Hello, memoQ 2015!

memoQ 2015 is a feature rich and innovative software. This page covers only benefits which have been introduced since memoQ 2014 R2.

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Easier project creation with translator pro

If you have a small translation project it should be easy and quick to set up a project. In memoQ 2015 it is. A translator can just drag and drop the files for translation on to memoQ then select the “Start Translation” link. The project creation wizard will then start with most of what needs to be filled in already there. The project name is called after the first file name and the languages are set to the last language pair used in memoQ. You can change any of these settings or click on the finish button to start translation.

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Enhanced leverage

It can be frustrating when a fuzzy match has just a word or two different and those words are in your term base, autocorrect list or other resource. memoQ 2015 has enhanced leverage functionality called MatchPatch which repairs fuzzy matches. It will correct the fuzzy match by replacing the incorrect words based on term bases or other resources. memoQ’s number substitution functionality has also been improved. memoQ 2015 now recognises more number patterns and substitutes them correctly as expected for the target language.


Improved compatibility

With memoQ 2015 we have again improved memoQ’s compatibility with other translation technologies. memoQ is able to read comments including text highlights from SDLXLIFF and whatever you enter in memoQ shows up correctly back in Trados Studio. If the original file was Microsoft Word, memoQ recognizes SDLXLIFF formatting and all other tags and allows you to change the formatting which is preserved if you import the file back to Trados Studio.

package management

Improved translation management

If your company does not have all translation management centralized, memoQ server 2015 gives you the possibility to start doing it in a painless fashion. You can set up groups of project managers for different departments or country offices who are only able to work with a set of pre-defined resources, but can create projects on the server. You will enable them to save costs and improve quality, but at the same time they can keep their autonomy in ordering translations. memoQ 2015 also allows project managers to assign content to one, two or three different subvendors and to assign the same person in two different roles.

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Keyboard shortcut editor

Translators frequently use keyboard shortcuts to speed up their work. memoQ 2015 has a new keyboard shortcut editor which allows greater flexibility and power to keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts can now be created for any special character you need to type frequently and for most functions used in memoQ. In addition to this we have made the ribbon customizable.


Project management dashboard

memoQ is very focused on making project management work simpler, more efficient and more effective. The project management dashboard further improves project management efficiency. The project manager gets a better view of their projects and can see the project’s status at a detailed level. Project alerts will show project managers where their intervention is needed. Project managers can see slow progress, translators not starting, deadline too close and other alerts. The project manager can re-assign projects directly from the dashboard from one person to another, even in multiple projects. The project management dashboard offers better search functionality and has a two line view which allows project managers to see project, domain and subject in addition to the standard status information.

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Web based project and user management

Teams of translators have been one of the first groups to embrace memoQ cloud and memoQ’s web interface. memoQ 2015 adds more powerful functionality to the web interface with new user management functionality and an improved task overview. A project manager can assign users to project tasks and manage users from the web based interface. The task overview for translators and reviewers was also completely revamped, with a much better overview of tasks that need attention.

