Customer Insights Program

The efficiency of a CAT tool relies on a deep understanding of user needs, behavior, and challenges. With the memoQ Customer Insights Program we collect quantitative and qualitative user feedback to further improve memoQ.

memoQ Design Lab

The Design Lab is an initiative for collecting individual user feedback so we can further develop our translation technology environment. You know better than anybody else how memoQ meets your unique needs, so your feedback is valuable to us.  We strive to make memoQ more user-friendly and efficient while meeting your needs. Occasionally we reach out to users with different roles and levels of experience in using various memoQ features to find the best fit for various study topics. We have three data collection methods:



Short questionnaires that usually take 5-10 minutes.
customer insights

Usability Testing

Be among the first to test prototypes for new memoQ features.

User interviews

Online conference call with screen sharing during which you offer insight into your unique method of using memoQ. A user interview usually takes between 1-2 hours.

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Usage Data Collection

The Usage Data Collection relies on collecting and analyzing usage data. When you use memoQ, you may choose to enable sending data for our analysis about the way you use the software. It is our duty to be transparent about the data we collect and how we use it to further improve memoQ.

What data do we collect?

Which memoQ features you use most frequently

How quickly you can find preferred memoQ features and how you use them

Which file types you work with in memoQ

Whether you use default or custom settings

How long you have to wait for certain operations

How you organize and manage translation projects

What data is not collected?

Your identity as a person or business

Content in the documents you translate

Your translation memories

Your term bases

Your LiveDocs corpora

Anything else that could contain text from your source files or your translations

Anonymous data about all users

We want to learn as much as possible about the usage of memoQ in general and as little as possible about individual users. Our Customer Insights Program is based on the premise that you should enjoy memoQ to its fullest but not at the cost of your privacy.

You are in charge!

Participation in Usage Data Collection is completely optional. memoQ server administrators can decide regarding data collection for their servers. If you wish to participate, you may turn on Data Collection now. Where can I Enable Data Collection? Translators: In your memoQ client, check Options > Privacy. memoQ server Administrators: In a memoQ client go to Server administrator > Configuration and logging > Usage data.

How do we use data to improve memoQ?

Customer feedback has always played a significant role in memoQ’s success. We add new features several times a year. Input gathered from Usage Data Collection ensures that new development is based on real user needs. We believe that together we can continuously develop memoQ to build the most efficient translation technology environment.

Changes to the Customer Insights Program

Changes to memoQ in regular releases means corresponding changes to the usage data collected. However, even when there are slight changes in usage data collected, our goal will always be the same, which is to improve the software while still protecting your privacy.

Any Questions?

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