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Integration with FlowFit TMS

FlowFit TMS, developed by Consoltec,  is a web-based platform for managing translation projects. Its integration with memoQ is intuitive and user-friendly. This system offers fully automated project creation, analysis and project management. It even helps you streamline and optimize your projects, while reducing your administrative costs. This integration ensures a smooth cooperation between the two systems, resulting in seamless project management workflows.

Benefits of the Integration Between FlowFit TMS and memoQ:

memoQ projects can be created automatically via FlowFit’s virtual coordinator feature. When creating a memoQ project, this feature checks if the project matches existing filters in order to automatically create it with the proper template. FlowFit performs an analysis of the project, then creates workflows accordingly.

Simplify project management by assigning memoQ resources and deadlines directly in FlowFit! There is no need for project managers to open memoQ to follow up memoQ job statuses anymore. 

Synchronization between FlowFit and memoQ is done automatically, such as synchronization of the workflow, progress indicators, slices and memoQ documents.

Get resources workload in real time. FlowFit calculates them based on memoQ task completion rate. 

memoQ projects significantly benefit from FlowFit’s financial features such as the ability to calculate weighted words, and the cost of the project.

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