Change Logs

June 11, 2018
MT-0029712: False QA warning for forbidden terms embedded in other, not-forbidden terms.
MT-0030511: Microsoft Word (DOCX) filter: Hidden text picked up unintentionally by the filter.
MT-0031030: Resources API: An API call made termbases corrupt on term update.
MT-0031364: MIF filter: Cross-references were not working in exported files.
MT-0031929: QTerm: Header column on the Search page got vertically misaligned when the scrollbar appeared.
MT-0031981: Specific segments were not updated from two-column RTF documents due to source difference.
MT-0031992: Adobe FrameMaker (MIF2) filter: Adjusted filter to changes in non-conditional markers inside conditional markers.
MT-0032020: XLIFF filter: Target content was written to MRD files incorrectly, causing export to fail.
MT-0032025: memoQWeb: The Discussion button exhibited different behavior at different places.
MT-0032031: Microsoft Word (DOCX) filter: Leading space shifted comments by one character in exported files.
MT-0032049: Fixed an issue preventing custom code from running on project creation.
MT-0032069: The Finish button of the New memoQ project wizard had a different color tone.
MT-0032073: The scrollbar was missing in the preview pane.
MT-0032081: An error enabled users to remove read-only documents read-only LiveDocs (corpus) resources.
MT-0032083: Microsoft Word (DOCX) filter: Specially crafted DOCX files caused general error during import.
MT-0032086: Microsoft Excel (XLSX) filter: The result of the export was an XLS (legacy Excel) file with incorrect XLSX extension.
MT-0032092: Server upgrade failed from memoQ 6.8.x to 7.8.x and 8.3.x.
MT-0032093: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi XLSX/CSV) filter: Specific Excel files failed to import.
MT-0032094: New QA warnings and errors did not appear upon confirming a segment in the [Resolve errors and warnings] window.
MT-0032097: The Modifier field was not ignored on TBX import in spite of such settings.
MT-0032117: Custom metadata lost on publishing local project on memoQ Server.
MT-0032124: The Manage logins window was not available in memoQ 4Free.
MT-0032125: Microsoft Word (DOCX) filter: Export failed for specific files.
MT-0032130: Fixed minor issues on the "Related entries" dialog.
MT-0032135: Text appeared truncated on the Project settings > Content connector section.
MT-0032143: memoQ XLIFF (MQXLIFF) filter: Specially crafted files crashed memoQ on import.
MT-0032145: The text color in the Connection category of Server Administrator was wrong.
MT-0032155: Regex comments broke auto-translation rules.
MT-0032156: General error occurred if you tried to add very long user names in Server Administrator.
MT-0032157: Invoking a project creation URI closed the opened project without asking the user.
MT-0032158: Microsoft Word (DOCX) filter: Specially crafted documents become truncated and extra segments were inserted.
MT-0032167: HTML filter: Text is segmented along tags.
MT-0032171: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi XLSX/CSV) filter: Some translations were not included in the export of specially crafted Microsoft Excel (XLSX) workbooks.
MT-0032175: Changes made to documents on the [Find and replace results] dialog were lost if you closed a document without switching over to it first.
MT-0032176: XML filter: The Populate button of the Tags and attributes tab did not work when selecting UTF-16 BE encoding.
MT-0032183: Regex in QA settings produced errors for zero-length matches.
MT-0032187: Ignoring a QA warning in the [Resolve errors and warnings] window required superfluous mouse clicks.
MT-0032190: Some invalid characters blocked sending email notifications.
MT-0032191: Fixed an error preventing emails sending in one specific server.
MT-0032193: When assigning document using the WS-API deadlines way into the paM:0032193: WS-API: Assigning a document with a deadline way into the past could produce errors.
MT-0032194: YAML+HTML filter: Backslash characters were duplicated in \r\n sequences.
MT-0032195: Resources API: Documentation regarding translation memory updates missed information on validation check.
MT-0032199: SDL Trados XLIFF (SDLXLIFF) and SDL Trados Package (SDLPPX) filters: Failed to import a specially crafted document.
MT-0032206: Idiom WorldServer package (WSXZ) filter: Translation memories were not imported from some packages.
MT-0032211: Microsoft Excel (XLSX) filter: Improper delimiter characters appeared between context IDs for segments having multiple context IDs imported.
MT-0032222: Adobe InDesign (IDML) filter: Could not import document with tracked changes.
MT-0032237: Omniscien Technologies MT plugin: Expiry (end) time was sometimes earlier than the start time due to time zone conversion problems.
MT-0032242: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX) filter: Hidden slides and notes of presentations were imported in spite of being requested to be ignored.
MT-0032244: Microsoft MT plugin: Category ID settings were reset upon exiting memoQ.
MT-0032245: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi XLSX/CSV) filter: Encoding changed from UTF-8 to UTF-8 with BOM after export.
MT-0032246: In special cases, a few sentences were missing from updated monolingual documents.
MT-0032285: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi XLSX/CSV) filter: Failed to import some Microsoft Excel (XLSX) files not conforming to the XLSX specification.
MT-0032291: Security fix: The Logo URL property left room for malicious Stored XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks based on Angular Expression Injection.
MT-0032292: Security fix: Vulnerability to arbitrary file read via XXE (XML External Entities) attacks fixed.
