memoQ server Hosting Service

memoQ servers run on dedicated Azure servers which combines many key benefits of the cloud with the robustness and security of an on-premise deployment.

Your memoQ server is installed and runs on a dedicated Azure server that is hosted and fully managed by our IT Services team. This option combines many key benefits of the cloud with the robustness and security of an on-premise deployment.

Azure Advantages

Azure servers offer the following advantages to memoQ customers:

Higher availability/reliability. Azure is one of the leading cloud providers, with redundancy to protect against hardware point-of-failure in a fully virtualized environment. Due to Azure’s high level of reliability, we can guarantee a 99% availability for hosted servers.

Redundancy. Azure virtual machines (VMs) are redundant, thus providing better availability.

Better scalability. If a server becomes overloaded, we can scale up with a much smaller impact than if we had a physical computer.

Automation. Administrative and operative tasks for Azure VMs can be scripted and automated.

Regionality. Azure regions cover the world, so our customers can be closer to the sites serving them.

Security. The Azure server offering meets all available security standards.

References from memoQ customers using memoQ's server hosting service are available upon request.


Definition of Service: A hosted memoQ server is a server computer and the memoQ server software, where Customer’s organization owns the server license and controls memoQ server, but the server computer is operated by Provider. The Service consists of the following components:

  • Server computer infrastructure: Provider shall procure and operate the means of infrastructure for running a memoQ server (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Server’). The memoQ server software must be licensed separately by Customer.
  • Support and helpdesk: Provider shall monitor the operation of the server and intervene in the event of a downtime. Provider shall also offer helpdesk service where Customer may request assistance regarding the infrastructure of memoQ server and request intervention in the event of a malfunction unnoticed or not noticeable by Provider. Response times are described in Section 35.
  • Support and helpdesk for the hosting service are restricted to the server computer and its infrastructure and keeping the memoQ server service running. With the hosting service alone, Customer may not request support regarding memoQ or memoQ server itself. For support regarding memoQ and memoQ server, Customer must also have a valid SMA, that is, a paid Support and Maintenance service that has not expired. Support and Maintenance are described in Chapter VIII.

Access to the hosted Server: Customer may connect to the hosted memoQ server by the following means:

  • From a compatible version of the memoQ desktop program to the network access point (memoQ server URL) of the Server, as provided by Provider. The protocol and ports are listed in Paragraph 16.
  • From a web browser to the network access point of the Server as provided by Provider. Connection limits may apply. They are determined by the licenses owned by Customer and are out of the scope of the Service.
  • From a custom-made client application using the Web Services Application Programming Interface (WSAPI) of the Server. This is available only if the Customer has a license for the WSAPI.
  • From a custom-made client application or from an extension to a translation tool, using the Resources API on the Server. Connection limits may apply: they are determined by the licenses owned by Customer and are out of the scope of the Service.
  • Customer may not access the Server by any other means than listed above.

Network access parameters of the Server: Customer acknowledges and accepts that Provider offers the connection to the Service at the technical parameters listed below. If Customer experiences technical difficulties connecting to the Service, they may need to open or otherwise configure their firewall software to allow these connections or else Customer may need to arrange with their Internet Service Provider (ISP) to allow communication to the ports listed below. Customer also acknowledges that Provider may change the access ports and protocols at any time, without prior notification. Such changes shall be reflected in these General Terms of Service.

  • From the memoQ desktop program: secure TCP port 2705. Internet address provided by Provider.
  • From a web browser: TCP port 443 (HTTPS). Internet address provided by Provider.
  • memoQ server Resources API: subject to individual agreement between Customer and Provider.
  • Optional memoQ server WS API: subject to individual agreement between Customer and Provider.


Network security Azure platform services infrastructure protection includes:

  • Layer A: The Network Access Layer isolates Azure’s private network from the internet.
  • Layer B: Azure’s DDoS/DOS/IDS Layer uses different methods and technologies than on-premises deployment methods, to achieve similar security goals.
  • Layer C: Host firewalls protect all the hosts, and the VLANs provide additional protection for key assets. memoQ servers are equipped with firewalls. Only those ports are open that are required by memoQ server services in use.
  • Remote management access to Azure VMs is restricted to authorized source addresses. All other connections are rejected.
  • Network traffic from and to the servers is encrypted with up-to-date SSL encryption.

Data protection memoQ server data and system data is protected on the following levels:

  • Azure VM disks are kept in three redundant copies within the Azure Datacenter, thus minimizing the risk of hardware-related data loss.
  • Every 24 hours, a full memoQ server backup is created automatically.
  • Local memoQ server backup files are uploaded to a dedicated geo-redundant Azure backup storage. This means backup data is kept safe in other Azure Datacenters.
  • The last seven local and geo-redundant backup files are retained for every memoQ server (in accordance with GDPR rules).
  • Upon termination of the hosting contract, all copies of local and remote backup files are erased.

System security memoQ server is a Windows-based system. Windows updates are regularly applied to maintain system security and ensure that the operating system is up-to-date and protected against threats.  All customer servers receive Windows updates on the first Sunday of each month. Time slots for the Windows updates are adjusted to customer preferences. The time needed for these planned maintenance outages depends on the complexity of each Windows update package and may range from 30 minutes to 4 hours. On the other hand, memoQ server software updates are never deployed automatically. Customers request memoQ server software updates in advance, to minimize compatibility concerns and maximize scheduling convenience.

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