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Implementation Services for New Server Customers

Our Business Services Unit helps you implement memoQ with a production-ready server configured to support your localization strategy.

Translation Technology Audit and Advisory

A technology audit helps improve the ROI you get from memoQ. Our team analyzes your workflows, server setup, resources settings, and maintenance policies, then provides proposals for further optimizing your translation technology and process.

Translation Workflow Automation

Automation is an important part of workflow optimization. The Business Services Unit offers tailor-made solutions to automate your manual steps that are currently cost time and money.

Online and On-site Training and Consulting

Tailored training in translation and localization technology offered by the Business Services Unit increases your ROI and strengthens utilization of memoQ.

Custom Development

Don’t wait for a new memoQ release to receive your desired functionality! The Business Services Unit can create custom solutions via extensions or plugins based on memoQ’s APIs or SDKs to meet your needs.

System Integration

The Business Services Unit offers consultancy and integration services to enable connection with third-party systems such as Plunet, XTRF, iLangl or easyling, among others.

Customer Success Management

By choosing Business Services Premium Packages, you can get the most out of your memoQ journey. Your dedicated account manager ensures that you have a single point of contact with memoQ.

Why choose Business Services?

Realize and improve ROI quicker

Our expertise enables us to effectively and quickly boost your ROI with dedicated and tailor-made value-added solutions.

Digitalize and automate your workflow

Automation is an important part of workflow optimization. Our Business Services Unit can help you spot manual steps in your workflow and highlight how you can optimize them with automated processes.

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Build your own translation process

Automated or semi-automated solutions for special localization projects, memoQ server integrations with other technologies, and more.

Integrate with project management tools

memoQ has existing integrations with business management software such as Plunet and XTRF. memoQ also integrates with software that enables connections to sources of translatable content in CMS systems, like iLangl or easyling.

What our customers say

Working with Business Services

Ad-hoc consulting is available at daily consulting rates or per-project rates.

If you have perpetual licenses, you can enhance your Support and Maintenance Agreement to Premium SMA to gain access to Business Services. 

If you have subscription licenses, you can add Business Services packages to your existing or new subscriptions.

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Maximizing your workflow through the implementation of customized solutions. Our professional services team has experience in developing a range of custom solutions.

What's included

Automatic API scripts for memoQ server

Integration of memoQ server with other technologies

Extracting data from memoQ server and importing it into other technologies

Creation of customized reports

Integration with 3rd party software

API based solutions for specific requirements

Special custom features programmed into memoQ interfaces

File preparation scripts for special formats

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Meet the team

balazs kis
Gábor Faszt - Client Service Director

Gabor is one of the founders of memoQ, with decades of experience in IT, translation, and natural language processing. He’s got massive experience in collaborative translation and project management.

Katalin Hollósi - Solutions Architect

Katalin has been working with the company for more than 10 years and knows the application inside out. Nowadays, Gergely is responsible for setting memoQ's development path, and planning new releases is one of his main tasks.

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