MT-0032293: Security fix: Forum topic titles left room for malicious Stored XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks based on Angular Expression Injection.
MT-0032295: Manually clearing the source font list for font substitutions generated an error.
MT-0032302: Security fix - Vulnerability to Authenticated Reflected XSS attack enabling JavaScript code insertion fixed.
MT-0032303: Security fix: The Logo tooltip property left room for malicious Stored XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks based on Angular Expression Injection.
MT-0032304: Security fix: The Profile page left room for malicious Stored XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks based on Angular Expression Injection.
MT-0032305: Security fix: The Project Management page left room for malicious Stored XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks based on Angular Expression Injection.
MT-0032311: Pinned resources could not be used locally.
MT-0032313: Regex text filter: Space characters were not preserved in preview.
MT-0032314: memoQ Server Deployment Tool stopped responding under very specific circumstances involving insufficient registry privilege levels coming from Active Directory policies and unsupported SQL Server version.
MT-0032322: memoQ failed to save changed LQA settings.
MT-0032324: Security fix: The Username property left room for malicious Stored XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks based on Angular Expression Injection.
MT-0032325: Security fix: Document names left room for malicious Stored XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks based on Angular Expression Injection.
MT-0032327: SDL Trados XLIFF (SDLXLIFF) and SDL Trados Package (SDLPPX) filters: Errors related to importing unsegmented files with source range comments and unsegmented translation units caused import failures.
MT-0032335: Truncated text appeared in the AutoCorrect window.
MT-0032336: XLIFF filter: Export failure fixed.
MT-0032341: The CAL activation control caused exception in a special case.
MT-0032373: Adobe FrameMaker (MIF) filter: Fixed an export failure.
MT-0032377: Adobe InDesign (IDML) filter: Fixed an import failure.
MT-0032378: Segments confirmed in sliced document received incorrect segment status.
MT-0032404: Microsoft Word (ODT) filter: A specific file failed to export.
MT-0032415: Different word counts were reported depending on tag weight and scope.
MT-0032416: Could not download deleted file from a content-connected project.
MT-0032417: RTF Update: Formatting changes after bilingual update was wrong.
0032049: Fixed an issue preventing custom code from running on project creation.
0031353: Filter configuration could not be opened from the details pane of the Translations list in specific cases.
0032023: Removed superfluous QA warning 02012 and 02013 for inline img tags with translatable attribute not present in the source.
0032011: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi TXT/Excel) filter: An error caused extra content to be imported.
0032000: Export to TM command was not available in the management window of LiveDocs.
0031988: WS-API: Fixed a project creation failure.
0031980: An error caused audit log for TM time to reset after server restart.
0031975: A corrupted corpus prevented memoQ server from starting up with performance counters enabled.
0031741: Adobe InDesign (IDML) filter: Fixed an error experienced when exporting specific IDML files.
0031359: Adobe InDesign (IDML) filter: Some contents were not imported.
0031962: Multilingual XML (MuLi XML) filter: Fixed an error causing import failure in specific cases.
0031932: memoQWeb: An error caused the 0 key of the numpad to not work on memoQ WebTrans pages.
0031952: XLIFF filter: Protected mrd tags were not handled properly.
0031946: Confirming a segment in the TM editor after running QA on that TM incorrectly made the previous segment confirmed, too.
0031950: Some projects could not be restored from MQBKF packages on specific computers.
0031930: memoQWeb: Fixed a checkbox issue on the Languages and roles page.
0031759: SDL Trados Studio Package (SDLPPX) filter: Fixed an error during Studio package import in specific cases.
0031943: HTML filter for MadCap Flare files: Some incorrectly interpreted tags resulted in incorrect segmentation.
0031767: XML filter: Fixed an error preventing preview creation for XML files.
0031945: An error prevented some email notifications to be sent.
0031938: WS-API: Some methods on ELM endpoints did not update the cache if CAL licensing model were used.
0031933: Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX, and XLT) filter: Documents had no preview in some cases.
0031926: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi TXT/Excel) filter: Excel displayed cell contents in translated documents without proper line wrapping until double-clicking such cells.
0031934: Wrong username displayed after editing a discussion.
0031931: Clicking the Help button closed the Deliver document dialog.
0031501: An error caused timeout when trying to reassign documents from First Accept.
0031904: Adobe InDesign (IDML) filter: Fixed an error when the exported file could not be opened with Adobe InDesign.
0031901: Fixed an error preventing the import of monolingual CSV files into LiveDocs.
0031897: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi TXT/Excel) filter: Exported file contained the source instead of translation in a few specific cases.
0031905: memoQ Auto Update Helper did not overwrite itself.
J/MQ-390: QTerm: Can't page the list in Glossary view
J/MQ-389: QTerm: Overlapping entries in Glossary view if the browser zoom is different from 1M/00%

