in terms of installation and deployment. Meanwhile it does not change the functionality of the applications, it adjusts the user interfaces for a more streamlined experience when it comes to administering the CC server. This leads to improved user experience when deploying and accessing the CC server and its integrated management tool.

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Other features and enhancements

  • Local projects can be cloned - to get an identical, empty project
  • “This project has FirstAccept documents” message can be dismissed for good
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Change logs

März 1, 2023
Improvement: Amazon MT plugin can also connect to the ap-southeast-2 data center located in Sydney, Australia

BUG-10108: All sublanguages in a LiveDocs corpus contribute to pre-translation even if you select your desired sublanguage
BUG-11702: Attempts to convert legacy TMs to TM+ translation memories in batches may cause memoQ TMS to crash and subsequent conversion attempts to fail
BUG-11597: Certain connection issues under rare circumstances may cause memoQ TMS to crash
BUG-11742: Deployment: Upgrade of memoQ TMS to 10.0 may fail if Microsoft SQL Server's locale is set to German
BUG-11753: Deployment: You may receive an error during upgrading your memoQ TMS to 10.0 claiming that the transaction log of memoQ's database is full
BUG-11791: If you change entry-level fields such as Note of a term in Termbase editor, and then you add a new term to the termbase, your changes to said fields get lost
BUG-9338: If you export a change tracked document with specific change ranges, such as deletions at the end or beginning of a segment, a space may be missing between two segments (sentences)
BUG-10653: Machine Translation: Google Cloud Translation Basic plugin: Translations to Central Kurdish (Kurdish Sorani) language contain Latin letters instead of Arabic MT matches
BUG-11669: Machine Translation: Microsoft MT: The plugin incorrectly reports the Norwegian to English language pair as unsupported
BUG-11692: Machine Translation: Tilde MT: You may receive an error stating the plugin does not support certain languages
BUG-12043: QTerm: An inconsistency in what order languages are displayed in various views and exports may make you believe wrong languages are listed
BUG-11718: QTerm: If you export a termbase from QTerm to Microsoft Excel format, the Excel workbook does not include the entries from the Examples column
BUG-11787: QTerm: You may be unable to add entries to a memoQ TMS 10.0 QTerm termbase from your memoQ client if the termbase has been created in a previous version of memoQ TMS
BUG-9689: SRT filter: You may receive an "Index was out of range" error and fail to import a document if you turn on "Convert to inline tags and break segment" and "Language segmentation rules" for an error in how end of empty target segments is handled during segmentation
BUG-11558: Star Transit Project (PPF, PXF) filter: memoQ may change language codes when exporting a TPF package, rendering Transit unable to update its project from the package
BUG-11605: The "Verify well-formedness against source" option in QA settings may generate QA errors for actually correct extra tag pairs
BUG-11649: The option to filter documents in a project by progress percentage may not work as expected


BUG-11282: A placeholder is displayed instead of the newly created OIDC/SSO user's email address in the email notification sent to them about registration
BUG-11403: A segment other than that with the highest match rate may be inserted during pre-translation in some fuzzy bands for an error resulting in giving higher scores to fragment hits than to fuzzy search results
BUG-11580: Localization: Machine Translation: Systran MT: Profile name in Japanese is corrupted in the Profiles drop-down list
BUG-11616: Localization: The German UI in memoQWeb's PM UI says "terminologe" for a typo error
BUG-11514: Machine Translation: Crosslang MT: You may get an exception when trying to open the plugin's configuration dialog
BUG-11333: Match rate of segments consisting only of tags and numbers are raised to 100+% in case of white-space differences (such as when the segment in your document contains no tags, but a number, whereas the TM hit contains a tag and a number)
BUG-11271: memoQ TMS may crash when you try to repair and export a corrupted termbase which cannot actually be repaired
BUG-11540: memoQ TMS Resources API: The UI-based and API-based search features of QTerm behave inconsistently for searching exact matches and when returning forbidden terms
BUG-11110: memoQ TMS: A temporary folder may be left behind after backup runs
BUG-11508: memoQWeb: Translation results from LiveDocs for a different sublanguage are shown in WebTrans
BUG-10315: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may be unable to export documents containing both LTR and RTL segments in document fields
BUG-11497: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) filter: You may not be able to import specific Word documents with the "Import alternative text of images" option turned on
BUG-4548: The Export (Stored Path) action returns with an error and claims that a directory cannot be found when memoQ tries to export only one document in a multilingual online project with custom code execution enabled
BUG-10949: When you simply click Close on the "Edit auto-translation rule set" dialog to close it, you get no warning that your modifications won't be saved
BUG-11551: XLIFF filter: Improper configuration of the import filter may result in the exported document to contain misplaced segments if the source contained space-only segments
BUG-11321: You may get a message reading "TM is already in exclusive use" when trying to convert a legacy TM to a TM+ TM

Initial 10.0 release was 10.0.10

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