M/0031872: Templates: Reference TMs cause project creating to fail
M/0031841: Templates: Cannot switch QA settings in specific project templates
M/0031824: PPTX filter: Subscript and superscript in formulas causes export to fail
M/0031816: Active Directory groups only synchronize partially with memoQ Server when using Single Sign-On (SSO)
M/0031815: Multilingual Delimited Text filter: Unable to import Excel files in some specific cases
M/0031813: Specially crafted auto-translation rules cause a general error when clicking some target segments
M/0031804: XLIFF filter + WordFast TXLF files: Unable to import TXLF files to memoQ
M/0031801: memoQ tries to open files with no registered application in Windows, and those registered to open in memoQ
M/0031799: Wrong segmentation and missing inline tags in alignment when using a cascading filter (XML + Excel)
M/0031798: PDF filter + Regex Tagger filter: PDF documents cannot be imported through a filter chain including Regex Tagger filter
M/0031793: Multilingual Delimited Text filter: Unable to import in-place translation by background color
M/0031779: Multilingual Delimited Text filter: Import fails for specific files
M/0031770: Multilingual XML filter: Translation missing from or shifted in exported file
M/0031745: Multilingual XML filter: Warning for multiline source segments with single line target segments
M/0031739: Multilingual Delimited Text filter: Cannot export translation with comma used for the decimal separator
M/0031736: Checking out a project with multilingual reference TBs attached fails
M/0031733: DOCX filter: Extra italics formatting in export
M/0031728: Last row on [Resolve Errors and Warnings] window hidden by status bar
M/0031711: MIF filter: Cannot import back MIF document previously exported from memoQ
M/0031699: Unable to run QA in specific projects
M/0031690: Closing a project right after splitting a segment causes an internal application error
M/0031676: HTML filter: Duplicate URLs in exported HTML files
M/0031671: XLIFF filter: Encoding changed at export
M/0031650: WS-API: DemoClient is inconsistent in ServerProjectServiceTest.cs
M/0031649: WS-API: File storage cleanup may not delete old files on a day if the server has been restarted that day
M/0031646: Auto-complete may cause an error when collecting candidates
M/0031634: Deleting a remote LiveDocs resource causes it to be disposed of, loaded and disposed again of memory
M/0031633: Multilingual Delimited Text M/0031690: Preview broken by segmentation along line breaks
M/0031632: DOCX filter: Importing multiple DOC/DOCX files sometimes fails
M/0031627: Cannot reimport documents in online projects after cloning for other target languages
M/0031623: memoQWeb: An assigned document appears as many times on the Online Tasks tab of memoQWebTrans' as many project topics it is associated with
M/0031622: Group name placeholders appear in the Permissions window
M/0031618: XLSX filter: Import fails for specific files
M/0031607: Adding a # symbol to a segmentation rule throws error
M/0031605: The exported difference as change-tracked Word file contains wrong date and time.
M/0031591: The number of all entries displayed on the TM editor status bar is incorrect (always 0)
M/0031558: Regex Tagger filter: Filter configuration preview does not highlight some tags
M/0031545: Custom field with date format cannot handle wrong dates and times properly
M/0031537: DOCX filter: Error when exporting a file with localized external hyperlink
M/0031536: [Import Reviewed Document] doesn't work after renaming the project
M/0031521: QTerm + memoQWeb: Adding date type definition to a TB causes memoQWeb to automatically change the date to the day before.
M/0031496: WSXZ filter: Error when importing documents from a WSXZ package
M/0031494: memoQ Server service stops with event ID 7031
M/0031489: Ajax requests fail with XSRF token error for URLs containing uppercase characters
M/0031463: TXML (WordFast) filter: Exporting specific files causes internal application error
M/0031448: Microsoft Office Word grammar check can't find specific grammar issues
M/0031438: SDLXLIFF filter: Space characters between segments are omitted from document after exporting from SDL Trados Studio
M/0031409: Send changes to source hangs in content connected projects
M/0031363: Table RTF update causes false alarm for tag formatting mismatch if a cell's content begins with formatted tags
M/0031352: DOCX filter: Some comments are not imported
M/0031348: IDML filter: Import failure by paragraph linearization error
M/0031213: QTerm: Members of the Project Manager group cannot convert memoQ termbases to QTerm termbases
M/0030877: Custom field with date format cannot handle wrong dates and times properly
M/0030825: memoQ Server log filled with errors regarding e-mail transmission
M/0030073: PowerPoint
0031485: Error message occurred when clicking the Primary column of an added Muse.
0031483: Excel XLS: In specific cases, the exported file was corrupted and had to be recovered by Microsoft Excel.
0031475: Multilingual Delimited text (Excel) filter: Non-integer length check number was not imported.
0031464: Multilingual delimited text (Excel) filter: Columns were switched up after export.
0031446: FrameMaker MIF: empty comment containing only carriage return at end contained the element following it at export.
0030853: Multilingual delimited text (Excel) filter: Line breaks were missing on multiple sheets of exported file.
0031433: With a very narrow memoQ window, some user interface elements under Project Overview got corrupted.
0031402: Fixed the behavior of the locking of document reassignmnt vs the state of the "Allow package creation" and "Workflow phases can overlap" options.
0031422: FrameMaker MIF: First element after header comment was exported as part of the comment.
0031382: FrameMaker MIF: encoding was wrong in exported files in specific cases.
0031406: Monolingual review: some segments were not connected, manual link resulted in cross-review link.
0031195: We've fixed a GUI issue occuring with very narrow browser window sizes.
0031367: Multilingual delimited text (Excel) filter: the number was turned into number stored as text in the exported file.
0031214: Webtrans: we fixed and issue with the 'RLM' dropdown menu's layout with Russian UI language.
0031208: QTerm: the vertical divider line between 'language' columns were not in the correct position.
0031127: Broadcast messages had different formatting when sending from memoqweb and desktop client.
0031392: No non-translatable result when using an imported non-translatable resource.
0031380: We've fixed some issues in the .svg filter (for files were text was segmented into elements character by character).
0031391: DOCX: some links were not translated in footnotes.
0031390: In the translation document lists of projects, the language nodes were visible even if the project has only a single target language.
0031129: With the Broadcast message history containing 0 entries, the "Delete selected message" dialog still appeared.
0031137: Discussions in memoQweb: when the topic permission type was changed on the Grant access tab by the user, the feedback box did not reflect the changes.
0031146: QTerm: New entry dialog has a width problem if a "Multiple pick list" type fields was required in 'Language' or 'Term' level.
0031354: DOCX: Error occurred when importing a specific DOCX file.
0031358: Missing parameter values when running a "mid-processing" script for a document.
0031346: Multilingual delimited text (Excel) filter failed to use the condition column in specific case.
0031274: We've fixed an issue that caused a pause every time a document was imported with some filters.
0031327: Template automated action configuration was not reflected in project overview in specific case.
0031295: memoQ produced false positive "Duplicate words" QA warning for hyphenated words.
0031284: Auto-translation did not properly calculate numeric values in some cases.
0031296: SDLXLIFF: tab and line feed character was missing after export in specific cases.
0031079: QA failed with an error when a specific autotrans rule was selected.
0030226: PO: formatting issues occurred in an exported file in specific case.
0031247: JSON: additional \ characters were added to the exported file in some cases.
0031268: Importing a specific CSV file with a specific cascading filter configuration failed.
0031271: Importing a project template from a newer version server to an older version one resulted in an error .
0027666: Multilingual delimited text (Excel) filter: Import failed claiming a column was mapped but contained value.
0031200: Multilingual delimited text (Excel) filter: Some of the content was not imported in specific cases.
0031250: Opening a local project copy offline caused an error message and no more projects could be opened.
0031243: XLIFF failed to import in specific cases.
0031240: Changing the user assignment of a slice of a document also changed its deadline in some cases (timezone issue).
0031226: Error occurred in number recognizer when comparing number hits, in some cases.
0031169: memoQweb PM module: Tooltip did not appear over the whole string.
0031223: Deleting a TB did not remove stored image directory.
0031099: FrameMaker MIF: index entries were not exported in some cases. From now, additional information is saved for index entries, with its help memoQ can match index entries to sections exactly.sections exactly (matching was string based until now).
0031204: WebSearch in memoQ: ProZ.com term search did not work anymore (URL needed to be changed to https prefix to mae it work again).
0031082: Editing time report truncated editing time above 24 hours.
0031166: Resources API: create TB/TM entry did not return the id of the new entry.
0031193: Language Terminal icon with tooltip appeared in the project's status bar, even if LT wasn't set up.
0031181: PowerPoint (PPTX) imported from Content Connector leaves attached images in the project when the PPTX is removed.
0031172: Multilingual Delimited Text: Context is not imported if the Comment column is the same as Context.
0031166: Resources API: create TB/TM entry does not return the id of the new entry.
0031159: Resources API: TB term and language meta data command always picks first items.
0031157: In memoQWebTrans, under Translation results settings, the filter tabs are not editable in Firefox.
0031153: Text selection in a segment with keyboard doesn't work correctly.
0031149: XML comment breaks segment.
0031147: MIF export fails in some cases.
0031139: Multilingual Delimited Text: cannot import specific csv.
0031131: LQA update preview fails in specific cases.
0031124: Language selector dropdown doesn't work in QTerm.
0031119: If document versioning is disabled, the Review pane does not displayed the "version history is not available" message.
0031107: Edit distance statistics difference in exported csv.
0031106: Remove performance counter "Total KB of data used on disk".
0031105: Export difference as change-tracked Word file fails.
0031094: Error when configuring custom code execution.
0031076: Translated MQXLIFF refuses to import back to memoQ after being translated in Studio 2011.
0031056: memoQ main window is not visible after primary screen is changed.
0031055: CSV (Excel+HTML): exported file is an xls with ".csv" extension.
0031053: Unable to import XLSX file that contains an illegal XML character.
0031046: SDLXLIFF comment is duplicated upon export.
0031045: Autocorrect windows opens slowly with the attached Autocorrect list.
0031039: Remove Tags context menu is disabled in the TM editor.
0031032: Content Connector client displays error message when trying to change the host.
0031026: Silent installer fails to activate memoQ after installation with memoQInstallPath78 key not found error.
0031009: Online project, files tab in navigation is not displayed when automated actions are turned off.
0031008: With 'View' permission, user can change the status of a LiveDocs document to editable.
0031004: Multilingual XML: Import rules created with long strings do not show properly in Document import settings.
0030997: QTerm picklist values for term-level don't import correctly into other TBs if they contain spaces.
0030992: WorldServer: duplicated segments in exported DocumentName.
0030946: SDLXLIFF file fails to import with special character in the name.
0030937: Segment status switched to Skip after merging all of segments simultaneously.
0030928: Error occurs when trying to open the Configuration and logging tab.
0030920: Error when selecting a segment in a document in an online project .
0030907: Cancel behavior while exporting file from local copy project.
0030866: memoQ server upgrade window version number field is hidden.
0030851: MQ does not export LQA error list on server.
0030830: Detecting languages in project creation wizard takes long for small JSON files.
0030781: Internal application error when autopick suggestion list is active and user presses Ctrl+Z.
0030777: Excel filter ignores charts on non-spreadsheet-type sheets.
0030776: Update package does not set LastModified timestamp of rows.
0030770: Font substitution is not restored from backup.
0030761: Ribbon status not stored between sessions.
0030760: Subvendor PM can move an online project into the recycle bin.
0030730: The Revert source to original option is active when it should not be.
0030721: Naming error during project restore from .mqbkf backup file.
0030719: Server side PPT import does not work.
0030709: QA warning icon disappears after double-clicking to ignore it.
0030697: DTD warnings when creating new QTerm TB from TBX.
0030668: XLIFF: For empty segments, show source is not filling the target side when exporting the document.
0030630: Allow editing only the not-synchronized fields in case of AD,SAM or LT users.
0030615: Illegal characters (i.e. unit separator) in user name or resource metadata fields can break WS API.
0030586: QA does not report if one of multiple auto-translatable hits is missing.
0030584: AutoPick results remain on screen if memoQ is minimized.
0030449: PPTX: centered SmartArt text becomes left-aligned in exported document.
0030282: Filter name is extra long in QA report.
0030273: Monolingual review: wrong number of segments changed and additional space is added at the beginning of certain segments.
0029833: Reverse language TMs are not added when creating online project from template.
0029246: Cannot create SDLRPX package from certain SDLPPX packages when they are published as online project.
0030536: Error occurred when editing QA in Windows 7.
0030506: DOCX: Index markers were not exported correctly.
0030492: XLF: trans-unit was empty after export.
0030470: DOCX: Exporting a specific document failed with an unnecessary tag in translation.
0030469: Importing terminology into an online term base with different languages caused errors.
0030443: Toggling spell check via installing new dictionary from file did not enable 'Curly underlines' feature immediately.
0030430: A custom XML-HTML cascading filter failed with a specific file.
0030426: Import got stuck when trying import a TM in a specific case.
0030420: Discussions at document level were treated as project level and generated an error.
0030419: GUI: Changing the layout to "Results on Top" was not saved.
0030403: DOCX: export failed in some cases with an error saying "Close tags should be structural".
0030386: Hitting Enter after filling Name in "New term base" made the page unresponsive.
0030375: Resources API (TM): Lookup always returned fragment hits.
0030369: False grammar check underlining appeared in segments with tags in specific cases.
0030366: QA check failed in a specific case when the Target to Source Translation Consistency check was enabled.
0030363: Multilingual XML filter: Export failed for a specific file with empty source node.
0030352: Reassigning a job from a subvendor did not work in the specific case.
0030345: Exporting Trados-compatible bilingual doc failed in a specific case with a DOCX original file.
0030342: General Error occurred when clicking on filter configuration in specific case.
0030321: SDLXLIFF filter configuration GUI a link's clickable area was slightly shifted.
0030313: SDLPPX: Import failed in specific case.
0030311: Error occurred when sorting projects based on "Last modified" field.
0030293: Term highlights were shifted in translation documents in specific case.
0030280: Filename was incorrect in statistics CSV export.
0030262: memoQ crashed with Dragon 15 in specific cases.
0030140: WorldServer: exported file was different when imported with cascading and non-cascading filters.
0029995: memoQ translation document contained additional tags at the start and end of segments for SDLXLIFF files in specific case.
0029914: When deleting a term base, the "Live backup" temporary folders in the TB folder were not deleted.
0027518: When upgrading a server, the database changes could time out in some cases.

memoQWeb fixes:
0030440: "Limit favorite languages" option was not working on the Profile page in memoQWeb.
0030306: When assigning documents to translators on the Web PM interface, the bottom part of some characters was not visible.
0030245: In place of an Image in a QTerm termbase entry, a part of the memoQWeb user interface was shown.
0030264: DOCX: File failed to export through API.
0030241: XLF: target trans-units were empty after exporting document in specific case.
0030287: DOCX: exporting specific document didn't work.
0029852: MIF: missing font in variable definition.
0030289: Turning off Autopilot in a project resulted in an error in specific case.
0030266: DOCX import did not recognize texts in bubbles, arrow, and WordArts.
0030280: Filename was incorrect in statistics result in specific case.
0030273: Monolingual review: wrong number of segments were changed and also additional space was added at the beginning of certain segments.
0030194: There was a display issue with filter conditions in QTerm.
0030268: WS-API: ApiKey header element has to have namespace reference.
0030263: Custom code executable with dependent files did not execute in specific case.
0028880: TM settings soft filter was not applied in specific case.
0030236: memoQ became unresponsive during pre-translate in specific case.
0030127: memoQ became unresponsive when trying to confirm certain segments and during pre-translate in specific case.
0030217: MQXLZ: Error when importing the mqxlz file in specific case.
0030102: Failed to search in Korean TM in specific case.
0030203: Saving resource permissions failed when the permission list was empty.
0030211: When editing a project template, images and formatted text could be pasted into the "Command line arguments" box.
0030213: Translation memory lookup errors happened on specific memoQ server.
0030218: Online project - Using Refresh button caused a general error in a specific case.
0030095: PPTX: Import specific document failed.
0030207: Error message occurred when applying update package in a specific case.
0030182: "MemoQ.Controls.Language" variable was visible instead of language name "English" in the term extractor.
0030189: Sliced document - files were not sorted based on segment numbers.
0030188: Project creation from template failed in specific case.
0030069: Deleting a comment in a translation document did not clear the highlight belonging to the deleted comment.
0030173: Regex tagger assigned the formatting of the first character in segment instead of the first character of the match.
0030187: PPTX slides were imported in random order in specific case.
0030190: Failed to search for both source and target in TM editor in specific case.
0030174: PPTX failed to import in specific case.
0030130: QA: Exported HTML report didn't contain any data just placeholders.
0030168: TIPP package: reference files were not exported.
0030045: DOCX: Export became unresponsive for specific file.
0030187: PPTX slides were imported in different order in specific cases.
0030146: The filter did not return certain users when reassigning documents in projects.
0030150: From now, offline TM creation in project checkout will have better performance.
0030133: Opening a view in project created from handoff package failed in specific cases.
0030104: Error message occurred when entering a segment in a translation document in specific cases.
0030060: DOCX: Error occurred when exporting a document with SmartArt inside it in specific cases.
0030126: PPTX: Importing specific documents failed when the "Import sections" checkbox was selected.
0030113: Handoff packages list was not refreshed when refreshing the online project.
0030107: PXF: Transit package produced "markup error" when importing the package into memoQ.
0030070: Visio (VDX): Line separators were imported as "empty square characters" instead of breaking the segment.
0030076: Documents without LQA model appeared in LQA statistics in specific cases.
0029747: Webtrans: accented characters were not visible in the Translation results.
0029948: PSD: users were unable to import a specific PSD file.
0029913: Filtering for text in the TM editor didn't work when it contained mixed English and Japanese characters.
0029048: LiveDocs match rate was wrong for specific (Korean) files.
0027169: On removing TM duplicates always the current modification date and user were saved, regardless of settings.
0030024: memoQ TMs or TBs containing curly braces (e.g. {Client}) in the name could not be renamed or deleted.
0030006: IDML alignment failed with a specific custom cascading filter.
0030005: TM consistency QA check skipped segments in batch mode.
0029990: Import specific DOCX files failed.
0029975: Resources API: too frequent logins resulted in an error on the server side.
0029971: List field from a Trados TMX file was not imported in a specific case.
0029972: XML: line feed was missing from export in a specific case.
0029952: SDLXLIFF: comment was not exported into the catalog for trans units with non-translatable content.
0029970: Custom metadata was not read probably from a handoff package when importing it into an online project.
0029700: qTerm: Empty multi-choice and single-choice pick list could be added as required, causing error when adding new entry.
0029949: Disabling non-translatables also disabled automatic insertion.
0029956: Exporting bilingual from empty view resulted in an error.
0029710: HTML: UTF-8 encoded file without BOM exported as UTF-8 with BOM.
0029957: Webtrans: The incorrect date was not properly hidden in the Comment dialog.
0029902: QA - False bracket/quote warnings occurred if the marks were not defined as punctuation marks in one of the languages.
0029714: Filter projects for assigned subvendor did on work on the memoQ dashboard.
0029941: memoQ server: Custom code execution timeout was not handled gracefully.
0029758: memoQweb / WebTrans: Direct URL did not directly lead to the document for guest users.
0029942: PPTX: Importing a document containing an equation failed in a specific case.
0029932: Export (stored path) stopped working when removing a target language from local project and then publishing it.
0029910: A custom QA rule written by a user did not work in QA check when using the custom tags & regex feature.
0029882: QA gave false positives about missing and extra tags in a specific case.
0029927: XML handling bug: newline entities in attribute values were incorrectly exported as literal newlines.
0028658: WS API connection from "localhost" to memoQ server was rejected when IP filtering was turned on.
0029905: Opening an exported Word document caused an error message in some cases.
0029759: DOCX: Specific converted PDF document from ABBYY FineReader 14 could not be imported.
0029507: memoQweb: If no specific timezone was set, date related filters could fail.
0029854: Excel import: we've changed the default option to select the ranges to import (previously, the default was to select the ranges to not import).
0029879: Importing update mqout package into server with new languages incorrectly imported new resources.
0029661: memoQweb: Text clarification change in the "Active user is different" dialog.
0029878: XML: Behaviour of segmentation around processing was changed, causing loss of TM leverage - we've changed it back.
0029810: X - Translate: Rows with inline tags containing translatable attributes in a separate row were not x-translated.
0029871: XLIFF: Trans-units failed to import if they had a state that needed to be mapped to "rejected".
0029875: XSLT Preview: Inline tag formatting was not working properly.
0029932: Export (stored path) stopped working when removing a target language from local project and then publishing it.
0029878: XML: Segmentation around processing instructions was changed.
0029871: XLIFF: trans-units with states that needed to be mapped to rejected failed to import.
0029861: Performance counters could not be refreshed in specific cases.
0029849: Project based CAL licenses: in specific cases, users were assigned a PM license, depsite only being eligible for Translator Pro edition.
0029774: MIF: cross reference marker's MText was not escaped at export.
0027654: Wrong timestamp could occur in row history.
0029507: If no specific timezone was set, date related filters could fail in QTerm.
0029167: Date labels in memoQweb were shortened in case of Hungarian locale.
0029246: memoQ could not create SDLRPX package from some SDLPPX packages if the package was published as online project.
0029800: From now on, the user receives better feedback when changes in Options dialog require a memoQ restart.
0029423: Drag and drop not working in Files tab of projects on Windows 10.
0029822: False "Project not checked out yet" alert could occur in specific cases.
0029802: MemoQ removed the format (bold/underline etc...) from the document if it came from a Transit ppf package, in specific cases.
0029765: We have changed the default compatibility behaviour of the MS OFfice filter configuration.
0029809: Using the "Changes and Conflicts" features did not work in a view.
0029715: SDLPPX package failed to import in specific cases, due to unknown target language.
0029777: Find and replace / Mark all - General error occured when clicking for sorting in Find and replace list.
0029766: Unfinished document did not include required tag closing pair at export in special case.
0029755: MS Office filters reported incompatibility for newer files by default.
0029768: "TargetInvocationException" masked actual error when document open failed.
0029771: Error occured during synchronization if the memoQ client's edition was not valid.
0029741: Statistics exports got saved without a file extension in terminal server environments.
0029757: memoQ client became unrepsponsive when editing a finished aligment pair in a LiveDocs corpus.
0029751: Muli Delimited Text filter: from now on, memoQ shall investigate the values rather than the formulas for Condition cells.
0029713: Statistics: memoQ did not used some matches from LiveDocs corpora in the project management window.
0029746: DOCX: Import failed with a specific cascading filter for a document with embedded objects.
0029743: DOC, DOCX: document could not be exported in specific case.
0029681: PPTX file export: a formatting issue occured in specific cases.
0029676: No filenames were written to the analysis export CSV file after exporting WSXZ package analysis.
0029721: PDF: Only the first page of the document was imported in a specific case.
0029729: DOCX: the exported file was corrupted in some cases.
0029693: Project management - Page size was blank on Translations tab in some cases.
0029723: Accidentally pressing Enter caused an error in the "Add folder structure" dialog.
0029421: There was an issue with importing escaped characters into a QTerm term base.
0029717: Multilingual XML: memoQ could not import an XML file with no encoding declaration.
0029564: SDLXLIFF: we have fixed and issue with comments that pointed at a zero length text range.
0024059: TMEditor showed +1 as the identifier for a new row, even after saving it.
0029332: PPTX: some documents could not be imported due to a validation error.
0029690: We have fixed some grammar issues with a piece of message text in the "Upgrade memoQ server" window.
0029687: DOCX: some documents could not be imported due to a validation error.
0027169: Fixed – On removing TM duplicates always the current modification date and user were saved regardless of settings.
0028795: Fixed – High number of memoQweb HTTP requests caused IP block in TMG Cloud firewall.
0029059: Fixed – Relative path placeholder in automated actions should calculate relative path based on whole project scope.
0029064: Fixed – Doc file looked different in Word after export from memoQ in specific case.
0029133: Fixed – sdlxliff could not be opened in Trados Studio in specific case.
0029198: Fixed – [XsltPreview] Xslt assignment did not work properly in specific case.
0029208: Fixed – TM match difference indicator "lamps" in Translations pane malfunctioned in a specific case.
0029210: Fixed – Different server address warning was shown when having valid primary and secondary client connect addresses and connecting with secondary.
0029212: Fixed – Monolingual review – Run Aligner command caused an error in specific case.
0029234: Fixed – Solves a specific memOQ server crash bug related to single sign-on.
0029266: Fixed – Concordance didn't give results when searching for Latin letters in Chinese source text.
0029273: Fixed – General error happened when using Ctrl+Z to undo tag deletion.
0029288: Fixed – Automated action export QA report on server failed in specific case.
0029291: Fixed – ODT – Bold formatting at certain places within target segment prevented export.
0029294: Fixed – PHP – Import failed when a single line comment was followed by php closing tag (without line break).
0029295: Fixed – Confirm and update rows window offered available metadata fields and values from a TM that is not the master TM (while the operation updates the master TM).
0029303: Fixed – MemoQ(32).exe process was not closed when closing memoQ after created project from specific built-in template.
0029304: Fixed – SDLXLIFF – Trados export failed in specific case due to different types of tags having same id in catalog.
0029308: Fixed – Find next sometimes caused an error when searching in the opposite side of the current selection.
0029315: Fixed – Track changes-related issue with migrating old project to the new version.
0029322: Fixed – Unable to import TMX file into memoQ in specific case.
0029328: Fixed – When importing data into a Qterm term base, the Next button was not working in specific case.
0029336: Fixed – File name matching is inaccurate in specific case when creating alignment-pairs.
0029345: Fixed – Exporting a Trados Studio package (SDLRPX) did not work in specific case. Also, after cancelling the first try, progress was not updated correctly.
0029347: Fixed – Exporting users from Server Administrator ignored AD synced users.
0029350: Fixed – Reject segment icon did not have grey background.
0029355: Fixed – Solved specific issue with creating new term base entries.
0029356: Fixed – Inactive date setting box and radio buttons in Assign window.
0029361: Fixed – Export LQA error list to Excel did not work when there would have been an empty segment in the exported file.
0029363: Fixed – Tag adjustment was not working in specific case, 1.
00% match rate for match inserted with wrong tags.
0029368: Fixed – Import TBX to new TB failed with 'cannot access file' error in specific case.
0029370: Fixed – DOCX – Importing specific docx file failed with word 2.
007 filter with comments import on.
0029371: Fixed – Password reset in memoQweb opened a blank page.
0029378: Fixed – Inline tags were at wrong position after exporting the XML document in specific case.
0029379: Fixed – Changing API to secure communication reported error message and API did not work after restart in specific case.
0029384: Fixed – Discretionary hyphens were not supported in the translation document editor.
0029389: Fixed – LQA error lists update preview showed different result compared to statistics.
0029395: Fixed – Changing the selected target languages didn't work during new project creation [R7647A].
0029402: Fixed – When adding users to an online project, changing the ordering of the users unchecked the user added before.
0029407: Fixed – Import a document did not work in Web PM with lightweight PM user.
0029410: Fixed – Selecting/Deselecting LQA model caused a general error in specific case.
0029413: Fixed – Concordance search result presentation was unusual in specific case.
0029419: Fixed – When downloading a non-existing file from the project file store on memoQweb with 'Download as ZIP', an empty .zip file was downloaded.
0029426: Fixed – MuLiDelimited – Long context IDs should be split in preview into multiple lines.
0029427: Fixed – Continuous error messages were shown in specific case when trying to ignore QA warnings from the View panel.
0029429: Fixed – QA move to next item command was disabled after ignoring and hiding an item.
0029431: Fixed – XLIFF:DOC – status mapping-related issue.
0029432: Fixed – memoQ didn't scroll down the window when ignoring the errors in the QA view.
0029434: Fixed – Subvendor assignments got lost in specific case when removing users from an online project.
0029435: Fixed – MemoQ imported the comments as tags in the source side with the doc filter.
0029437: Fixed – Worldserver .TBX and .XCS import failed in specific case.
0029438: Fixed – Web PM interface usage was allowed with a Translator Pro license in specific case.
0029444: Fixed – GUI issues of the Alert icon.
0029447: Fixed – Delivery callback was not called if delivering an offline package.
0029450: Fixed – Patched TM matches appeared with lower match rate than the original TM match in specific case.
0029457: Fixed – Template – extra TM was added to the project in specific case.
0029458: Fixed – Reimport from content source failed in a special case.
0029460: Fixed – Concordance from Language Terminal TM did not provide any hits in specific case.
0029467: Fixed – LiveDocs alignment – extra copy of document appeared in specific case.
0029468: Fixed – XLSX – Importing text form buttons labels fails.
0029470: Fixed – Updating a project with a handoff package did not work in specific case.
0029472: Fixed – WorldServer – Comments made in memoQ were not exported to (or were not visible visible in) Trados in .wsxz packages.
0029473: Fixed – API call from XTRF failed in specific case.
0029475: Fixed – Home and End keyboard keys did not work in Resource lists.
0029478: Fixed – In webtrans Reviewer 2 could unlock segments locked by the PM.
0029481: Fixed – Embedded object (PowerPoint file) was not exported in specific case.
0029487: Fixed – Setting new term defaults did not apply to new terms in specific case.
0029499: Fixed – [SDLXLIFF] – tag pair and placeholder entry in tag catalogue with same id.
0029503: Fixed – Exported Studio return package save to target caused an error.
0029504: Fixed – QTerm did not honor ForbiddenTerm (NonTerm) when definitions were present in multilingual files.
0029520: Fixed – [html] – memoQ only partially imported a specific html document.
0029521: Fixed – {Template} placeholder in project templates was not replaced with the template name.
0029525: Fixed – Translation progress always reverted to segments in memoqweb/pm/dashboard despite profile setting.
0029537: Fixed – TM filter settings window showed internal field code names (mq:subject) after editing.
0029540: Fixed – The description field on Overview/Project settings was always "N/A".
0029541: Fixed – Project home -> Settings: TM custom fields and Document versioning section was cut on higher DPI (125%) - Added scrollbar to fix.
0029552: Fixed – Audit log for TM did not get emailed.
0029565: Fixed – DOCX – Error occurred when importing a specific docx file.
0029576: Fixed – Error message occurred during doc/docx import in specific case.
0029578: Fixed – SDLPPX – Error occurred when importing Trados Studio package in specific case.
0029582: Fixed – Resources API (TB) - term IDs changed on updating entry without modification.
0029584: Fixed – Create offline copies of TMs and TBs at checkout checkbox state was ignored when importing mqout package into server.
0029589: Fixed – General error occured after clicking on the Warning icon next to a segment in specific case.
0029597: Fixed – INDD: Specific indd file could not be imported.
0029603: Fixed – When importing documents in web PM, if source language detection failed, then the "Select template and enter project properties page" became unusable.
0029606: Fixed – In web PM, Project management - Create new project - "null" text was shown in Source language drop down list.
0029608: Fixed – memoQ server alert checks in the background could result in SQL error in specific case.
0029612: Fixed – preview – Misalignment could happen in preview when using the multilingual delimited text filter.
0029614: Fixed – Online Project Filesystem from web browser was not protected against malicious file paths in case of admin user.
0029618: Fixed – Find and replace: memoQ crashed when searching for specific term in a specific case in a huge local project copy.
0029637: Fixed – TXML – Out of memory error occurred when importing txml files in specific case.
0029654: Fixed – WSAPI – AvailableCount call returned a value inconsistent with the specification.
0029656: Fixed – Error occurred in a specific case after long periods of inactivity. Possibly mobile license related. We have a potential (unconfirmed) fix, because the error is difficult to reproduce.
0029663: Fixed – Extra tag was written to exported document file in specific case with custom filter for Google markdown files.
0029665: Fixed – LQA – When a segment was left empty by a translator, and a reviewer added a "completeness" type error, it was not recognized in the LQA report.
0029673: Fixed – PO – Gettext filter generated extra lines on export in specific case.
28289 Autopick didn't recognize numbers with % sign or other symbols if they were not at the end of a segment.

Initial 2015 release was 7.8.163

Hello, memoQ 2015!